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Simoun 13
Monday, July 03, 2006
Better late than never! Here's my entry on Simoun 13 where Neviriru and Aeru finally begin to get some development between them as a couple although things don't go entirely the way Aeru would like. Does this mean this episode brings up another dose of yuri fuelled angst? Of course it does!

First things first, "Commander Dominura" (calling her that as quite frankly she makes every single decision now) decides that her choice to pair Alti and Kaimu probably wasn't the most sensible thing to do especially in hindsight of that whole, y'know, "incest thing". So the two sisters are no longer a pair and presumably return to flying with their previous partners. Meanwhile back in the ships quarters Furoe is being her usually airheaded childish self and sulking about the fact she is bored. She also accidentally rips Rodoreamon's horrific cuddly toy at which point I was inclined to shout "Quick BURN IT, while it's injured and can't fight back!" but then I remembered sadly that the characters on screen couldn't hear me *ahem*.

Up on deck Aeru, Morinas and Wapourif are talking. It turns out the super duper powerful explosive Ri-Mergion from episode one is an Emerald Ri-Mergion. Aeru has set her sites on performing it with Neviriru and seems to think its entirely possible. Of course our ever callous Aeru also seems to forget that last time she attempted the move Neviriru accidentally killed her lover Amuria and it might be a bit of a sensitive subject for her. Funny the way little details like that skip your mind I suppose.

Ah the kitchens, home of delicious mouse stew and currently the home of much fangirl drooling by Rodoreamon over her evident partner to be Mamiina. It's quite interesting to see how Mamiina seems to have calmed down a little since Rodoreamon attatched herself to her, perhaps she's scared the scary rabbit plush thing will eat her if she upsets Rodoreamon too much.

Now it's time for Aeru to make her very stupid move. "Hi Neviriru, you know that maneuver that killed the girl you loved as well as leaving you horrifically mentally scarred?" "Well let's try it! I'm like SO good I bet we can succeed". It has all the subtlety of a boot in the face and Neviriru reacts by doing her super emo eyes and running out the room a fuming Paraietta in hot pursuit of her friend.

Furoe decides to attempt to explain the situation between Neviriru and Amuria to Aeru on the side. Presumably she is doing a good deed and doesn't want to make our heroine shoot herself in the foot again so to speak. Of course she takes the hands on approach of giving Aeru a kiss at the beginning of the explanation. This scene was interesting mainly for Aeru's reactions to the explanation that Neviriru and Amuria were in love. Aeru here says she desires Neviriru but I feel a little unsure of her motives for saying so. Does she truly care for Neviriru or does she purely want to advance her piloting skills? Take risks?

Neviriru continues to have a massively bad reaction to what Aeru said to her in almost a return to her angst fests in the earlier episodes. As always Paraietta is loyally by her side trying to be there for her friend and offering support. Neviriru eventually ends up in a private room to recuperate from how she is feeling. I tried my best to feel sorry for her here but aside from a few episodes Neviriru has been angsting from the get go and a return to form isn't exactly the most progressive thing for the plot.

Aeru and Rimone chat on deck about pairing with people and Aeru raises what Furoe has pointed out to her in the form of mentioning "liking" your pair (romantically). Meanwhile while the two talk, Dominura is talking to the ships captain and getting rather tense because it seems she wants to attack the enemy but isn't being permitted too. Dominura seems a little over eager to attack here and you have to wonder what is going on in her head and what her still unrevealed plan is. As Dominura leaves the room she meets Rimone who gives her a peck and asks if that makes Dominura "feel like". Evidently getting what she means Dominura simply pushes the pint sized pilot away laughing to herself somewhat, telling her to go on her way.

Meanwhile Aeru puts a plan to win back Neviriru into action as she swings through the porthole of her private room. Aeru's motives here once again seemed pretty questionable to me, get Aeru to "like" her so she can peform the Emerald Ri-Mergion? Or real care for her? Aeru climbs into bed with Neviriru and kisses her on the lips and tries to persuade her to leave the room with her. It's not entirely clear if Neviriru is going to do this but before Aeru can attempt to seduce her further Paraietta barges in and drags Aeru from the room angrily. Paraietta evidently feels she is protecting her friend here as she makes Aeru take her leave and I was personally glad she intervened as I was still questioning Aeru's motives.

AHHH it's the plush! Quite a saddening scene in the main quarters of the girls (where they talk about Amuria) is rather spoiled by Rodoreamon noticing her scary soft toy has been damaged (by Furoe earlier). Rodoreamon continues to prove she likes disturbing things (and people if her crush on Mamiina is anything to go by) and says it looks even cuter with its distorted face. Sure... . The fact we get a close up of the thing shall leave me as mentally scarred as Neviriru.

Aeru stands on the edge of the ship, gazing at her musical compass with the moon shining beautifully behind her. Simoun really shines visually in scenes like this, it is a truly beautiful moment. Paraietta confronts her about not taking into account Neviriru's feelings..., Aeru seems fairly unresponsive to this causing Paraietta to get angry. Paraietta seems to feel let down as she entrusted Neviriru to Aeru and she now feels Aeru is making things worse for her friend. I can't really see where Aeru herself is coming from but it's clear she is having major difficulty understanding Neviriru's feelings herself.

Final scene time! In what appears to be the early hours of the morning Dominura orders Neviriru and Aeru to fly together and scout out the aerial base. It's also worth nothing that this is done without a higher order so Dominura is taking circumstances into her own hands. There is of course tension between Neviriru and Aeru here and Neviriru looks very depressed she is being forced into pairing with Aeru. Surprisingly though the Simoun starts up fine, and Aeru comments that she knew Neviriru wanted her all along. This comment hits hard onto Neviriru as her eyes widen and she asks herself if she does indeed want Aeru, but instead she concludes that she is afraid of her. The episode ends.

Ahah a cliffhanger ending? Neviriru seems to have gone from liking Aeru to being scared of her over a brief period of time and I must say Aeru's behaviour and comments in general this episode seemed odd to me. It's certainly a good episode though with the main plot of the series being developed along and the relationship between our leads being strongly tested. What will happen next week (well tonight my time) remains to be seen but the preview seems more than a little dramatic. Simoun continues to be excellent.
posted by Mangaminx On Monday, July 03, 2006  
  • On Monday, 03 July, 2006, Anonymous Matrim said…

    "Now it's time for Aeru to make her very stupid move. "Hi Neviriru, you know that maneuver that killed the girl you loved as well as leaving you horrifically mentally scarred?" "Well let's try it! I'm like SO good I bet we can succeed". "

    You are probably kidding here but just in case - I think Aaeru was ignorant about the fact that this ri-maajon had killed Amuria. Not that this justifies her inability to see that her little speech had managed to shock Neviriru so she should have stopped talking a lot earlier but still...

    I loved this episode. Aaeru and Rimone once again are shown to be so similar, that detail never fails in improving my mood. :)And Aaeru never manages to annoy me, her behaviour is very consistent, if not always that smart. Entering Neviriru's room through the porthole was so totally Aaeru-ish.

  • On Monday, 03 July, 2006, Anonymous Diana said…

    If anyone's kind enough to answer me, how old is Rimone by the way?

  • On Monday, 03 July, 2006, Anonymous Futaba-chan said…

    She's 12.

  • On Monday, 03 July, 2006, Anonymous Diana said…

    Thank you for the answer Futaba-chan. I forgot to add, how old is Dominura? Thanks again to anyone who could help out.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, I always thought you were completely exagerating on how scary the plush was,

    But holy crap! 0_o I wouldn't even want to sleep in the same room with that thing. Thank god it's just animated.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Blogger hashihime said…

    The Japanese wiki says Dominura is 19. I'm not sure where that comes from, though.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Blogger hashihime said…

    I just found that the official site says Dominura is 19, too.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So are Rimone and Dominura supposed to be an item or something? And if there is a parallel between Aeru and Rimone (with Rimone being smarter) then can the same parallel be drawn between Neviriru and Dominura (with Dominura being smarter)?

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I haven't really thought of there being anything romantic between Rimone and Dominura (I may have had to bleach my brain if Id thought that was the case). This episode I thought Dominura's reaction to Rimone when she asked her if she "felt like" was that of "heh, shes a silly kid" or something along those lines by the way she reacted. However, when it comes to similarities I feel Aeru and Rimone are indeed similar in some ways, as are Neviriru and Dominura.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What I mean is that is a definitive connection between Rimone and Dominura. Rimone sought out Dominura to ask her the question about her feelings and they are not even paired up anymore. And quite frankly if Neviriru ends up in Aeru's arms I am going to bleach my brain even though there is a good possibility that's going to happen.

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