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Weekly Thoughts - Top 10 Yuri Pairings
Sunday, June 11, 2006
Despite this being a blog focusing mainly on yuri I realized the other day that I have never actually listed my favourite pairings of girlxgirl relationships in anime. So yep, this is what your getting as the first part of my weekly thoughts this week "Mangaminx's Top 10 Yuri Pairings". Please bare in mind for some of these pairings there may well be not much concrete evidence (or any for that matter) of the two characters in question being a couple, if that's the case I just think they go well together.

10) Chikane X Himeko (Kannazuki No Miko)
The two of them gain points for just being two characters whose names are synonymous with yuri/shoujo-ai. They star in a series with a truckload of angst, buckets of cheesiness and some of the most ridiculously OTT scenes ever that still manages to be entertaining. They lose points as a couple mainly as I find Himeko incredibly dull and it's Chikane who I find a more interesting character by miles.

9) Kirika x Chloe (Noir)
O.K, O.K these two wouldn't be the most fun couple in the world to meet in reality being that when they are together they both have personalities akin to a brick wall. If you were to invite them round to your house, they would probably sit around letting a camera pan over their eyes all day while irritating music played the entire time. Still, I like Kirika and Chloe firstly for the fact they are a deadly duo who work well together in combat, and secondly as I can't stand Mirielle.

8) Nancy x Yomiko (Read Or Die, R.O.D The TV)
Here's a couple that certainly qualify as "not really yuri, but they might be if you squint really hard". Yomiko may suitably codenamed "The Paper", but Nancy gets lumbered with the pornstar-esque "Miss Deep". Anyway, I didn't feel there was really much basis for this pairing in the OVA but thanks to some really great scenes in the TV series (Nancy's dungarees are a big clue if you ask me ;) ) they speedily became a great pairing in my eyes.

7) Julia x Ran (Strawberry Shake Sweet)
Frankly this is my favourite thing to come out of Yuri Shimai/Yuri Hime just as its so fantastically funny. Julia falls madly in love with Ran at first site and (at least to begin with) Ran remains totally oblivious to the fact setting them up for totally hilarious scenes. Julia's "Ran-chan" obsession is very cute (if mildly disturbing at times) and in my mind they make an amazing pairing.

6) Shimako and Noriko (Marimite ~Haru~)
After Sei skips merrily off to university poor Shimako is hard set in "total angst" mode but fortunately help is at hand in the form of Noriko a Buddhist who has ended up attending a Catholic school (*boggle*). I think one of the best things about the relationship between Shimako and Noriko is just the way it develops, and overcomes the obstacles that fall in her path. Almost before you realize it they will do anything to protect each other (I worryingly remember going "awww", whilst watching them the first time round) and in only a short while they have grown very close.

5) Shiz x Nat (Mai Hime/Mai Otome)
Shizuru and Natsuki are two characters that have legions of drooling fanboys (and girls) lurking across the internet. The fact is that they have joined the big list of yuri royalty since they first appeared in Hime and have gone from strength to strength (despite Otome being all subtext and nothing concrete). They get position number five in my list, purely as I can't ignore a pairings that is so popular and manages to be great to watch too.

4) Chie X Aoi (Mai Otome)
Words can't really express how I've started to loathe Chie's Hime incarnation of late, so I'm only including the Otome incarnations of Chie and Aoi for this pairing. Win a huge amount of plus points for the really sweet bedside scenes with Chie looking over Aoi after she fell to what a lot of people assumed was her death( but not actually her death as there was presumably a large trampoline at the base of the 100ft drop). Ah, who am I kidding they are this high on the list as Chie is simply great.

3) Jo x Meg (Burst Angel)
Again these two aren't really as into each other as I'd like them to be in the anime. Most of the time Jo looks like she wants Meg to stop clinging to her and is a bit too cold and unresponsive. Still I love the final run of episodes where I think feelings become more apparent between them and I'm convinced they care a great deal about the other. Still if that's not enough there's always the far more obvious manga incarnation.

2) Haruka x Micheru (Sailor Moon)
Ah here we have the big names, the leading ladies of yuri who have seem to be one of the most popular pairings of all time. Yes they are cliche, yes Sailor Moon is now pretty old, but are they still brilliant to watch? Of course otherwise I wouldn't put them at number two.

1) Sei x Yumi (Marimite/Marimite ~Haru~)
*Gasp* Not Sachiko? Not any of the more obvious pairings from Marimite in the number one slot? Nope, I'm afraid not. I was always hoping Yumi would run off with Sei by the end of the show but sadly that didn't happen. These two make my number one slot based on the amazingly well developed relationship between them in the anime and the fact I find the way Sei teases Yumi just really adorable.

There you have my top 10 "yuri pairings"! I shall probably do some more top 10 posts over the next few months as I had quite good fun writing this one.

Anyway, this is "Weekly Thoughts" so here's a brief update of what to expect on my blog soon too. My second part of my Rose Of Versailles should be posted tomorrow for a small dose of retro yuri and once that's done I intend to make a start into watching (and blogging), Brother Dear Brother too.

Also seeing as plenty of other anime blogs seem to be mentioning it I have to say that my blogging may also be effected by the fact that "The FIFA World Cup" is now ongoing. I'm not normally a fan of sports but every four years I get caught up in all the excitement that consumes England and as I'm English I guess I am supporting them (although I do like it when some of the real newcomers such as Trinidad and Tobago who England play next :x do well).

Anyway, it's time to wrap up this post for another week!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, June 11, 2006  
  • On Monday, 12 June, 2006, Anonymous Matrim said…

    1. You call Himeko dull? Good.

    2. You can't stand Mireille. Not good. Not good at all. :)I find her much more interesting than Chloe, in fact she is one of my favourite anime characters. But I always fail to notice the shoujo-ai element in Noir despite watching it many times, so what do I know?

    3. Nancy x Yomiko isn't too bad but I wouldn't mind Michelle x Maggie either. Too bad Anita would never allow it.

    4. Strawberry Shake is absolutely hilarious and Ran is so oblivious to the blatantly obvious feelings of Julia that this couple has to be mentioned, indeed. Also from there - Kaoru x every pretty girl around.

    5. Shimako and Noriko's relationship developed a bit too quickly in the anime but in a very interesting way, true. But as much as I like the White Rose family I also seem to have a soft spot for Yoshino x Rei, although the fact that they are cousins is somewhat disturbing. As for Yumi and Sei I have never viewed it as even remotely romantic, depsite all the groping and talking by Sei. Yumi is just too much of a Sachiko fangirl. ;)

    6. I hate Shizuru. Die Shizuru, die! But I am interested what's so wrong with Chie from Mai-HiME? Apart from not being as cool as Otome Chie, that is.:)

    P.S. England plays too defensively.

  • On Monday, 12 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Matrim - Noir seems to be a show people find blatently filled with yuri subtext or see zero in whatsoever, quite odd that.

    Michelle annoys me too much as a character in R.O.D to pair her up with anyone.

    Kaoru in SS is a great character, and along with the lead singer of "Zlay" make up my favourite cast members from it.

    Yumi x Sei certainly dosen't have any romantic basing in the anime, I just happen to think they go well together.

    Shizuru is certainly praised too much and is far from greatness incarnate that her legions of fans make her out to be. That said, I don't hate her.. I just tend to think she is praised way too much.

  • On Tuesday, 13 June, 2006, Blogger Anga said…

    No Sachiko? =) YumixSachiko is probably my favourite couple from shoujo ai genre, one of best when counting all anime too.

    And Himeko isn't dull as far as I can tell. =)

  • On Wednesday, 14 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Nah I'm not a Sachiko fan, shes a bit too posh and full of herself to be interesting I feel.

    As for Himeko I'm afraid she is the type of character I really dislike and only Tsundere character's produce a greater urge to kill in me ;)

  • On Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger earsofdoom said…

    you may hate himeko now but im sure you will love her at the end of the series (she's one of the VERY few Whiny character's in an anime who "grow's" and stop's whining)

    Yumi and Sei? well as long as Yumi drive's lol

  • On Wednesday, 24 September, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow, there's a shock, no strawberry panic pairing, personally, i find that anime cheesy anyway. Haruka/Micheru??'re right about the cliche part though. Sei/Yumi???.........ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  • On Sunday, 28 March, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    YEAHHHH!!!! I agree. SEIXYUMI FTW! I love Sei! why don't they end up together.
    Btw, I also like SeixShimako or SeixSachiko (I bet you goes like WTH) but they're cute.
    No Seixshiori tho', thank you very much. lol

  • On Sunday, 28 March, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    YEAHHHH!!!! I agree. SEIXYUMI FTW! I love Sei! why don't they end up together.
    Btw, I also like SeixShimako or SeixSachiko (I bet you goes like WTH) but they're cute.
    No Seixshiori tho', thank you very much. lol

  • On Monday, 20 August, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Even 'til the end of the series, Himeko is simply dull. Not much to say about her character but nah!

    I love Shizuru Fujino in Mai-Hime but not Shizuru Viola in Mai-Otome, not sure if I'm making any sense though. Just the way Shizuru is presented in both animes has major differences.

    Haruka & Michiru are simply the epitome of yuri. Nothing but perfection for this couple.

    And yeah, should've gone with Sei & Yumi. She's always there for her, and Sachiko has given way too much angst & drama to Yumi.

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