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Weekly Thoughts - Ramble, Ramble, Ramble
Saturday, June 03, 2006

First off, I'll apologize for the lack of a "weekly thoughts" last week, but I was being whisked off into the big wide world of anime conventions (well at the very least conventions with anime in them) and didn't have time to write one. This week however my ramblings have returned. Nothing that exciting to write about this week, but after suffering a bit of a burnout on anime and manga for the last few weeks I seem to have regained my full fangirl interest thanks to a few titles.

For the first time this week I had a look into the realms of anime that was actually older than I am (my oldest anime until this point had been Nausicaa which was released the year I was born) by starting to watch "Rose Of Versailles". I must say that it's brilliant, amazingly brilliant I was hooked after just four episodes and I certainly love every aspect of it. Expect some proper reviews of that soon (probably next week for the first) as it's taken over all my other anime watching at the moment with how good it is. To be fair I'm surprised that a title that started airing in the 1970's can hold my attention like it does (I'm only an anime fan since 2004 and to be fair the majority of anime made before say 1995 has never entertained me), it's a testament to how great it is that I like it. Nanoha A's, Aria and pretty much everything else in my backlog is on hold till I've finished watching this (I shall of course still be blogging my three usual weekly shows). I find it very interesting how the general look of anime has changed over the years, and for a fairly new fan such as myself raised on CG filled titles RoV is something very different.

Fangirl raving is also something I do a great deal on the manga front lately too, as "Iono The Fanatics" has me completely and totally hooked as the best yuri manga I have read since Strawberry Shake Sweet. It's just so cute, so funny and with such a wonderful cast I can't help but love every aspect of it which is why Iono-sama adorns the top of the post this week. Again, expect a more in-depth blog feature on it soon.

A few people have been asking me about the next season of anime too, what I'm looking forward too and watching etc... . I actually really have no clue what I'll be watching next season but after casting a quick eye over the Summer 2006 listings I can't say there is anything that looks particularly entertaining. Honey and Clover Season 2 is obviously going to be big but as I'm not a fan of the first season it's definitely not for me.

Finally it's worth pointing out this week is another blog aggregator has appeared in the form of Anime Nano (joining Anime Antenna and Blogsuki) created by Hung who writes the BasuGasuBakuhatsu blog. Anime Nano comes with the handy option to let you customize your own feed!

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, June 03, 2006  
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