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Simoun 12
Thursday, June 22, 2006
This week on Simoun we have a Kaimu and Alti story! Just what happened between them? It's "A Tale Of Two Sisters", except with incest, and no ghosts... and animated... and erm.. well it's nothing like it at all really.

The girls are in the mess hall after just hearing that Dominura has decided to pair Kaimu and Alti with each other as she feels it's good for the team. Evidently Kaimu is a bit annoyed by these state of affairs as she seems less than a little fond of her younger sister in past episodes. It's evident something happened between them in their pasts from previous "hints". Anyway, a rather stressed Kaimu gets into a fight with Furoe resulting in them both annoying each other and causing lots of unessecery tension. Both seem to take shots at the object of the others attraction and problems between them (Mastif and Paraietta being Furoe and Kaimu's beloveds).

After a brief scene with Morinas and Wapourif (I swear there's something going on there the two spend so much time together), Alti comes up to talk to Furoe and apologize about her sister. I thought it was fairly odd that Alti felt the need to apologize for her older sister, and it seemed to me almost like she was trying to protect her to spare her the awkwardness of apologizing to Furoe later. Furoe seems pretty lovesick after the events of last episode, but fortunately that's all we see of her for the remainder of the week (I say fortunately for the now well documented fact Furoe's voice annoys me).

Kaimu is still in super angst mode, and its evident it's being paired with her sister that has caused it. It's also clear she still desperately wants Paraietta to be her pair. After a brief exchange with Para-sama Kaimu storms off down a corridor kicking a hole in the wall of the ship (which is falling apart with rust) as she does so. Just at this point Aeru turns up. Seeing as Kaimu has been the subject of gossip because of her bad mood I had to wonder here if Aeru was actually looking for her and hoping to help her, showing her good natured side.

O.K now we see Kaimu has some real issues. Aeru and her take a (cold as the ships crap) shower, Aeru is chatting away about the cold shower when she looks across at Kaimu who is shaking. "No matter how many times I wash... It won't come off" Kaimu mumbles under her breath. By this point it's fairly obvious that under certain circumstances in the past Kaimu and Alti had sex and Kaimu has been highly disturbed by the experience. I felt genuinely sorry for her here, shaking and looking traumatized under the shower being paired with her sister seems to have brought the past flooding back more painfully than ever. It was high impacting scene.

The next day (after a highly amusing nightime scene with Rodoreamon and Rimone) Aeru and Neviriru accompanied by Alti and Kaimu are taking off in their Simoun. Instead of (or perhaps aswell as) kissing her sister Kaimu bites Alti too leaving her to wipe blood off her lips in the cockpit. As the two sisters take off, the tension between them or the improper kiss ( I couldn't decide which) causes the ship to spin upwards into the clouds totally out of control. During this time we have the two of them shouting at each other, Kaimu almost breaking when Alti mentions "that night", and looking positively psychotic as the ship continues to spin. Neviriru and Alti follow in hot pursuit unable to help the other Simoun despite their best efforts. As the ships break through the top of the clouds they both find themselves face to face with an enemy base.

Alti and Kaimu regain control and Alti says she wants to go with Neviriru on board to look around (it looks deserted) to prove to Dominura that she is capable of pairing with her sister and doing a mission well. Neviriru agrees and leaves Aeru and the still shaking Kaimu behind in one of the Simoun. Alti certainly seems persistent here, despite the discomfort she is calling her sister she seems to think she can help her past that if she stays by her side and everything will be fine. I felt she was certainly demonstrating high naivete here as her sisters reactions to her were very disturbing.

With the sisters apart Kaimu decides to pour her heart out to Aeru and Alti decides to pour hers out to Neviriru. It's time to find out what happened that night and what is causing Kaimu's flashbacks. One night, the two of them did indeed have sex, Kaimu was worried about her upcoming flight and Alti arrived in the room and one thing led to another. Kaimu claims to Aeru that Alti seduced her and afterwards she regretted committing a "mortal sin" a great deal. Aeru points out that because details of the night are not clear, Kaimu may have actually been the one who seduced Alti (presumably from Alti's perspective). Kaimu looks up in a daze after hearing this and rushes off into the enemy ship to find her sister and ask her what she thought happened. Meanwhile Alti confesses her very real romantic feelings to Neviriru and says while she doesn't want things to be like on "that night" again she wants to be able to be close to her sister once more, without the tension between them. Alti also gently confesses that she wants to become male one day, and hold and protect her sister like she held and protected her in the past. These two separate confessions where very moving in their own way, I felt for both Kaimu and Alti a great deal as both had been left hurt from the past albeit in different ways.

As Kaimu rushes to find her sister, presumably desperate for closure an enemy searchlight flickers on illuminating her fully. Suddenly a squad of armed enemies rushes at her. The alarm has been raised.

Kaimu with the guards closely behind rushes back to the Simoun's to see Neviriru hovering one just below and Alti in the back seat with her arms open to catch her, calling for her sister to jump. Kaimu stalls, obviously full of apprehension still.. presumably still in a lot of emotional pain. She eventually jumps but misses the Simoun completely plunging into the dark black clouds below. I actually thought she might die at this point with the story between the two sisters unresolved, but the Simoun dives down and sweeps under her, plucking her out of the air. Kaimu is saved! I was quite relieved by this as she is one of the most interesting cast members and hopefully had quite a bit more to contribute to the story. The girls escape under enemy fire.

Back at the base it's reported to Dominura (who is presumably in charge) exactly what happened and everyone seems somewhat relieved. Kaimu is in the sickbay after being injured from the fall (although it's just a few scrapes and scratches), she winds a bandage off her arm and notes to herself that her blood tastes the same as Alti's.

While this episode was good, I thought it was a bit of a shame that I didn't feel things were fully resolved (although it does seem the bond between the two may be repaired slightly). As I expected I felt Megumi Toyoguchi stole this episode seiyuu wise as Alti, her confessions to Neviriru aboard the enemy vessel were particularly well acted out. Anyway overall as I say yet another worthy installment of what I feel is the best show airing at the moment, lots of drama, a fair bit of action and a genuinely moving story. But that's what I've come to expect from each and every episode of Simoun for some time now.
posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, June 22, 2006  
  • On Thursday, 22 June, 2006, Anonymous mich said…

    This episode had left me more or less confused.Is Kaimu or Alti at fault on what happened that night.Toyoguchi Megumi is practically the best seiyuu around & she's one of the reasons I picked up Simoun.

  • On Thursday, 22 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I think they were both meant to be "at fault" for what happened. Aeru herself points out that it's hard to say who is right and who is wrong.

  • On Sunday, 09 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So if Simoun ships MUST have 2 pilots to even take off, how the hell did Aeru escape the enemy base if she was by herself ? The other 2 girls had gone off to rescue the 3rd so that leaves Aeru by herself.

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