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Simoun 11
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Another week, another excellent episode of Simoun. This show is really spoiling us and this week it comes first in my blogging list! This episode focuses on Furoe a fair amount as she attatches herself to a young male soldier. However, this episode also shows the series darker side yet again, as we get a closer look at the war.

It's fairly obvious that Mamiina and Rodoreamon are going to end up as a "couple" as Mamiina is the only member of the cast to help her sort out her uneven bed in the quarters. After Mamiina hating Rodoreamon to begin with it was fairly evident they would get closer. After the hair chopping episode and them pairing up to help the others at the end of last week things between them seem to be going well, and Mamiina is acting very out of character for her. While the fact that an uneven bed wasn't exactly the biggest of issues it's good to see them working together and I look forward to see where their relationship goes from here.

Anyway on with the main plot of this episode a bunch of rough looking military types arrive on board the main ship, looking very "rebel alliance" to me. Compared to the elegance of the Simoun pilots the men seem loud and crass (although it still is pretty odd to hear these tough looking characters talk with female voices). It turns out that the Simoun's are to help the men out in a military mission against the enemy, Dominura seems to be well in charge over Neviriru at this point too it's clear she has quite a bit of power presently. Now it's clear Dominura is up to something and the fact she seems to be more in control of things than Neviriru I've grown to dislike her a lot since her debut. I'm still curious and confused to actually what she (or the people she is working for) are up too, and it should be very interesting to watch the story develop.

The soldiers seem to be having a good time drooling over the Simoun pilots, and the Corp Tempus members in general do not seem happy about their presence on board. Furoe seems to be not bothered by the whole situation though as she has set her sites on a guy among the troops, one who doesn't seem as rowdy as the others. The class difference between the Simoun pilots and the troops is emphasized here as it seems he is not supposed to touch someone like Furoe. However, Furoe is pretty persistent here and rather flirty with him offering to show him around the ship. After some awkwardness the young soldier has his hand grabbed by Furoe who practically drags him off for her tour. I was fairly surprised at the character focus on Furoe this episode, she has struck me as annoying so far and while it's good for fans of her that she receives some fleshing out as a character I just don't really like her. Oh by the way the
unfortunate guy she attaches herself too is called Mastif.

Battle plan time! The soldiers will be attacking a town where the enemy has it's base and the Simoun's role? Transporting the troops. This makes Neviriru furious that the Simoun have such a menial task, but Dominura seems unphased by the whole thing, almost like she knows something Neviriru doesn't? Morinas reaction is actually the best of them all and made me laugh, but that's something I won't spoil ;).

I'm afraid the urge to strangle Furoe rose more and more as this episode progressed. She is SO annoying, if anything it's her voice (I know she has a very young seiyuu) that annoys me the most. Furoe continues to flirt with Mastif throughout the episode which causes tension between her and Paraietta in particular as Paraietta lectures her on the impropriety of her behaviour. Furoe certainly seems to be incredibly fond of this guy in a rather short time which I thought was rather odd. She even states to Paraietta she'd quit being a pilot if it meant she wouldn't be moaned at for her decisions.

More emphasis on Furoe's feelings for Mastif here as she talks to him in the starlight. It'd be almost romantic if she wasn't so irritating! We learn that the town the attack is planned against is actually the hometown of Mastif. It's clear the town is an important place to him. Furoe cuddles against him as he talks. I thought it was fairly obvious at this point that something bad was going to happen here.

When it comes for the mission to kick off Furoe is actually worried about kissing her pair Alti because she doesn't want Mastif (who is close by) to see. Her feelings are already beginning to get in the way of her duties at this point which I felt was an omen for things to come. Alti has to finish off the kiss because Furoe seems reluctant to go through with it at all. Meanwhile I thought Aeru and Neviriru seemed a bit more into there kiss than the other pilots tend to be. I'm probably just imagining as it's rather early for the main romance to develop in the series yet but it still seemed a bit more full on than the norm.

The Simoun transport the men on the side of the vessels in sort of crate like objects. They head out towards the town and land in their set positions dropping off the soldiers. From this point on the episode developed a very military theme speedily, with the most stark reminder that the story is set in a warzone so far. As the troops head off towards the town like in many a scene from a war movie there are bright flashes and Neviriru quickly realizes something is up. It's an ambush! (yet again, the enemy in Simoun seem pretty good at sneakiness)

Combat kicks of speedily and violently here, as the episode firmly enters "war movie" territory. The troops are aided by the Simoun's from the air Neviriru and Aeru saving a group of them from a tank by dropping one of the troop carriers on top of it. Explosions light up the night sky epically and we see the Simoun's and men using their machine guns. During the fighting we also see Furoe looking over the side desperate for a glimpse of the person she loves and paying zero attention to the combat herself. Aeru suggests to Neviriru they do a Ri-Mergion to eliminate some of the many enemy troops. Aeru's more aggressive personality hasn't been seen for a while but it comes through her as she persuades the reluctant Neviriru to do the highly destructive maneuver (which will damage the town itself massively) on some enemies. The huge Ri-Mergion explosion lights the sky as they carry out the deadly maneuver.

In the other Simoun's a Ri-Mergion pattern appears in their spheres presumably giving the command to carry about the big destructive attack en-masse. Furoe doesn't want to do it as she is worrying souley about Mastif's safety however Alti wins her around. Furoe eventually agrees to do so and the Ri-Mergion goes ahead.

HUGE EXPLOSION! This seems to signify the ending of every episode of Simoun lately, as the enemy forces are blown to smithereens, along with a lot of the town (including its centerpiece). Throughout the Ri-Mergion being carried out we see Mastif screaming at them to stop, wanting his precious down to be saved but it's too late now. Everyone is happy and cheering the Simoun's as the flames and smoke caused by the Ri-Mergion turn the sky red. Mastif however is the exception, he sits, shocked, devastated by what has happened to his birthplace and presumably shocked that Furoe (who was so nice to him) was part of the attack. This is a really good dramatic scene, and the fact that everyone except Mastif seems fine with the actions of the Corp Tempus makes you really sympathize with him.

In the red sky the Simoun's fly along with Mastif looking up at them. They look almost demonic as he alikens them to the powers of the devil. A very epic and dark conclusion. The town continues to burn.

This episode would have been excellent if it hadn't focused on possibly my least favourite Simoun pilot, but still I'm sure fans of Furoe are glad she gets some limelight here. The ending to this weeks episode is similar to episode four in that it brings home the realities of war to the forefront of the storyline and is a break from the private lives of the pilots. The animation here may not have been the best quality (in fact I thought it was pretty awful especially in the action scenes), but the visual impact of the attack on the town was still there and very well portrayed.

Next week it seems to be Kaimu and Alti taking some time in the spotlight, perhaps with Alti's more than sisterly feelings for Kaimu being looked into.
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, June 14, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 14 June, 2006, Blogger hashihime said…

    Great write-up as usual. Furoe's voice is grating, all right, but I've come to like her as "Miss Natural". She just plunges ahead, following her desires -- which seem to arise pretty suddenly, as you pointed out. The characterization is strong. She's a real person. The moment when she said "wakatta" and agreed to do the Ri Maajon was pretty emotional for me.

  • On Thursday, 15 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Furoe's seiyuu is only 13 years old. Great job for her age.
    I wonder if we can see the normal couple's ending.
    I want to see because the relationship is quite attractive. A boy who fear his girl friend and a girl who has no choice but to kill others for him.

  • On Thursday, 15 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What! I missed my id.
    The anonumous comment is from JJ....
    I will frequent your blog 'cause I love Simoun...

  • On Friday, 16 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Hmm, I just don't think Furoe is my kind of character she's a bit too much of an airhead I feel. While the scenes at the end where she destroys the town of the person she loves, (along with his reaction) were good I find it hard to feel for her as a character as her personality just grates on me.

  • On Sunday, 18 June, 2006, Anonymous Matrim said…

    Well, I don't think Furoe is more of an airhead than Morinas (whose reaction when the Simouns were turned into transport vessels was indeed priceless, btw). Honestly, I am not too fond of either of them but they are not too annoying and the rest of the cast more than makes up for them.
    The plot of the episode was impressive, the reaction of the soldiers on the ground to the might of the Simouns being one of the highlights here but I agree that the animation quality seemed to have taken a turn for the worse.

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