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Simoun 10
Thursday, June 08, 2006
The Corp Tempus settle into their new base this week where Neviriru may be onto Dominura scheming and Mamiina and Rodoreamon enter "petty angst" mode.

The girls all have to share the same room together on-board their new smaller base ship. Considering the amount of contrasting personalities in the squad this certainly seems like a recipe for disaster in my eyes, but all seems to be going fairly well. Furoe seems a little down about the whole thing to begin with but eventually accepts the situation.

Dominura doesn't seem to do that gooder job of hiding she is up to something this week. The ships captain keeps asking her questions about just how this ship has ended up under the control of Corp Tempus (or more precisely how Dominura is in control, as she seems to be setting herself up in a "leader" role more and more this episode). Dominura keeps side-stepping questions here, which obviously isn't the most subtle thing to do. She in my mind draws more attention to herself here by being so obviously hiding something.

Meanwhile Mamiina proves herself a girl of hidden talents by taking on the task of cooking. Of course being Mamiina she isn't actually supposed to be cooking, that's the job of the ships chef, but again being Mamiina she doesn't actually care and busys herself with making food. Considering her country background, I suppose it isn't odd that she knows quite a bit about cooking and it was rather amusing to see her taking charge of the food side of things throughout the episode.

While events unfold at base a scout team of Corp Tempus is out patrolling quite a way from base. So far away in fact that despite the fact they spot enemy fighters sneaking about, they decide to retreat and report instead. I think one thing this show really needs is to stop the enemy being so faceless, yes it's a show focusing on character relationships over the actual war they are in but since episode four (I think), the enemy hasn't done much except get killed. Endlessly. Hopefully the show can escape it's pattern of "zomg enemies", "Lets do a Ri-Mergion", *BOOM*, soon. That said all other aspects of the show are still top notch.

Oh no! A Mouse! Whatever shall everyone do? Scream and perch on beds? You betcha. But don't worry, never fear, Aeru and Mamiina aren't too phased by the whole thing because they grew up in the countryside presumably where there are lots of mice even in Simoun World. Mamiina even has a trap ready, it's like that film Mouse Hunt except not crap.

Before the girls skip merrily off to taste Mamiina's cooking the scout team arrives back and Paraietta reports to Neviriru, however Dominura appears and says she is the one that the scout team should be reporting too. Things descend rapidly into bickering here with both Morinas and Kaimu not being very happy about Dominura's attitude, however before things escalate Neviriru restores order. It's obvious that Dominura's apparent permission of authority is annoying the other girls and perhaps making them question exactly how she got this ship (apparently she has her own quarters too) and things like that. It's evident that Dominura is going to have a hard time keeping her unraveled plot secret. Oh and Mamiina manages to surprise everybody here by being a good cook too!

Oh the angst, it's time for "future couple" (maybe ;) ) Mamiina and Rodoreamon to crank up the angst. After agreeing to meet Rodoreamon for a talk, Mamiina is more than a little annoyed with her when she turns up late to begin with. This scene is evidently purely designed to build up tension between the two for a dramatic reconciliation later this episode, we get the obligatory flashbacks too their pasts to complete this effect. Interestingly the cause of Mamiina's hostility towards the other Simoun pilot seems to stem from their classes, Rodoreamon rich and Mamiina poor. Rodoreamon wants to be friends and seemingly treat Mamiina as an equal, but headstrong aggressive Mamiina is having none of it. Mamiina is the type of character that is very headstrong and she seems completely set on hating Rodoreamon at this point in time, she even has a crack at the poor girls hairstyle.

I felt this scene between Dominura and Neviriru was the most important of this episode. Throughout previous scenes Neviriru had diffused tension directed at Dominura from the other girls but here she seems to be aggressive towards her, herself. Neviriru in my mind totally suspects Dominura of doing something hand and the fact that when faced with the question outright she ignores it really seals Dominura's guilt. Is Neviriru in danger now Dominura may think she is danger of being found out? What exactly is going on would be a nice thing to find out! We shall just have to wait and see what happens in the starlings, but I suspect a lot of tension and drama between these two as things progress.

Towards the end of the episode it's time to start the action. Another patrol of the Corp Tempus is out looking for enemy ships, but whilst they are Neviriru suspects something may well be up after hearing Paraietta's previous report. The remaining pilots scramble and head for their Simoun's suspecting an ambush to be on the cards as the previous enemies may have seen them. Will Neviriru be right? Of course she will or there would be no "big special shiney Ri-Mergion episode conclusion"!

The ships take off leaving only Mamiina and Rodoreamon left on the deck of the ship, Mamiina still fuelled by angst and refusing to fly with the other girl. Mamiina is so selfish really, her team-mates lives are on the line here and she is busy being petty over not liking Rodoreamon. But don't worry, the reconciliation scene I mentioned earlier is here. Rodoreamon cuts off one of her braids of hair (which are a symbol of her class apparently) and this touches Mamiina's ice cold angst filled heart. Rodoreamon also points out that if they prat about on the deck any longer everybody will die, but obviously a bit of hair removal is a more convincing argument to win Mamiina over. They kiss. They fly. Would you look at that? Everythings set for the big Ri-Mergion finale!

BOOM! Enemy pilots all die! Everyone is saved! THE END (till episode 11 anyway)

Good episode overall, some good angst, good plotline and decent action. The anime has really been fantastic since about episode four and I'm glad it's keeping up the quality as at this point in time it's one of my all time favourite shows. More is needed.

Oh and on one final note...
This is the scariest plush ever.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, June 08, 2006  
  • On Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Anonymous Futaba-chan said…

    You left out the secret ingredient in the stew. :-)

  • On Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Ah yes, poor, poor mouse *sobs*

  • On Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Anonymous Rochelle said…

    Just testing, I nearly died leaving your comment at another section of your blog. The thing just wouldn't work.

  • On Friday, 09 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Hmm, commenting is working fine for me. Could be blogger being unstable at the time.

  • On Monday, 12 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lol.. the first reaction to the plushie is the same as yours.. damn scary :D which parents in the right mind gives toys like these to their children heh.. unless they want them to turn up mentally scarr or something haha :D

  • On Monday, 12 June, 2006, Blogger Ragnarok-Ex said…

    lol.. the first reaction to the plushie is the same as yours.. damn scary :D which parents in the right mind gives toys like these to their children heh.. unless they want them to turn up mentally scarr or something haha :D

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