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Joshi Kousei 11 & 12 [Finale]
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Better late than never, it's been a week since the concluding episode of Joshi Kousei aired, so here are my concluding thoughts on the series as well as quick summaries for the eleventh and twelfth installments.

Episode 11

This episode focuses primarily on Eriko as she goes through a course of being beautified so she can impress a guy she had a crush on long, long ago back when she was very young. She hopes that he will have grown up to be handsome obviously. The girls eventually enlist the help of Momoka to make Eriko look good and after a few hair raising (or should that be hair plucking?) moments at least operation make Eriko look good works out ok. However Eriko has more trials to overcome to meet her love and she discovers that the passing of time may not do much for a persons looks.

Bit of a dull episode, I didn't laugh (but that could be based on the fact I knew what was going to happen due to reading the manga anyway) and the prolonged chase sequence was extremely pointless.

Episode 12 (Finale)

It's the school culture fest and the final episode of Joshi Kousei is here. Of course, I'm biased that any episode of the show with Nao and Koshiba in = better than the others and they put in a record number of appearances here. I may not be overly fond of the stupid maid outfits the yuri pair have to wear but at least it's some yuri and despite their brief appearances I still think they make a great if cliched pairing. Anyway "plot" wise this episode focuses on the class of our leads engaged in a battle to win customers from the class next to it. This results in lots of stupid outfits in order to hook in the male customers with the idea of a massage parlor eventually winning and Eriko and Co being triumphant. However, soon the problem of being understaffed arises and Momoka once again has to save the day.

Not my favourite episode, but still funny and highly entertaining especially when Kouda's rival is leaping around in her nekomimi taunting the others. My only gripe with the episode is while the show goes out on a funny note it does so rather abruptly and unexpectedly (I mean I expected a two part story for the shows conclusion).

Anyway overall thoughts on this short little show, displaying the crude (and perhaps mildly realistic from time to time) slice of an all girls school? Well Joshi Kousei certainly isn't a mind blowingly excellent show, it certainly isn't a deep show and yet after a rocky start it isn't a bad show at all. The cast all fit well against their manga incarnations and the voice acting really went well with each of the cast members (she annoyed me to begin with but now if I ever re-read the manga I shall think of Ayano speaking like Mamiko Noto). If the show hadn't started quite so ecchi (it toned down as it went along) and the animation had been of a higher quality throughout it would have been better, but the minor moments of genius comedy make up for these faults somewhat. If your looking for a decent little show and have a tolerance for crudeness set firmly in the "very high" area then you should give this one a whirl. Oh and it gains a few extra plus points for bothering to include the mangas yuri pairing!

Joshi Kousei

Artwork 5
Music 7 (the opening and ending are frankly brilliant)
Characters 6
Contents 6
Overall 6.5

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, June 27, 2006  
  • On Tuesday, 27 June, 2006, Anonymous Skane said…

    Oh, it's only 12 episodes?

    Hmm... I have not touched this series at all so far, but I may give it a try if a batch torrent appears.

    Highly doubt it will ever make it on my DVD buylist though.

  • On Tuesday, 27 June, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I was fairly surprised it was only 12 episodes myself but in retrospect it would have got stale had it continued longer. Definately an accquired taste though, it took me ages to watch the conclusion as I just wasn't in the mood.

  • On Tuesday, 04 July, 2006, Anonymous Nightshade said…

    I must say that I found this site by accident while I was looking for stuff on Joshi Kousei/Girl's High, but it turned out to be a good find; really good site btw and good coverage of some of my favourite series! Basically, I was just curious if the series was cancelled abruptly due to low ratings because the series came across as one that would last until at least 26 episodes, since there are plenty of stories from the mangas in which they could do episodes on.

  • On Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Sorry for late response, only just noticed I'd had another comment here.

    I've no idea on if the series was cancelled and there's certainly a lot of hilarious manga content left uncovered.. but Id venture to say it was a possibility as it ended REALLY abruptly.

    Glad you like the site too!

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