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Joshi Kousei 10
Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lack of updates this week are down to me being busier than usual these past few days. Simoun 10 and Strawberry Panic 10 are both watched and posts for them should appear either tonight or tomorrow (GMT). Anyway, this weeks Joshi Kousei surprised me by being one that went off on a completely different slant to any of the manga content I'd read and delves into Ayano's lengthy named boyfriend's (no I'm not typing it all out) obsession with glasses. Just a brief post this week, as there isn't exactly much to talk about this week as the glasses obsession is used for a string of gags. To begin with we meet Ayano's rather scary sister (or half-sister as the family scandal soon reveals!), and her cigarette smoking hard-ass mother. Neither of them are like Ayano in any way shape or form, and it's a miracle that she is related to either of them at all. Ayano's boyfriend is meeting her family today and obviously this is an opportunity for the usual string of gags. You know things are off to a great start when Ayano's sister tries to answer the door to him in her underwear.

There's a brief "It's yuri if you squint and pretend she doesn't push her away at the end" moment between Ayano and Yuma (similar to the infamous pubic hair removal in that it is of course, just for gags). Ayano and her boyfriend leave her mothers house to meet up with the rest of the cast. Obviously Ayano + her boyfriend around the other girls equals torment for both of them and things get rapidly out of hand. It is Kouda who realizes that Ayano's boyfriend has a thing for glasses and we soon have herself, Himeji and Ogawa leaping about in front of him wearing them while he tries to stop his face exploding from a nose bleed. Is his glasses obsession all that makes Ayano's boyfriend find her attractive? Does his fetish rule their relationship? Oh the drama. Totally pointless drama to be fair as the situation is so ridiculous to be portrayed seriously even if for comic effect.

But don't worry this is Joshi Kousei, nothing remains vaguely serious for long. Just when everything appears dramatic like in the Momoka episodes, Ayano's sister is on hand to be as provocative as possible, Eriko and Yuma doodle on each others faces with permanent marker and Ayano's boyfriend realizes he still finds her cute without her glasses. Hooray.

Not a bad episode, although again the manga side of things is better when it comes to meeting Ayano's family and the glasses storyline isn't as good as certain manga chapters that could have easily replaced it (I still want to see Eriko and Kouda dressed up as a couple and showing Ayano and her boyfriend how to "get romantic" in public, its really so funny). How many episodes are left of this now 2? 3? I can't really see myself sticking with it longer than that as I am finding it rather dull of late. Anyway, next week has Eriko enlisting the help of the other girls to beautify her when she meets a childhood sweetheart at a school reunion. Obviously the moron group are bound to do whatever they are charged with stupidly.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, June 08, 2006  
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