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Strawberry Panic 06
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Posting this post earlier than I intended to post it as I'm not going to be busy tomorrow (job interview *bites nails*). Once again it's a yuri filled ride into the three gayest schools in known existence, we get more clues about Shizuma's character, we get giant syringes (*faints*) and the show confirms that in anime archery is the sport of lesbians.

I'm not sure if it's just me but archery crops up a lot in shows with yuri or yuri subtext. O.K, o.k I can't make a HUGE list of anime featuring it, but I have images of Chikane and some girl from Lemon Angel Project shooting arrows and both make me think "ultra ultra gay" when I remember the moment. So that's the basis for my theory maybe in years to come some great scientist will come up the equation anime girl + bow = gay, or something. Anyway, why am I rambling about archery? Because poor Nagisa can't decide what club to join (if any). She goes around the schools clubs one after another trying to decide but in the end wanders over to Le Rim instead. Incidentally isn't it weird how places just pop up in this series? Nagisa is always walking along then suddenly there's a huge building in front of her..., maybe it's just me but it strikes me as odd.

As well as re-meeting the student council president, (oh she of massive hair ribbons and irritatingly cute giggle) Nagisa bumps into to other girls from Le Rim. Presumably they are going to do more (and be a pairing) in the future? I'm not sure but their appearance was fairly uninspiring to the extent I shall now have to look up their names to remind me of them... . Hyuuga Kizuna and Natsume Remon are their names and it appears that taking part in Le Rim school activities demands of them to carry a syringe that could be classed as a lethal weapon. They are also dressed in hospital gear, as it appears taking part in Le Rim school activities also demands that you look like a complete idiot at the same time.

Aoi happens upon a big greenhouse building in her further wanderings which turns out to be Shizuma's private Greenhouse. Once again shedding the rumours that she is a vampire and appearing in natural light Shizuma-sama makes her entrance. Instead of molesting Nagisa she simply strikes up a conversation though (something that presumably stuns Nagisa, as it seems so unlike Etoile not to try and grope her) and ends up lending Nagisa her hankerchief. Nagisa forgets she has it and goes to return it later but whilst doing so she finds "A SINISTER LOCKED ROOM!!!!!111one". That's right folks, this school has dark secrets and Rokojou-sama tells Nagisa to stay away from the room. My own theory is that inside is a magical crystal that makes any girl who steps on the hilltop gay in .5 seconds. Just a theory though of course.

Nagisa finds Shizuma in the greenhouse once more and stays to look after plants with her. Shizuma dismisses her entourage so she can have time alone with Nagisa, once again this is not groping time! Hard to believe for sure.

Ah the piano scene, always good. Who can forget Yumi and Sachiko sitting next to one another on the piano stool, ah such a sweet moment! Of course being a moment from Maria-Sama, Strawberry Panic must rip it off to the best of its ability! Shizuma and Nagisa perform a duet together and once again Shizuma doesn't make any moves. I was getting worried by this point, is our predatory Shizuma sick? Has she become straight? Well, something is definitely going on as while Shizuma and Nagisa spend their day together (it's almost a date I guess although I think Nagisa is oblivious to the fact) the two girls Shizuma dismissed in the greenhouse report to Rokoujou-sama! Something is up! Shizuma seems to have broke a lot of girls hearts but this time something appears different to those that know her. What is it? What is the mystery? One things for sure, Shizuma has a dark past of some kind that will gradually be revealed and Nagisa is certainly special to her. Maybe she is in love?

Nagisa and Shizuma's day winds down as the episode comes to a close. From a distance Nagisa wonders why Shizuma looks so sad, but Shizuma seems happy again the instant Nagisa is with her. The key dramatic moment here is Nagisa see's Shizuma crying and wonders why, presumably this will explode (hopefully) into lots of yuri fuelled angst as to what's going on as the series progresses. After a long day Tamao is on hand to provide Nagisa with a big suggestive hug of course (Tamao seems to be waiting for Nagisa at the school gate, maybe a little jealous at what she has been up too?).

Shizuma and the school president have a little face off as the episode ends. This was all a bit too serious for me, I want laughably cheesy yuri dammit not hidden secrets! But anyway, this episode was better than last weeks, but not as "lol" funny as I've come to enjoy from the series. I can't expect everything to be silly though, and the possibility of some decent angst looms from this storyline which is always a good thing. Needs more Yaya though, in fact make Yaya the lead!!!!!!!!!
posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, May 11, 2006  
  • On Friday, 12 May, 2006, Blogger Anga said…

    It was nice to see that Shizuma don't just try molest students. Mood in this episode was also well made, if SP continues with serious mood later in the series it has great potential. I don't know should i cheer for Shizuma or Tamao. Maybe Nagisa can take both? =)

    Great post btw.

  • On Friday, 12 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Yeh, I think this episode was designed for us to see another side to Shizuma, which was actually rather refreshing if not as funny.

    Personally (this was mentioned on the comments last week) while I'd "like" Tamao to be a rival to Shizuma, I can't see her being any opposition to her.

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Umm...I haven't seen anything past the first ep, but I wanted to wish you luck on your job interview! Anyways GAMBATTE! :D

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Thanks Problematic! It went quite well I think (and hope) and I now have to wait to hear back *crosses all her fingers and toes*

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    All the best in your interview results! ^^

    As for StoPani... Yeah, Tamao is still classed as a no-threat to Shizuma. She doesn't have the same quality yet. One thing I can evaluate from this is that Tamao and Chiyo are not fighter material, in contrast to dear Yaya. They don't have that assertive nor obvious will to compete and fight, preferring to involuntarily stay at the sidelines, watch the action, and mope later. As you said, it would be great if one of them does step up to the stage (Kashimashi comparison here :p). At this point, I dare say that Chiyo has a very high chance of getting knocked off no matter what happens later on. I can't imagine her going up against someone like Shizuma, who already has a significant impact on Nagisa, especially after the events in this episode (PS. Theory - Angst seems to be a sure fire way to get the attention of the person one desires). Here's hoping that Tamao will turn out to be an interesting wedge later on if she decides to fight. The funny thing is that when it comes to StoPani's official pairing popularity poll (in the Dengeki games, where some of the story is based on the original one), Shizuma X Nagisa edges Nagisa X Tamao only by around 1%, which means both are equally popular as far as Miator couples are concerned. Thus, we may have a chance of witnessing Tamao storm the scene in the Anime. Of course they're still miles away from the most popular couple -> Amane X Hikari FTW!! Amane X Hikari pwned the other 2 by receiving more than twice as many votes (170+ to 60+). Schweet~

    I kinda enjoyed Episode 6 though, mainly because they have decided to lay the foundation for Shizuma's proper character development. It shows a completely different side of her where she doesn't grope Nagisa for once, even when they're alone. Quite surprising since Shizuma was bold enough to publicly try to kiss Nagisa in front of students from all 3 schools. Hmm... It seems this change in her behaviour towards Nagisa happened when Nagisa tried to "resist" her charms and begged her to attend the welcoming ceremony for the first years.

    PS. Henshin Club OMG. Lulim students take their "Enjoy Life to the Fullest" motto too seriously in an ironic sense. Chikaru is still cool anyway. Oh ya, anybody else thinks Rokujou Miyuki is playing one of the villains besides Toumori Shion (Spica school council prez)? :p

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Quite surprised that Nagisa and Tamao are a popular pairing, maybe that is a sign that Tamao will become more developed and a proper rival.

    Shizuma gained my sympathy a "little" this episode, I'm not quite sure if thats a good thing as it was rather amusing to see her being so insanely predatory in earliar episodes, and making her more sympathetic removes the humour a little. However, if SP is going to have a decent plot and decent drama (I'm not entirely sure if it can manage these yet). Then I will admit that these developments to Shizuma are nessecery. I must admit, despite not finding the show as funny as usual this week the develops and questions posed in this more serious episode interested me.

    Rokujou Miyuki is definately playing out as a villian for me. She has quite a sinister vibe about her that is rather easy to see even if she does mean well at this point in time. Perhaps she will be a big obstacle to Nagisa x Shizuma, but not from a "rival" standpoint?

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    Tamao has it in her, just that maybe she's a late emo bloomer. She has showed small signs of jealousy towards Shizuma like during that time when Shizuma straightened Nagisa's tie. When Shizuma was about to plant a wet one on the younger girl's forehead, Tamao had that slight "Wat da blardy h3ll are you trying to do with Nagisa" look. Her face wore an expression of irritation more than worry. Hu... I do wish Tamao would take after her Manga's counterpart. She was way more hilarious there with that jealous psycho attitude of hers. Saw how she creepily snap the tree branch after jumping to conclusions that Nagisa and Shizuma has done "this-and-that"? I absolutely love the rivalry between Tamao and Shizuma there.
    Tamao: I've been worried that my Nagisa-chan made a mistake, Shizuma Onee-sama...
    Shizuma: My? =.=
    Tamao: Yes, MY ~^______^~

    Yeah, I guess it was more fun and entertaining when Shizuma was in supreme predator mode in the earlier episodes. From what I noticed during the events of this episode, something has struck Shizuma's mind and it has drastically altered the way she looks at Nagisa. I'm hoping this drama thing will only last for a while, because like you, I enjoy watching Shizuma do her stalker thang. But it's still nice to take a little detour if the Anime's plot turns out to be decent material.

    It'd be interesting to see how Rokujou handles this new-found revelation of Shizuma's feelings for Nagisa later on. She should be glad upon hearing that Shizuma is slowly reverting to her old self and feeling happier, yet she still thinks it's a bad choice for Shizuma. She doesn't want Shizuma to be happy? Something must be very fishy...

  • On Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Ah yes I remember that manga scene myself, certainly entertaining material. I'd really like Tamao to react like that at some point.

    The drama is "ok", but the show in general is something I watch to laugh at and while I keep watching it if it remains dramatic, I still hope the "lol" factor is there or it just won't be the same. I'd certainly say that Shizuma see's something different in Nagisa because of actions in episode three.

    Rokujou may have Shizuma (and Nagisa's) best interests at heart.., she could have more sinister thoughts. Should be interesting to see which.

  • On Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    Haa... Would you enjoy the Anime series more if they used the Manga's comedy style in it? I certainly would. I adore the way they dish out humor there. So cute. ^___^

    Yeah, there will probably be more LOL moments soon, coupled with cheesy music and sound effects (They're the best :p). Next episode looks to have more drama coming up in Spica's romance, and it's one of those subplots which I'm really really looking forward to provided that the writers don't screw up and nerf the scene between Amane and Hikari (that is, if they used it in the Anime, and I'm sooooo hoping that they will *Crosses fingers*).

    I guess Rokujou could be looking out for Shizuma and Nagisa's well being, but she certainly has a rather strict attitude towards it. She seemed quite hostile whenever she's speaking to Shizuma, and it makes me wonder why she's behaving this way (her attitude towards Shizuma in the novel and Manga was fairly different). Hmm... Perhaps that's how Rokujou shows her concern for Shizuma?

  • On Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Heh, I would LOVE the anime if it used the same comedy style as the manga, so far I do enjoy the manga over the anime although they both arent exactly the deepest of things.

    I take it your referring to a "certain" scene in the erm.. library I think? Between Yaya and Hikari.

    I think that its certainly a possibility that Rokojou shows her concern for Shizuma that way. But it's also a possibility she has more sinister reasons. Only time will tell I suppose!

  • On Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    Ah, no... I wasn't referring to that incident in the library. I don't think they would include that library scene in the next episode or in the Anime (Damn!) since, well... The part about Amane saving Hikari wasn't mentioned in the Anime. Both of them met under different circumstances and they already know each other, whereas in the Manga, Hikari hasn't met Amane *properly* yet due to her secretly trying to get a glimpse of the person who saved her. Also, Yaya hasn't revealed her feelings to Hikari in the Anime, so having her molesting Hikari right in the following episode may seem a little awkward (although I wouldn't bet that Yaya isn't daring enough to pull it off :p).

    The scene I was referring to was the *slightly* angsty yet touching one between Amane and Hikari when it comes to Amane making a decision about participating in the Etoile battle. After watching the preview (and peeking at spoilerific pics of Ep 7 here and there), we should expect some fairly saucy scenes involving one of the Spica's Student Council members (I won't disclose her name unless you mention it first ^___^) and Hikari, which I assume would probably cause angst for both Amane and Hikari later on.

    Yes, I agree that Rokujou may have sinister reasons for doing the things she does. She may be very well aware of what happened to Shizuma in the past. We shall have to wait...

  • On Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Heh, I think the last thing I expected to be doing when I started watching SP is look forward to some scenes. But I'm actually fairly interested in where events go right now. The show isn't particularly wonderful or clever, but there is something that keeps me watching and your comments tend to make me look forward to the future. I just hope it manages to be entertaining!

  • On Monday, 23 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My own theory is that inside is a magical crystal that makes any girl who steps on the hilltop gay in .5 seconds.
    This line is win. Man. I'm reading this as recap, actually, cause I got distracted after episode 12. Maybe not exactly what I was looking for, but I love it. ...I went at Tamao for my first anime convention. It was great. (Even though no one recognized me.)

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