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Strawberry Panic 05
Saturday, May 06, 2006
Meido Strawberry Panic | Episode 05 | Little Sisters

After seeing the title for the fifth installment of Strawberry Panic at the end of episode 5 I was more than a little nervous. With a title like "Little Sisters" and with characters such as Chiyo in the ranks of the school first years I was expecting to be subjected to cries of "ONEE-SAMA" that only a dog can hear. As I settled down to watch this episode, I hoped my suspicions would be wrong! I hoped against hope that my prediction was false! Unfortunately it wasn't as this episode it's time for the first years (like Chiyo) to look after their senpais and say "ONEE-SAMA" occasionally. In maid outfits. Yes, maid outfits. Well its just their uniforms altered slighty, but they still look like maid outfits.

Yes the creators have resorted to maid outfits after just five episodes. I hate maid outfits, they aren't cute (in fact the majority of anime characters people consider "cute" I spend a vast amount of time wanting to throttle) but the fact they have put in appearance in SP after just five episodes amuses me greatly. As you can see above, it is "tradition" in Nagisa's school for the first years to take care of the second year students by means of a "random" draw. Of course this draw is so random that Chiyo (who is of course madly in love with Nagisa after she stopped her from falling over once in a corridor, a perfectly normal reaction to have from such an incident in the world of SP) "happens" to pick Nagisa and Tamao. She passes out for a moment too which was perhaps the highlight of the episode as for a wonderful hope filled moment I thought she was going to be taken away to a hospital. Unfortunately my hopes were shattered and I had to put up with her for the rest of the episode. Please note everyone that I'm not a Chiyo fan.

Chiyo misses her first day helping Nagisa and Tamao as she is nervous, but the next day enters their room (stalker style) without permission and sets about cleaning it while awaiting their return. Meanwhile Tamao has bumped into two of Spica's leads in the form of Hikari and Yaya. I am starting to like Yaya more and more of late, just everything about her screams "I am so gay, and I'm probably a tad on the unstable side too, so when I get jealous sparks WILL fly". Unfortunately there isn't anything extremely gay from Yaya this week and she seems content to tease yet another new character, a first year who has attatched herself to Hikari with an obvious crush for her. Tsubomi-chan appears to be her name and exhibits the gayness factor that seems to radiate from at least three quarters of the school. This whole conversation with Yaya,Hikari,Tsubomi,Nagisa and Tamao was actually genuinely funny in that all of them seemed obsessed in seeing the others in aprons (which is part of what makes up the maid outfit).

Upon returning to the room the girls find, Chiyo has fallen over, trashed the room by accident and become entangled in a bed cover so she looks (to Nagisa at least) like a monster. Like any sensible girl her age Nagisa promplty flees the room screaming and collides with one of the schools teachers. The same teacher who looked like she was going to cane her with a stick in episode one incidentally, who will play a key part in the dramatic events to come this episode!

O.K, I lied, there isn't really any dramatic events to come. Just a midnight tea party (the most yurified tea party in the whole anime world perhaps?) that happens to go a bit wrong. The girls (that's all the ones I;I've mentioned so far this post with the exception of the teacher of course) all plan to meet up at night and drink tea. I half expected to see them all jump around going "AND LETS WEAR APRONS TOO! YAY!" at this point considering they all seem have exhibited a fetish for them by this point. Of course you can always rely on the first years to spoil things, they bump into the teacher while sneaking to the tea party and she in return seems rather annoyed she hasn't been invited. So, alas the midnight tea party is cancelled and the girls have a horrific punishment waiting just around the corner...

Yep, *drumroll* they ALL have to wear the maid outfits! ALL of them, shocking isn't it? I mean who could have thought the person who caught them could deal out such a vile punishment. Oh... wait, they have to clean some stairs in them too. Lots of stairs. Of course, nothing can keep the girls down and they are soon all working hard to clean, making games out of it and being happy and smiley. Now is the perfect time for the episode to deliver its maximum levels of drama!!! Yes! Nagisa and Chiyo fall down some stairs a bit! And Nagisa cuts her leg! And.... well that's about it really. Chiyo cries, the audience is supposedly meant to go "awwww" and Nagisa then comforts Chiyo. Fortunately the secret
yurified tea party they have planned for the next night isn't interpreted and everyone is happy. Tomorrow is another day on Cherry Blossom hill and another episode has passed without Shizuma molesting Nagisa. How sweet.

Despite having fun (as per usual) writing this post the episode in itself was dull really. I don't like Chiyo enough to care about her Tsubomi was mildly annoying with her "I'm really gay, but slightly in denial" routine in fact the only thing I found mildly entertaining was the scary apron obsession and Yaya's generally predatory nature (she looks like a snake, I swear). But still, it made me laugh on occasion so not a total loss. More Strawberry Panic next week!

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, May 06, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 06 May, 2006, Blogger Anga said…

    I agree that this episode wasn't that good comparing to the previous one. When i see maids i don't think anything cute. And their school uniforms are very nice too so don't know why SP would need any maids.

  • On Saturday, 06 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    The maid outfits this week were purely there for fanservice (although obviously not the in your face kind, fortunately). I thought the general "filler" nature of the episode is what let it down the most though, I like the cheesy drama of SP and this episode had none (apart from Chiyo at the end I suppose).

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    You know... When it comes to meido, the only people I can associate hawtness with are Wilhelmina from Shana and Itoko from Sukuran. Okay, Itoko was only a meido for 1 ep, but that was still cool. :3

    Yeah, I enjoyed StoPani Ep 4 considerably more than this one. Ep 5 had a few hilarious moments, like Chiyo slamming her head on the table (I swear that was so random), but almost everything else was just... Blah. Oh, except for Yaya of course. Can't get enough of her ghey smexiness. ^^

    Speaking of which, I find it amusing how the lesser known people are amassing a harem among the main characters instead of the big shots like Shizuma and Amane. Now that is one of the very few ironic things which are not cliche about the series. Both Nagisa and Hikari each have 3 admirers hot on their heels at this moment and one for every level - underclassman, peer, and upperclassman. Figures... It wouldn't be StoPani if they didn't have enough variety for yuri sampling. :p

    Oh, I agree with you that Yaya's interaction with Tsubomi was entertaining. Yaya had that "Just try to get her if you can" expression all over her face when she was mocking the younger girl.

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    It certainly is ironic that Nagisa and Hikari who are far from the usual types of characters you expect to have others drooling over have developed quite a following. It makes a rather refreshing change particularly as I dont see them being the type to be able to cope with legions of admirers.

    Yaya is without a doubt the best character in the series, she has a lot of potential to make things interesting and even at this early stage is providing some of the more entertaining moments. Hopefully she will get a lot more screentime as the episodes progress, Ive decided I like her more than Shizuma for the "ultra gay" character award.

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    That's true, although as far as things go, their harem will be quite small. Nevertheless, it's still a harem and the "surprising" thing is that they managed to grab the attention of the most popular students in school as well. What I'm interested now is of course, how will they handle all this attention. At the moment, Nagisa is the only one who has a clear idea of the person with a real romantic interest in her i.e. Shizuma. Not very sure whether she suspects Tamao, but it seems she sees her as being playful and harmless, and also views Chiyo as only a cute junior. In other words, Tamao and Chiyo are pretty much harmless. ^^

    Hikari on the other hand, is downright clueless to everything, well... Except maybe for Tsubomi coz Yaya blatantly blurted her reasons for joining the choir (Of course, Hikari could have thought that Yaya was just teasing her too). I love that girl! Yaya is so sarcastic with everything she says, which is an absolute gem in any series! Her Anime version is beginning to intrigue me more and more. It’s like she’s subtly challenging the people around her to try to snatch Hikari away. First, she offered to help Hikari get closer to Amane, and now she’s mocking Tsubomi for having the akogare for Hikari. While her intentions were clear in the novel and Manga, they were quite vague in the Anime. I found myself wondering most of the time what she’s really thinking, and also whether or not has she fallen in love with Hikari ever since a long time ago, or has she just started developing feelings for her quite recently. Unlike Tamao and Chiyo whose involvement is there probably for comedy's sake and side development in the Nagisa X Shizuma story, Yaya is a real threat in the Spica romance, an element which I'm really looking forward to later in the story.

    PS. The little spat between Yaya and Tsubomi strongly reminded me of the hilarious friction between Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo from Rozen Maiden (They both coincidentally have the same seiyuu respectively too :p).

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Without a doubt Yaya is the cast member with the most potential to make things interesting within the anime. NagisaXShizuma is all well and good, but will there actually be drama in their evidently upcoming relationship? There may be of course, but there is certainly no figure that could really get in the way of it at this point in time. As you say, Chiyo and Tamao arent really a threat, they are comic relief characters more than anything. It'll be interesting to see if any character can become a threat to Nagisa X Shizuma like Yaya is to Hikari x Amane. I have a feeling that the drama in Nagisa and Shizuma's developing relationship will come from the evidently upcoming Etoile battle though.

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Dav said…

    There will be drama in the Nagisa X Shizuma storyline, and you're right in guessing that it has something to do with the Etoile battle. That is... If the writers decide to use *that* subplot. Unfortunately, you're also right in speculating that it has nothing to do with a rival or a threat in their relationship, so they're still quite dull compared to Spica's love story (Gawd, that was cheesy). However, that's only in the original storyline. The Anime has been quite unpredictable in terms of plot (not cliches though) because a few of the events seem to have taken a different route from the novel and Manga. Who knows? We might get to see some angst from an unlikely candidate... At this moment, I still see Chiyo as a shallow character but Tamao has potential for an emo fest (There was that little hint in Ep 2). Of course, no one is charismatic enough to top Yaya yet.

  • On Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Hmmm.. psycho Tamao would be interesting, she is actually pretty scary at times with her stalkerish tendencies so maybe she does have that potential deep down. Not likely to happen, but hey there might be a chance and it would make things a LOT more interesting. I shall now root for Tamao to go psycho at least once during the series.

  • On Tuesday, 09 May, 2006, Anonymous Tomoko-chan said…

    I agree, this episode was mediocre as compared to episode 4. There was a believable air (in anime, anyway) about the budding romance between Amane and Hikari, backed up with some character development, instead of throwing two characters together and expecting us to like and care about them. Or maybe it's because I love Amane and I was so excited that she would have more than just the "transfer student?" line in the first episode. The "room temp" just seems so tacked-on as a plot device to fully acquaint Chiyo to Nagisa and Tamao. Chiyo is thoroughly annoying as a blushing, teary-eyed fangirl and bumbling idiot and I honestly hope that she appears less as the series progresses.

    Yaya has got to be my second favourite blatantly gay chick (Spica girls rule) on the show. She has an cool personality and a playful disposition that reminds me of Sei from Marimite. I think she has genuine affection (although, somewhat devious) for Hikari. I'm definitely watching to see how the writers handle the development of her plotline as a wedge between Hikari X Amane.

    Minx, I like your avatar of Sei from Burst Angel. It brings back memories of hoping for yurilicious couple Jo X Meg to get together and have the anime throw a wet blanket on that. I love Jo, but that's for an entirely different thread altogether.

  • On Tuesday, 09 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Tomoko - I find Chiyo's "blushing, teary-eyed fangirl and bumbling idiot" tyoe behaviour throughly irritating as well, glad to see someone agrees with me.

    Hmm, I hadn't really thought of compating Yaya to Sei.. , im not sure why but I can't quite see them as being the same. Yaya does certainly have that playful streak Sei has though I suppose.

    I'd actually forgotten I had an avatar at all of late, but glad you like it! Personally I much prefer Jo as a character and while I "liked" Burst Angel the lack of proper yuri bar the cobbled on ending was a bit of a let down for sure. Looking forward to Del-Ray releasing the manga though. (anyway thats enough off topic for now, could talk about Burst Angel all day).

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