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Simoun 07
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The seventh installment of Simoun while not being quite as brilliant as last weeks episode continues what I feel is a stunning series with the addition of yet another new cast member, some good drama and a smidgen of action. I feel that this is a key episode as Neviriru and Aeru begin to make some progress in liking each other (even if this isn't going to bare any fruit at this point in time). The new character is also fairly interesting and certainly seems more than a little a little unstable which is really what this show needed to deliver on the drama front. Whether Mamiina is going to fill the "psychotic lesbian" role entirely still remains to be seen though. As the episode starts tensions are running high between Simoun squad as the Corps Tempus are insulted by another team. The squad seems to be recovering slightly now and working a lot more like a team, and the characters demonstrate that in a flying sequence. Paraietta still realizes they are not fully a good squad yet and they need a few more additions and a Neviriru/Aeru pairing if they are to become amazing once again. I'm liking Paraietta more and more as the series progresses mainly as she always has others on her mind, she will do anything for Neviriru and seemingly the squad too.

Another Simoun interrupts the Corp Tempus and taunts them, flying around them and refusing to give contact. On board are two new characters one of them the aforementioned Mamiina the other named Yuun. Another big base ship rears out of the clouds and it's clear the Simoun with its arrogant pilots has come from that, and also that the other Arcus is there for a reason. Mamiina pretty much gets development as an unpleasant person from the off here, enjoying taunting and mocking what is planned to be her team in the future with the aerial maneuvers she performs with Yuun. Yuun herself seems a rather dull character to me even from this point and as the episode progressed I became more and more convinced of this.

Just included the screencaps as I quite liked the dancing scene. This scene in general was rather calm, compared to the storm that is on it's way drama wise.

Mamiina and Yuun introduce themselves to the rest of the Corp Tempus. Obviously they aren't popular after their previous display and even as they walk over its commented that they are bound to be unpleasant, and it causes much merriment when they live up to expectations, Mamiina insulting the Cor-Tempus rather quickly off the mark. Mamiina is a very haughty character here, looking down on the others and clearly thinking she has superior ability to the rest of the squad as of her reasons for being on board the ship in the first place (to be revealed soon). She seems to not care at all about making a bad impression on her own squad (she is to join the Cor Tempus) which I thought showed a worryingly huge ego.

The drama begins! Neviriru's father is on the ship and he is heaping the pressure on Neviriru. He has a bunch of furniture moved into her room and informs her that she is to pair with Mamiina (and live with her), or go to the fountain. Neviriru obviously isn't pleased by being forced into this decision. Her father is endlessly singing Mamiina's praises about how she can perform various manuvers and things at this point seemingly to sweeten his daughter into making the deal. By this point it's evident that Neviriru is at last going to be pushed somewhere and not mope in her room endlessly which was a bit of a relief. It's all very well for her to angst but she's been doing it for seven episodes now and it was just about time something happened to her.

Ah a shower scene, although for once it isn't a fan service laden one. Mamiina pretty much shows what a sinister individual she is here by attempting to force herself on Neviriru. She wants to be completely bonded with Neville both as a pair and physically too, but Neviriru is resolute that this is something that isn't going to happen. Aeru to the rescue however, (as is to be expected from our heroine) she swings down from the floor above and through the window, interrupting Mamiina as she is forcing her way into the shower with Neviriru. It's at this point as Neviriru comes to investigate the noise that I felt was the first real bonding the two leads have done for a while. Neviriru is amused (and probably partly relieved) by Aeru's entry and I thought it was a development of some kind for her to smile at Aeru. Mamiina isn't too happy about this whole incident of course, mildly psychotic unhappy.

Aeru and Mamiina fight each other in the training tube. However, this is not done via dueling like Aeru and Paraietta though, its a proper fight as Mamiina attempts to tear Aeru's clothes and send her plummeting to her death. Mamiina is the instigator here without a doubt, and things get rapidly out of hand as the two grapple. However, before things can get too bad the other girls leap in and drag the duo apart from each other. But this display has already attracted the attention of those ranking above them. Neviriru's father makes an on the spot decision to send Neviriru to the fountain and the Cor Tempus is disbanded. Mamiina seems to be the person most effected by this decision as she breaks down onto her knees at the news and we see her laying a depressed daze soon after. In one episode she has managed to be a good villain amongst the Cor Tempus and the fact she seems to be more than a little unstable gives her quite good potential as one in the future. The final scene of the episode shows a priestess from another ship arriving on the scene.

A good episode though as I mentioned before not as good as last weeks. This show carries off drama and character development flawlessly and I really can't fault these last two episodes in particular. As the series progresses things seem to be getting better and better and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go now with all the potential drama and angst from this weeks events.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, May 17, 2006  
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