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Simoun 06
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Simoun | Episode 06 | Wounds And Pain

While I usually blog Joshi Kousei first this weeks episode bored me quite a bit, so Simoun is the series to be blogged first as this episode was just great! Lots of angst, a smidgen of action and quite a bit of yuri.

Neviriru is really tormented by the loss of Amuria still, at the start of this episode we are shown the restless Neviriru deeply affected by the endless flashbacks she seems to suffer of the fatal moments in episode 01. It's deeply clear by this point that Neviriru was very much in love with her pair and a combination of missing her and blaming herself for her death is totally overwhelming her. I felt real pity for her as a character in these opening moments, and much as I'd like her to come too and snap out of it so the story can progress her moments of angst are very well done.

Had to screencap this, there are some truly beautiful screencaps in the episode and this is one of them. The squadron flying alongside some birds in the blue sky. But all is sadly not as peaceful as it seems.

In the base Paraietta is where the focus of this episode shifts and remains. She's been a pretty key character and its evident a lot of the cast look up to "Para-sama" to some extent and I was more than a little glad to find the episode is aimed on her and not Rimone after her two week run. Paraietta looks at a broken, run down Simoun that Wapourif is working on strokes it tenderly. She obviously feels that the craft is like Neviriru who has become damaged emotionally after her incident. Paraietta has strong feelings for Neviriru and that has been clearly shown throughout the series as they were childhood friends. I do feel these are romantic feelings (although I suppose it's too early to tell), but probably un-confessed ones. Kaimu (Alti's sister), watches this scene from a distance and looks concerned, she is also to receive development this episode.

Aeru does her usual head-strong crap and beats on Neviriru's door. She is furious with her for not being out with the corp (and probably for not wanting to be her pair when she feels she deserves her), and ends up doing graffiti in the door. Once Aeru has stormed off a fairly sad looking Paraietta cleans it off and ends up being invited in by Neviriru. Perhaps Paraietta feels relief at this point in time that her friend is attempting to talk to her at all (its clear Neviriru is the only thing on her mind and causing her to brood a great deal), but the conversation proves fruitless. Neviriru is stuck in an indecisive limbo and because of this Paraietta is thrown into one too. Paraietta eventually leaves and cries in the corridor outside. Quite a moving scene here highlighting just how confused Neviriru is about what she wants to do, fly or fountain?

Another random screencap. Thought this was beautiful too!

Kaimu evidently has the hots for Paraietta and takes this oppourtunity to make a move on her when she finds her visablly shaken. I don't think Kaimu is being peurposefully manipulative and taking advantage of Paraietta here, but merely cares for her and needs comfort herself. She makes Paraietta coffee and manicures her hand, Paraietta seems to feel slightly awkward throughout but agrees to go with Kaimu to somewhere else after this rather "touchy-feely" scene in the coffee bar.

It's fairly obvious that this yuri scene is coming, Kaimu is really into Paraietta and as the two of them play a sort of mock flying game (the two sit in a Simoun pretending to fly it and make silly gun sounds) which seems to be calming Paraietta she says they should pretend to start the gem via a kiss. Paraietta seems pretty apprehensive about this scene, but eventually (after pausing and pondering) gives Kaimu a brief peck on the lips. Kaimu responds by shoving her tongue down Paraietta's throat seemingly overwhelmed by her closeness to the person she has feelings for. The more passionate kiss resonates such a strong bond between them that the machine they are on activates and they both fall off Paraietta landing rather cliche manner on top of Kaimu in a rather suggestive way, lips close to hers.

One thing I thought was rather bizarre here was once Paraietta was on top of her, Kaimu has a rather suggestive flashback to her sister Alti (twincest? are they twins? I forget, but anyway its still rather odd and perhaps key to the story for the two sisters later). The momentarily stunned Paraietta refuses to kiss Kaimu properly after she herself has thoughts of Neviriru, merely kissing Kaimu on the head and wandering off. Alti watches from the shadows. This scene was particularly interesting because both of the character seemed to have other characters on their minds, im not entirely sure as to what context Alti was in Kaimu's but it poses an interesting question for sure. It's evident Paraietta loves Neviriru a great deal but to the extent she wants what is best for her, and does not seem to be actively pursuing her affections herself (presuming she wants them anyway, im just speculating), she is happy to be her freind. A very sweet and pure love I feel. Anyway, probably the most vivid yuri scene of the series here displaying actual emotions rather than merely starting the crafts.

The fact that Paraietta puts what she feels is right for Neviriru first is demonstrated in the one of the final scenes of the episode as she duals Aeru in a sort of fencing match. Aeru wins (just) and Paraietta laughs and tells Aeru to make Neviriru her pair, presumably recognizing that Aeru is just the sort of person to bring Neviriru back to her old self.

So much angst. So many characters hurting, so many seeming to feel lonely. This was without a doubt the best episode of the series so far, and the lack of Rimone was good (I really can't stand her). Development for a great number of cast members was high, and the scenes were well done with some very poignant moments. Paraietta has rocketed up the ranks as my favourite character here and certainly seems to have one of the nicest natures among the Corp Tempus. Hopefully episodes of this quality shall follow this one as the story progresses.
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, May 09, 2006  
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