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Simoun 05
Friday, May 05, 2006
Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates of late I've been rather busy and only just found the time (and been in a writing mood) till today. But anyway without further interruption here are my thoughts on Episode 5 of Simoun "White Solitude".

This episode is pretty much lots of character development for Rimone, last post I made it clear that I really didn't like Rimone (despite her seiyuu's excellent resume) and despite the huge focus on her this episode, I still don't. But hey, hopefully it means all the cast will get a bit of development at some point. This is the most combat heavy episode of Simoun so far I feel, so if the last three episodes led you wanting more aerial action this is where it is to be found.

New character this week, Dominura (who looks the type to pull a whip out and start cracking it, so the names rather appropriate if you ask me) is a veteran Simoun pilot called in to help the Cor Tempus and also Rimone who keeps panicking in combat. Definitely liking Dominura's character design, very elegant but rather sinister at the same time which matches her personality perfectly. Anyway, Dominura orders Rimone to fly with her and the base commanders hope that she can get the Cor Tempus back into shape.

Rimone isn't quite sure what to do, and we get flashbacks to her past. Training to be a pilot and admiring other pilots. Her mother seems to have put pressure on her to become one of the best pilots out there too, so we start to get a background story for Rimone as a character. Rimone demonstrates that after the events of episode 4 she has developed a bond with Aeru and it is she, she turns to for advice at this point in time. Aeru however doesn't really offer much, seemingly attempting to force Rimone to make independent decisions for her own good. After Aeru being very headstrong last episode, it seems that she is perhaps trying to push Rimone the same way or at least make her more independent.

More practice in the weird tube things here for Rimone as she trains with Dominura. It was evident to me as a viewer by this point that Rimone has no problem performing in the tube, but its when she's actually piloting a Simoun that the problems arise.

Rimone and Dominura go off for a flight eventually along with Alti and Furoe. Dominura kisses Rimone as per Aeru did last episode while looking slightly creepy I thought (fortunately it's just a peck). But anyway, both Simoun's are soon in the air and flying into a snowstorm. There is something really beautiful about the environments in Simoun, and as they fly through the snow the music changes to mirror the rather surreal yet calm feeling that's portrayed on screen. One of the best things about this series for me now is the music, and backgrounds (although I am starting to like the cast and story more and more too).

Rimone evidently freaks out once a convoy of enemy tanks comes into view and Dominura orders her to perform an attack maneuver. The obligatory flashback is a little predictable, but we see that during a maneuver during Rimone's training there was an accident and someone died. Presumably Rimone is afraid of the same thing happening again and this is why she keeps panicking in attacks. Rather dramatic moment here. Fortunately Aeru (along with Rodouremoun) arrive on the scene just in time as the tanks open fire and things heat up for the pilots.

The combat in Simoun is another really wonderfully elegant element to the show. The craft fly so smoothly and because of Aeru's confidence here, Rimone manages to compose herself and pull off a complex attack pattern with the other three Simoun's. Its a rather cliche comparison but the craft almost seem to dance in the air in these final moments of the episode as they create the perfect pattern in the sky. The resulting explosion looks rather over the top (its HUGE like in episode one), and wipes out all the enemy tanks. Aeru's nature helps Rimone's true abilities shine through here, and Dominura is evidently more than a little impressed by what Rimone can do once confidence fills her (she is also surprised the three craft pull off such a dangerous maneuver). We also see that Aeru can have a profound effect on others, perhaps she can help make Neviriru become a pilot again? Only time will tell of course.

Another fantastic episode of Simoun here, I don't really like Rimone enough for the episode to be perfect but she is still developed well as a character here. I have a feeling Dominura won't be playing a huge roll in events to come which is a shame as she is a very interesting cast member and deserves more focus (perhaps I will be proved wrong). Still not enough Morinas either! She needs more screentime!
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, May 05, 2006  
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