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Joshi Kousei 08
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Not a that entertaining episode and once again the creators pick one of my least favourite manga chapters for anime adaptation. This week we get a flashback to the girls pasts, the first half of the episode focusing on a younger Eriko, Yuma and Ayano (how they became friends), the second half focusing on Kouda, Ogawa and Himeji's pasts with Himeji finding a rather unlikely love to overcome a weight problem. One of the manga's recurring characters makes her first (and possibly last) appearance too, but hey it's a pretty amusing appearance at least.

A Marimite opening is just what the show needed, so I just had to screen-cap it. The alteration of the art to make the characters more MariMite like was fairly clever (Yuma even briefly looks very Sei like I thought) and it's certainly my favourite opening skit of the series (I'm pretty biased though). Being a MariMite parody there's a rather yurified tone to it all too of course.

So yeh, Eriko and Yuma hate each other in the flashback, Eriko is a star pupil, Yuma isn't which causes tension. The main bulk of the first half of the episode is them endlessly trying to get one up on each other and fighting all the time. It starts with Yuma tripping Eriko up in class and goes from incident to incident, none of which I found particularly funny in the manga and didn't really find that funny here either. Still, at the very least it's some background on the characters and how they currently came to be best friends being laid down. Ayano is present too as an existing friend of Yuma.

Events come to a head as Eriko and Yuma have an eating competition. Eriko seems to not have put much energy into it and Yuma wins by a long shot, but of course all is not quite as it seems. It's health check soon of course, and the big bowl of food has taken its toll on Yuma's weight leaving Eriko to gloat over her. Still not "lol" I'm afraid (particularly as I knew it was coming), but it is what brings the "story" of sorts to a head. With all this pettiness going on between the two of them, it's a CD that brings them together. Awww, how sweet. Now they can settle back and become a cliche together for the rest of their school days. *Yawn* is really all my thoughts for the first half of the episode, but fortunately the second half is marginally better.

Kouda, Himeji and Ogawa take the stage now, with Himeji looking more than a little different to her current incarnation (she's fat). The three have been in an all girls school and the funniest scene of the episode demonstrates they are out of touch with guys, taking extreme action when two pass them in the street (poor Ogawa, this really was a hilarious moment).

So, Himeji is in love with Odagari (blinded by love as the fact remains the guy is a total idiot even in this flashback), Ogawa is still her usual self really and Kouda is receiving love letters from other girls. In the manga the girl in question is forever dashing to her Kouda-sempai even in present day and makes for quite an amusing little gag going starry eyed over Kouda in her random appearances. I'd been kinda hoping the gag would be used in the anime and while this is the first time she has appeared in it the fact she's been included at all is great. Himeji is really the main focus here though as she angsts over her love for her teacher. Quite the nice little tie in happens here as while sitting in a public toilet and angsting Himeji overhears a conversation that seems to give her the drive to get in shape (I won't reveal who else is present but it's quite a good little touch as I say).

And so! Himeji loses weight in her holidays and promplty shocks her friends on her return to school, only one thing left to do now and that's to... erm.. seduce Odagiri... heh.

The shattering glass image says it all really. Himeji takes one look at Odagiri posing and admiring himself in the mirror and realizes she has been blinded by her schoolgirl crush to his real nature. Odagiri looked ultra gay and bishified here and it was mildly entertaining to see him prance around camply in front of the mirror. Really the guys such a prat.

Not a great episode, but not the worse as at least a few moments made me laugh. The series seems to grab my attention one week then rather dismiss it the next leaving me unsure of how I think of it. It's certainly not a bad series and the fanservice has been heavily toned down from the start of the show (which is a good thing). I've no idea how many episodes this is going to be but I really don't feel it will hold my interest if it's more than thirteen or fourteen (my opinion of it varies to much for me to watch twenty six or twenty four I feel). Anyway next week looks promising as it seems Kouda is dying! Oh no! ZOMG! Sorry I should rephrase that to "people think Kouda is dying". You can't expect death in a show like this!
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, May 23, 2006  
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