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Joshi Kousei 07
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
It was almost too hard not to go into fits of laughter as I wrote the post for this weeks installment of Joshi Kousei, let alone while watching the episode itself. This episode of the anime took a good mix of content I was familiar with from the manga and stuff I hadn't seen before (baring in mind as always I have yet to read the seventh manga installment so I suppose the "new" content might be in that). Anyway this week Eriko, Yuma and Ayano are off the theme park then into a bizarre Takeshi's Castle like competition with their teachers... . Kouda is on hand briefly for an electrifying display and Himeji and Ogawa wear false moustaches...

This episode was funny throughout, and without a doubt the best in the series, but Mouri and Koshiba always steal the manga chapters for me in their brief appearances and they definitely do so here. Can you say ultra gay? I ended up taking a silly amount of screencaps of their brief scene(s) but seeing as most of them were just split-seconds apart I've settled with my five favourites. The show needs more yuri always, and with these two on hand in these fantastic outfits this episode managed to deliver. I just love how they pop up out of nowhere too.

Anyway for those who hadn't guessed, Joshi Kousei by the pool = fanservice. I was actually surprised that the fanservice was nowhere near on the level of the previous episodes (maybe the creators toned down the fanservice to closer to the manga levels to please fans?) but that was no bad thing. Ayano decides to not wear a bikini and goes for the frankly terrifying school swimsuit look. The impression you get is she is wearing it for her ridiculously long named boyfriends sake, which is also pretty terrifying in my book. Anyway, with Ayano's boyfriend being present Yuma and Eriko are left at the pool with each other.

"ZOMG!" Eriko and Yuma are being hit on?! The girls think it's their lucky day when two guys call to them from over their shoulders, turning around with their best smiles they face... their teachers... yep that's right Macho and Odagiri. Obviously this is pretty uncomfortable for all concerned, I personally would be more than a little traumatized if one of my old teachers tried to hit on me even if was accidental. Of course Eriko and Yuma rise above this arkward moment as it's the perfect opportunity to blackmail them into paying for waterslide tickets!

To cut a long story short, the speed of the slide + Eriko's bra coming undone results in this situation. I knew it was coming, but I have to say it's so ridiculous it was funny. In a similar way to Eriko and Kouda sitting on each others faces accidentally in the first two episodes.

Himeji and Ogawa don't really do much this week but for some reason I think they are so cute together. The two seem to have a strong friendship and the way they talk to one another is really great (I love Ogawa's "Himi-chan"). Neither of them gets much focus in the manga so it's nice to see them both take more important roles in the anime. Oh and Himeji looks so funny in the false moustache.

You have to be in pairs to take part in the Takeshi Castle type game thing the girls find themselves in and that means Yuma ends up with Macho and Eriko with Odagiri. Personally I preferred the manga version of events here when the four end up going the fair to find its a special "romance evening" and end up being handcuffed together for the special romance themed orienteering. The anime doesn't have the "lol" factor the manga does in the shock that both teachers and students alike have in being paired with each other. In the anime they seem a bit more easily accepting and with the lure of a plasma screen T.V as a reward begin to take part in the events.

As you'd expect, Eriko and Odagiri and Yuma and Macho make it all the way to the final which involves cars shooting laser beams at each other and is really more than a little surreal. Who shall win the ultimate challenge? Will our heroines (and hero's) triumph and win the T.V? I mean if you win all you have to do is kiss your partner... . This whole event is really not as scary as Takeshi's Castle used to look like on the TV (for my non UK based readers, in the UK it appears on crappy cable channels with a voiceover done by the guy who plays Lister in "Red Dwarf") and could have done with being a bit more over the top. Still it worked o.k and was a nice and unusual addition to the episode.

You know I said Kouda put on an electrifying performance at the start? Well above is the result of her display at a talent contest. Perfectly normal results for Kouda wouldn't you say?

Episode seven of Joshi Kousei really delivers the same blend of tasteless gags and occasional slapstick humour the shows been delivering since the start. After the more serious episodes this was a nice return back on track and is without a doubt the most "lol" episode of the series. I'm hoping the show will have a few more episodes along this line (completely OTT Zanyness) before its conclusion and we definitely need more Mouri and Koshiba! Next week unfortunately is covering some of my least favourite manga chapters again when we step back in time to the girls younger days. Still, hopefully the anime can improve them a little. I actually find this a hard series to write about, but I am quite the manga fan so I feel the need to cover it in my blog anyway.
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, May 16, 2006  
  • On Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is there some romance between Eriko and Odagiri in the future? they both some how seem like they are being paired together.

  • On Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Not that I know of, the two of them do end up in many situations where they are paired together in the manga but they both tend to be very uncomfortable about it (although remember I haven't read the seventh volume). It seems to be something done purely for comic value.

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