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Joshi Kousei 06 - Evil Sister Related Drama
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I really, really dislike this part of the manga. I really do. The chapters covered by last weeks episode and this weeks are the Joshi Kousei equivalent of watching paint dry for me. The series (both manga and anime) in my opinion just needs to steer clear of doing drama. Part of what I love about this series is the fact it is so over the top, crude and generally as foul as it possibly can be. If it wasn't so forward in its comedy it just doesn't work, and while this episode does have a few funny moments the fact is the drama really isn't to my taste. Momoka does work quite well as the "evil freindship destroying sister" I suppose, but I'm just not interested in this storyline enough to care.

For those of you who haven't seen the episode and who can't actually guess what happens this week I shall just briefly summarize what does. There's a bit of angst, everyone group hugs, Yuma and Momoka glare a lot, Yuma stands up for her sister and surprise, surprise by the conclusion everything is back to normal! Of course it was obvious this was going to happen to both those who have read the manga and those who have not as this isn't a drama series and you can't possibly have expected it to be even vaguely serious for more than one episode (well, one and a half) so there isn't really any tension here whatsoever. While I would say that these episode's while OTT once again do show the same kind of slight realism the whole show demonstrates in its cast, the problem being that in this case I simply didn't find it entertaining. Next week things return to the amusing and presumably rather fanservicy as the girls visit a water park (and shall hopefully go on to visit the fairground after for some of the funniest parts of the manga).

Considering this blog exists to feature shoujo-ai/yuri anime and manga, I suppose that featuring Joshi Kousei as one of my main series just now when it's no-where near as yurified as Strawberry Panic or Simoun is a little odd. Other than Mouri and Koshiba (who have starred in a grand total of one episode much to my annoyance) there isn't really much yuri here other than a few random moments (such as the pubic hair removal last episode, or Ayano's frankly bizarre dream at the start of episode two). However, despite their evident pursuit of guys I always think Eriko and Kouda make a great yuri pairing and it's probably part of the reason I like the series so much. Their endless double act like behaviour from the start of both the anime and manga (combined with their seemingly habitual nature to sit on each others faces by accident to begin with) makes them easy fodder for fangirl ravings like this one. I just love the way they pop up in their random outfits (like they do in this episode as Momoka finds herself in hot water) and I really think theirs always a rather gay vibe to their routine. OK, ok so they argue quite a lot, but judging by the vast amount of Nao and Natsuki yuri art out there that's no obstacle to fans.

While I found episode 6 dull I suppose it was quite interesting to see Yuma and Momoka develop a little as characters (I wouldn't mind betting that this is the most development any cast members get for the entire series). The scene above was fairly decent, I felt Momoka deserves the slap after all the petty trouble she caused and Yuma saves her from a much worse beating by the girls around her at the time. One question that I still don't know the answer to though is why on earth does Momoka look NOTHING like she does in the manga?

Seeing as it seems to be being mentioned nearly everywhere of late (and there's a great dancing gundam video of it on you tube), I should mention just how much I like the end theme now (I probably have before but by this point I'm obsessed with it). I love the little dances, I love the bits inbetween the dances (particularly kicking the camera) and the song in general is just great. After hating the music to begin with and now listening to it ALL the time is quite a big step. Anyway yay for "incl"!

Best bit of the episode. And look, no fanservice! It's times like these you think the show has grown up a little. Then you see the preview episodes for next week and those thoughts come crashing back down to earth.
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, May 10, 2006  
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