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Strawberry Panic 02
Friday, April 14, 2006
Strawberry Panic | Episode 02 | Etoile

Another day, another incredibly yuri-fied episode of Strawberry Panic. Simoun may have most same sex kissing this season but Strawberry Panic is far, far more eager to parade just how outrageously gay it is. Simoun has depth, Strawberry panic has none. But it doesn't stop this second installment being just as hilarious as the first. Nagisa (called her Aoi last week, but its Nagisa from now on), wakes up to be tickled by her increasingly obsessive roomate Tamao-chan. Once Tamao has done perving over Nagisa, she shows her that her uniform has arrived, now Nagisa also looks like she belongs in the cast of "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

Spot The Difference (Answer Below) - A SP and Marimite Comparison

The Answer is Sachiko doesn't try to kiss Yumi straight afterwards like Shizuma does to Nagisa. If you got it right have a cookie.

As you can probably guess from my "spot the difference" images the first thing that happens to Nagisa is running into Shizuma. The school bell interrupts the obligatory attempted kiss scene though, and the student council president reprimands Shizuma who promptly ignores her. After avoiding Shizuma's "charms", Nagisa soon finds her stalker Tamao wants her to join poetry club with her.

It is on the way back from poetry club that Nagisa catches site of something. What's that in the woods? Could it be! Surely not? Yes its Shizuma (looking rather sinister, which she seems to manage fairly well) with another girl! However our ever irritating eager heroine steps on a twig and interrupts the upcoming kiss (see a pattern developing here). She flees the scene, but Shizuma takes it upon herself to follow, with a creepy glint in her eye.

Ah even reading a book together in the Strawberry Panic world seems to have yuri subtext, I'm sure in the next few episodes the yuri possibilities of say... tying shoelaces or something equally exciting will be revealed.

I'm sure you can guess what happens from the above pictures. However in it's infinite wisdom SP once again breaks off the kiss scene between the two of them and we are left with no explanation as to why Shizuma seems so interested in Nagisa. In fact I'm left wondering as to why Shizuma is so popular. A student council meeting is called off this episode as she's off somewhere trying to kiss the random girl and you have to ask why! Does she contribute anything other than having the younger girls letch over her creamy white locks? All will probably not be revealed next week.

Oh and Youko Student Council President, lectures Shizuma on how insatiable she is right at the end. Shizuma really doesn't care. The line "MY SEME ASS OWNS YOU STUDENT COUNCIL TYPES, OWNS!!" sprang to mind.

Ah this show is so trashy, but so hilarious.
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, April 14, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 15 April, 2006, Anonymous Kenny Liu said…

    Thanks for adding me to your links and keep up the good work!

  • On Saturday, 15 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Its no problem! And I'll do my best too ;)

  • On Sunday, 03 May, 2009, Anonymous Dimeric said…

    Well, after seeing the first 2 episodes. I can only guess that Shizuma is interested in Nagisa because Nagisa is an outsider and not truly a lesbian at this point like everyone else in the school. So, she wants to be the first to break her. =]

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