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Strawberry Panic 01 (First Impressions)
Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strawberry Panic | Episode 01 | Cherry Blossom Hill

Opening Sequence -
"Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete" by Aki Misato

I really liked this song and the opening sequence in general, it was very over the top and the music felt rather dramatic. Oh and just in the opening itself there's a yuri scene so from right off you can tell what this show is like.


I don't think I have ever laughed at an anime so much in my life ever as I did as Strawberry Panic this morning. Quite simply this show has the most yuri-fied vibe I have ever witnessed and almost every scene seems to feel so suggestive to some extent (subtext or something more obvious) that I found how ridiculously up front it was hilarious. To give a general gist of the "plot", Strawberry Panic is set on a hill where there are three girls schools. Aoi (our lead, at least for the moment anyway) is starting school and this episode pretty much introduces her as a character, the hill itself aswell as the obligatory "Onee-Sama" character who Aoi seems to fall head over heels for at first site.

Its incredibly easy to draw parallels between this show and Maria-Sama Ga Miteru, being it's a show set in a girls school... and theres yuri, and cherry blossoms. Oh and just in case you thought this show wasn't trying to rip off Marimite, theres a church on the hill aswell.., oh and girls at Aoi's school wear uniforms like the ones in Marimite..., theres other religious imagery.... . Well you get the idea. Strawberry Panic is Marimite without the depth and extremely OTT yuri instead. But because of that it's quite a lot of fun! So far this episode we meet Yumi *coughs* I mean Aoi, Sachiko *coughs* I mean Shizuma, theres even a version of Yoshino... and a version of Youko (she even looks like Youko ffs). Also while unrelated to Marimite a Maria from Mai-Otome lookalike seems to be working at the school. I actually enjoyed SP more than I should have BECAUSE it rips off everything about Maria-Sama and I couldn't stop laughing as a result.

The yuri scenes come pretty endlessly throughout this episode. Mysterious white haired Shizuma obviously has a flirt-o-meter that goes through the roof as she does so excessively on two occasions with the rather hapless Aoi this episode. While Shizuma actually seemed a little sinister to me in these scenes I still couldn't help but laugh about just how brazen the show was being about its content so early on. Subtlety is evidently not a word known to the students of this school, or the creators of the anime in general. While the two AoixShizuma scenes were the obvious yuri parts of the episode, pretty much every scene in general had a gay vibe to me which added to the hilarity levels considerably.

So what does the future hold for Strawberry Panic? I've no idea actually as I've only read the first chapter of the manga which takes you approximately 1 minute into the anime itself. I shall definitely be keeping blogging this as while I expect no depth, zero character development and a plot about as complex as Pokemon the show is just so "lol" to watch and so fun to write about I can't help but want to see more. I'll also be curious to see as if anyone subs this title as to be honest it's the sort of thing I see being popular with a lot of people whether for it's rather evident "moe" appeal or for those who find it incredibly funny like myself.

Closing Sequence - "Himitsu Dolls" by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu

Much like the series itself the live action closing sequence is OTT gay! Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu being as suggestive with each other as possible which considering how much I was laughing by this point made the end all the more funnier.
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, April 04, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 30 December, 2006, Blogger coco_des_bois said…

    yeaye !
    looks pretty cute
    I'm watching Burst Angel and I can see how suggestive they are, I don't know maybe manga were too much about "men" before, now it's much about girls, I do love that :)

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