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Simoun 04
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Things take a more serious tone in the fourth installment of Simoun, as Aeru and Rimone meet the enemy face to face.

Aeru shows off her "hotheaded heroine" skillsz here as she and Morinas take to the skies flying their Simoun on an unauthorized flight. Unfortunately for Morinas she doesn't seem to be quite as skilled a pilot as Aeru and is holding her back more or less. Their maneuvers become increasingly erratic as Aeru wants to do riskier things and after a while they are forced to head back. Paraietta lectures them once they touch down, scolding them both. These scenes more or less cement the fact that Aeru doesn't have much of a sense of danger and does what she likes without worrying about orders.

Morinas asks Aeru for a kiss once they have escaped Paraietta's clutches. Aeru seems embarrassed by the whole situation and turns her down, Morinas seems to make do with nuzzling against Wapourif instead. I find it incredibly hard to think of Wapourif as a guy (although he is) as... he just... looks so incredibly girly even after two years since he swam in the fountain. I really am liking Morinas more and more at this point too, perhaps my favourite character she has a good attitude.

Anyway, unrest in the Col-Tempest squad seems to be fairly evident in the base. Neviriru angsts more (its been four episodes now, its getting a bit tiring), Aeru gets angry and to cut a long story short Aeru decides to go on an unauthorized flight again this time with Rimone. Oh and Alti talks a bit, yay Megumi Toyoguchi!

I'll admit I really don't like Rimone, I dislike her character design and while I think Mamiko Noto is a talented voice actress I certainly prefer some of her other roles a lot more at this point in time. Anyway, Aeru kisses Rimone this episode (fortunately its just a peck, I might have been traumatized if it were more full on), Rimone looks rather surprised, and the two take off. After a while they spot a wrecked Simoun in the woods below them and go to investigate. Aeru is once again headstrong here, letting frustrations get the better of her and doing something reckless once again. All she needs is a willing partner in crime of course to fly the Simoun with her.

You know that the duo are going to be in trouble from the instant you see the wreck really. Gasmask wearing baddie is on the scene and the two of them find themselves tied up. This is obviously a prime chance to talk about gender issues ( *boggle*) as Simoun and Rimone talk about the fountain. You get a fairly good bit of character development here for Aeru as she pours her heart out about her past, but Aeru also has a knife and is sawing through the ropes so maybe she is talking so deeply to keep their captor distracted?

The most interesting bit of this episode is without a doubt their captor though. He (like all the male characters in this he still seemed to have a slightly female voice), speaks in a foreign language to begin with but eventually speaks out normally. He is sick, very badly and has obviously been suffering a long time. Despite his ugly and gruff appearance I felt really sorry for him as a person as he didn't seem evil more... desperate, he offers Rimone food at one point not showing a cruel nature. He wants to use the Simoun to fly somewhere but can't get it to work he seems desperate to fly and approaches the controls almost violently. He obviously has no idea how the Simoun's work in the slightest. Obviously seeing as he is just "randombaddie_01" he isn't going to be killing off Aeru and Rimone who escape (with the knife) and run into the woods. Waiting till morning Aeru and Rimone plan to take their craft back from the figure in the cockpit however they both realize their captor has actually died their in the night. The man sits their all alone and covered in the blood he has coughed up. It's a very sad scene and makes me wonder if the lines between good and evil in this series won't be very clear, the first episode had a narration from his sides point of view and this episode drums up sympathy more for them (well for me it did anyway).

Aeru and Rimone get very emotional and remove the body from the ship (Aeru's eyes change colour as she struggles to move the guy from the cockpit which was a bit weird). When they get back to base Aeru cleans the blood drenched Simoun as the sun sets behind her.

Best episode so far by a large extent. It has angst, drama, action, character development and a oddly sympathetic character in the form of the enemy. Simoun so far for me is still my favourite show this season and I hope it continues to deliver. More Morinas and less Rimone though please!
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, April 26, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger hashihime said…

    Lovely post (and lovely template). I liked this show from the beginning and am liking it more and more. Unique, subtle, complex, intelligent, humane, pretty, and pleasantly weird. And I agree about Noto-kawaii-yo-Noto: she's great, but I can't get used to her here, at least not yet.

  • On Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Thank you for your compliments Hashihime! It really is a great show (and one that seems to have recieved a lot of unessecery flack purely on the amount of kissing in episode 1) that has a lot of wonderful attributes and a cast developing at what I feel is just the right pace. I'm hoping there will be a bit more focus on the different Col-Tempus squad members as the series progresses though as it has quite a large cast.

    Oh and the Simoun list of terms and names on your own blog were good resources!

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