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Simoun 03
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Simoun | Episode 03 | Distant War

A distinct lack of yuri kissing and flying of Simoun's in this weeks episode of erm.... Simoun!

A new character has joined up at the base to become a pilot, right from the start of the episode I actually liked her more than the rest of the cast so far. Silver haired Morinas while not paying a "major" role in this rather quiet third installment of Simoun "could" prove to be an interesting rival for Aeru could both she and her intend to pursue Neviriru as a partner. Morinas certainly makes her intentions of flying with Neviriru clear this episode, but Neviriru is still in angst mode so nothing is really ever decided.

After a brief scene introducing Morinas and some technical blabbing, we are greeted with Aeru waking up. She looks rather dramatic with her hair down and I think it's always a nice touch in anime to see characters without their hair in a set way everytime. Aeru's hair is damn ugly most of the time, but this scene with her gazing out the window and appearing to take a compass reading was quite relaxing and made her look a lot different from usual.

All of the Col Tempest team (on this base anyway I assume) get together for a meeting here. Aeru and her evident rival Morinas both await Neviriru's arrival so they can put the moves on here and encourage her to let them be her partner (I mean co-pilot by this, at least at this point in time ;) ). It's fairly evident that Aeru is going to eventually beat Morinas in this competition, which is a shame as I already like Morinas 100 times better (she has nice hair for a start!). The way Morinas talks her seemed very forward to me, it seems she certainly has a general aura of self confidence.

Right now Neviriru is still hung up on Emuria though, so she has to angst a bit more. The one "kiss" in this episode results from yet an angsty flashback of their last two moments together. It's evident to me that Neviriru and Emuria has an incredibly close relationship, which transcended that of merely flying the Simoun together. Lately I've seen Simoun being accused of being a fan-pandering show (usually by people who have just seen the opening episode), and personally I don't think it is. Despite the gimmicky feel to the endless stream of kissing in episode 1, by episode 2 its clear that this isn't something we are going to see a lot of. The main focus of the story shall hopefully be on the relationships between the characters, set against the backdrop of war. Strawberry Panic is a much, much more in your face yuri show than this world in the skies. Of course there will be more yuri content in Simoun (presumably quite a lot more), but seeing as the manga comes from Yuri Hime it is in general what people should expect.

After donning their rather bizarre outfits the Simoun squad practice a similar sort of pattern to the one that went wrong in episode 1 in this air tube. Presumably this is to simulate them making shapes in combat but using their own bodies as opposed to using their Simoun's. Anyway everything seems to be in quite a lot of disarray with them not really being in sync, and it takes Neviriru's eventual appearance to get things going properly. Neviriru is actually quite a strong character throughout this episode, aside from the angst and looking like in inflatable love doll, its clear she has a lot of power within the base.

This rather action free (if good for character development) episode is brought to an end with a crash as a Simoun... crashes on the ship. To me it seemed a bit of a flash back to reality as if while this episode didn't have any images of the other side, this brings home the fact they are still there. Anyway, not a "huge" amount happening this episode, but still very enjoyable and with the introduction of a character I like. Episode 4 can't come soon enough.
posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, April 20, 2006  
  • On Friday, 19 May, 2006, Anonymous Tomoko-chan said…

    Ughhh, a noticable lack of yuri this episode, except for the part of Lapollif blushing while checking out Morinas' ass (however, with the sex-change aspect, I'm not sure if this really qualifies as yuri). The writers want to give us shoujo-ai blue-balls after doling out copious amounts of girl-girl action in the first few episodes.

    Minx, your review was written almost a month ago. I guess you can understand Japanese and are watching the raws as they come out (lucky!). I have to wait for the fansubs to come out, like an idiot.

  • On Friday, 19 May, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Lapollif (or Wapourif as I call him) I'd say dosen't really count as yuri as despite looking very female, he isn't. The show isn't really massively heavy on the yuri, but I think it does it well without going overboard (the way this is going it could rank as my second favourite show next to Maria-Sama). This episode is the slowest of those that have aired so far though without a doubt.

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