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Simoun 02
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Simoun | Episode 02 | Blue Spring

Welcome once more to the world of kiss powered airships and gender swapping fountains. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Seeing as she didn't get much screentime last week here is our lead (Who I'm still calling Aeru due to ANN) in a few of what seem to be her stereotypical poses. This week she has got it into her head to stop Neviriru taking the gender selection ritual. This agenda seems to be linked to Neviriru being the best pilot around rather than some attraction (although I hope that will develop) and does her best to stop her taking part in the gender ritual throughout the episode. She even flies her to the ritual location to stay around her.

Admittedly last weeks episode threw me in that I thought Neviriru was going to jump into the fountain, however it turns out she didn't as their is a long journey to be made to the fountain itself. Hooray. It looked like a cliffhanger, but wasn't. Look here she is leaving! She's O.K folks!

On the journey Neviriru has a random yuri flashback. How nice.
Also on the journey we get to see the Simoun world bit by bit, the bizarre trains, the sweeping landscapes and frankly its all really, really beautiful and unique. The technology does have a Last Exile vibe to it but in the same way it's not quite like anything I've seen in an anime before.

Gender swapping fountains are not toys! Please remember that folks. Also remember that you have to be wearing a stupid cowel to take part in a ritual. Another girl accompanies Neviriru to the place of ritual and doesn't have the best of times as her gender selection goes a bit awry and she is left in a mess (remember to think about the consequences of a sudden sex change seriously everyone). See that swirly coloured light? That's what apparently happens to you when you pick a gender. Of course no ritual is complete without a very creepy weird lady watching as well.

In the end Neviriru chickens out of getting in the fountain (considering how her friend is crying this was probably the best bet) and ends up going to Aeru. Ah time to say hi, and make out to start the Simoun and all similar happy things. Neviriru takes her gender selection seriously enough to know she needs to delay it longer, remember that if you ever have the chance to go into such a fountain everyone!

The two fly off into the sunset destined to become pilots together! Destined to fall in love! And destined to use the power of tongues to pull off elite maneuvers against the enemy. That's all the yuri for this week!

I enjoyed this episode overall we get a nice feel for the world of the characters aswell as Neviriru herself. The series has a gentle feel too it and hopefully shall be good proper yuri without any extra crap added on top of things to justify two female characters falling in love. Pretty much what I expect from the anime version of a Yuri Hime manga really. Neviriru is really the only cast member to be developed enough to be interesting so far, although I already like Aeru who needs a bit longer in the spotlight to develop (which shall hopefully come over the next few episodes). Plot wise I hope we get a good epic feel for the war (this episode we see enemy craft photographing the bases of the heroines which will hopefully lead to something important), and maybe some more perspective from the other side as that was a great touch in episode 1. Oh and I also noticed despite her drone appearing to die in episode 1, Mamiko Noto is still on the cast! Hooray!

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, April 11, 2006  
  • On Monday, 10 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have a rather bad feeling that we will see Eri/Erif later on. Except this time "he" will be working for the enemy, seeking revenge for something he thinks was inflicted on him.

    This series doesn't have a visible bad guy so far. I think a "Red Baron" type flying ace opponent for our heroes in the form of a former friend would be just about appropriate.

  • On Tuesday, 21 August, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    After reading the summary regarding episode 2, I can't help but wonder about the decision that was placed upon Erii at the springs temple. I got the impression that the male gender was forced on her by the preistess because she couldn't make the choice on her own. In retrospect, I do believe that Erii was seriously leaning towards choosing the female gender.

    The forced actions by the priestess led to the tragic consequences that would affect Erii for the rest of her life as a man. I don't believe that she would have seriously chosen the male gender option if she had made a firm decision beforehand. As the result of the actions that was not of her own choosing, Erii is made to suffer emotional turmoil as she undergoes her transformation to a man. This is certainly a classic case of a woman's mind forever trapped in a man's body.

    I was doing some research on Erii/Erij in the Simoun manga. Does she appear in that series as well? If so, was the fate placed on her the same as in the anime? From what I've read so far about the springs temple in the manga, it mentioned that the process can be reversed. In contrast, the gender selection is permanent. Is this true?

    It's ashame that Erii was made into a scapegoat for this circumstance. I would have loved to have seen a great deal of character development made to her by the writing staff. Erii could have been a interesting character if they had kept her around thoughout the series as a pliot and her interactions with the other cast members. I do feel that the wrong character was used for this controversial decision.

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