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Simoun 01 (First Impressions)
Friday, April 07, 2006
Simoun | Episode 01 | Fallen Wing
So in the world of Simoun we have a world torn apart by war! A world of gender swapping fountains! A world defended by rather cool look mechanical air-craft called "Simouns" and piloted by skilled girls known as "Simoun Sibylla". These aircraft are not powered by conventional means though, as obviously the country has decided to throw fossil fuels out the window and the craft are powered by the bond between the girls. This means they have to kiss to start them up, ah! A world of yuri already you see!

NOTE:I was a bit ropey on remembering the names from this episode so I used the one's on ANN, I apologise for errors!

As you can see by the above pictures, two of the cast are a bit more into this kissing thing than the others. Meet Neviriru and her co-pilot Amuria. Amuria in particular seems pretty into Neviriru as within the early stages of the anime she's already loosing self control and getting rather passionate. Your only starting your aircraft! You've got plenty of time! ...Well actually in Amuria's case that isn't actually true.

Some images here of both the Simoun airships and those of the invaders who the war is being fought against. I love the designs for these, gives the show a whole "Last Exile but with lots and lots of yuri" vibe. When the Simoun's themselves fly they seem to be driven by huge fans on the backs of them. The Simoun's are heading out to battle an enemy contingent but they find themselves more than a little outnumbered. Zomg! What will our brightly coloured haired heroines do?

When in danger the key thing to do is evidently shove the tongue down the throat of your co-pilot to instigate a special attack using the shiney crystal thing in the middle of your Simoun. This is of course what Neviriru and Amuria do! To be honest this bit had me in stitches as it's fairly unbelievable to think pilots are going to get out their seats in mid air to make out in the middle of a dogfight. But hey it works... sorta. Big whirly sky attack thingy starts looking all very nice and impressive, but something goes wrong! An enemy drone gets in close (I believe this drone is voiced by Mamiko Noto and she provides a narrative throughout this episode) and the creepy gasmask look evidently puts Neviriru off a bit! The Simoun veers out of control mid maneuver and while the resulting explosion kills all the enemies it also kills Amuria in the blast. Better go back home and angst Neviriru, you killed your co-pilot!

Taking that advice to the latter Neviriru angsts in her room while everyone else mopes around outside. But she isn't in her room! She's skipped the place to go to magical gender swapping fountain!

Yeh the obligatory loli character is around too.

"Hello! My names Aeru and I shall be your lead character for the rest of the series. Sorry I've turned up late but I'm a replacement for those who died in the battles this episode. But don't worry my first mission is to rush to Neviriru's side and probably get her to fall in love with me. Oh but first if she's to remain a pilot I need to stop her growing a penis."

At aged seventeen the all female population of this world jump into a fountain to choose their gender. The pilots of Simoun's can choose to do this later though as only girls can pilot Simoun's. Pilots of Simoun's would only leap in once they decided to retire. Neviriru, after losing her co-pilot evidently feels like retiring as she leaps into the fountain (which seems to be incredibly deep) and plunges towards the water. Will Aeru save her in time? Will she fall in and remain female? Will she become male?. Join us next week for Operation Stop The Penis (maybe). Stay tuned folks!

If you can't tell, I really enjoyed this first episode. It as amazing music, interesting characters, beautiful artwork and a plot that seems genuinely involving. Can't wait for the next installment!
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, April 07, 2006  
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