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Ray The Animation 01 (First Impressions)
Saturday, April 08, 2006
I wasn't going to blog Ray The Animation, but seeing as it seems to be a series that hasn't garnered much attention and is actually quite good fun to watch, I thought it deserved a bit of a brief showcase.

First off a bit of background! Ray has had a horrific childhood, she was raised in a place that breeds people to become organ doners. In Ray's case it was her eyes that were taken! Fortunately as we see at the start of this anime, good old (and I must say I've always found the guy creepy) Black Jack is on hand to give her new ones hooray! But these are not just normal eyes! They are special eyes! Her eyes allow her to see through things, yep that's right she has X-Ray vision. Jumping into the plot of the anime it's apparently ten year since she got her magic eyes and is working as a freelance surgeon and a nurse.

Anyway meet our "ninja nurse" (o.k she isn't really a ninja but I like calling her that). She is walking along one evening when.. "ZOMG AN EXPLOSION"! Someone's been hurt!
Obviously all nurses in Ray's world are taught to grope injured people before actually checking if they are ok.

Fortunately who should come walking along but Ray! In freelance surgeon mode. Just look at those eyes and that knife, if I had just been caught up in an explosion I'd feel reassured already that some random girl was cutting me open on the street. Or not.

Ray happens to be working at the same hospital as ninja nurse and they walk around looking at patients. Seems to be a normal everyday hospital to me but as we quickly find out in the world of Ray all is not what it seems. A group of thugs eventually turn up at the hospital to interfere in proceedings just aswell they have a Ninja Nurse there really.

"It's probably not a good idea to point that gun at me"

"See I told you"

"I didn't tell you but have a kick in the face anyway"


Sadly not everything goes to plan for Ninja Nurse and her friends as they battle the thugs. But there is of course the huge bearded "Peg-Leg" to rush to their aid. See that tornado blur of arms? Well that's him.

Meanwhile the serious medical side of the series is going on in a side room as Ray uses her skills to operate while the others keep the thugs at bay. Ray looks through her patients body using her X-Ray vision and seeks the source of the problem. Evil black dotty things of course (As you can tell my medical knowledge isn't great). It's quite interesting to see this series slip from comic book style action to genuinely serious and tense surgery in an instant and was actually one of the best bit's of the episode. It managed the transition with ease and built up some real tension in the medical scene. Ray of course saves the day and all is well. Apart from the fact that soon after Ray has flashbacks to her childhood.

It's fairly evident Ray's dark past is going to be key to the plot as she apparently looks for the people she was raised with (her friends) and presumably tries to help those that live with organs missing. There will hopefully also be a bit of a revenge tilt here as Ray tracks down those who removed her eyes in the first place.

"Blackjack my love we really must stop meeting like this"

Ray The Animation seems to have been mostly overlooked at this present moment in time (hopefully it will be subbed though as it is certainly a show that is worth a look). The anime mixes comic book style action with a genuinely serious and dark plot, and the presence of Black Jack kinda gives it an extra kick of fan appeal. I'm probably not going to blog every episode of this but it may be something I blog infrequently, it is however something I enjoyed quite a lot.
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, April 08, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 08 April, 2006, Blogger hashihime said…

    Agree completely. Much more enjoyable than I realized it would be. Despite the fact that I don't know of any hospital where martial arts is one of the job requirements.

  • On Saturday, 08 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Ah the doctors and nurses in the world of Ray have it tougher than the ones in reality it seems. Battling a group of thugs while carrying out surgery must be high on the training lists.

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