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Mai Otome 25-26 [Finale]
Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 25 & 26 | Maiden Of The Azure Sky & Dream's Whereabouts

Otome has finally reached its conclusion! All those 26 episodes ago when Arika flopped around Windbloom like an idiot, embarrassing Nina, saving Mashiro and watching Shizuru slice of the penis shaped bit on a slave. Ah the memories! But it's all over now the end of the road is here! *wipes a tear from her eye* Sunrise do manage to somehow pull a fairly entertaining conclusion out of their asses here, but it's far, far from perfect. Could the final scene be any more creepy? *shudders and tries to hold off memories*

Anyway lets focus on a good bit first. Natsuki's huge cannon was very cool complete with the "Load Silver Cartridge", Hime reference. The combat was very slick and adrenaline pumping to watch (for some reason I found Haruka and Chie's brief battle incredibly entertaining) and there was of course Tomoe. I couldn't help but think "I'LL TURN YOU INTO JUNK!" as Rie Tanaka's character went into complete psycho mode ala Suigintou in Rozen Maiden. Tomoe was fantastic in episode 25, the optimum of how a totally unhinged villain should be. For a moment I thought shed killed Chie *sobs*, but it turns out nobody can actually die in Otome from this point onwards so it was all ok. I was disappointed that the ShizuruxNatsukixTomoe kind of story I'd hoped for went to nothing but the green haired gals psychotic outbursts made up for that for the most part.

Speaking of yuri, where was the ShizXNat? I demand something in the upcoming OVA's Sunrise, all we got here was a rather gay look as they were reunited and some mild innuendo! They could have at least been something concrete in the closing sequence! Fortunately Chie and Aoi are around to hug and be a little lovey dovey in this closing episode so the yuri was not totally lost. Aside from Tomoe and Shizuru's "fun", Chie and Aoi for me are the most concrete yuri couple in this series and certainly had the best and sweetest scenes. Hooray for Chie and Aoi!

Final battle was actually fairly good, I felt the main plot while rushed along a LOT at the end here was actually concluded fairly well. Arika and Nina waving around their massive weapons in space made for a decent enough conclusion although did we really need to be reminded yet again that they both fell for a middle ages guy? Psycho Nina as the harmonium consumes her was pretty hilarious, despite all the flash effects and mad eyes she couldn't upstage "normal" Tomoe behaviour when Tomoe wasn't even possessed. Falling through the planets atmosphere was stupidly OTT at the end of the battle reinforcing my theory that only Erstin and random crappy characters can actually die in this world. Lets check this... Sergey gets shot in the brain and survives, Aoi falls down a ravine and survives, Chie gets an axe in her back and survives, Tomoe falls headfirst into a cityscape and survives, Nina gets a huge spear through her and survives and Nina and Arika plunge through a planets atmosphere almost nude and survive. Thats a lot of escaping death!

The final scene... *sighs* why? WHY? Everything was so happy! So fluffy! Everyone was ok, except dickhead Nagi! But no we have to get Sergey waking up. Forgetting who Nina is... . Nina not telling him their history... and presumably them living together and doing more of the mind scarring things from episode 24. Nina gets her guy by manipulating him... erm... nice.

Final scene aside, this wasn't a bad finale. Not perfect by any shot but still entertaining just like the whole of Otome has been! Good but not great.

Overall Series Score: 6.5/10

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, April 02, 2006  
  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Please try to think from Nina's perspective. Sergey is the only thing Nina wanted. And after all the wrongs she's done, you would think that punishment is the only thing left for her. I like the last scene because it represented forgiveness: She is granted a new beginning, a new beginning void of the burden of her past sin, the burden of an otome bounded to her master, and the burden of the title "daughter" that she has never willingfully chosen. Even Sergey has been granted a new beginning -- losing his memory of the burden of serving Nagi and being Nina's step-father.

    They now meet each other for the first time, as a man and a woman. This is not to imply they would do anything immediately. But whatever will or will not happen, it will be so because of their true feelings instead of obligation of things they could not control before.

  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    The girl is lying to Sergey though, true she didn't want to be his daughter and wanted to be his lover but going about it by brainwashing him I would say wasn't a moral way to go about. If she truly loved him then she would tell him the truth not clearly try and delude him like she is obviously doing. I do see where she is coming from and why she wants this new beginning but the girl has more issues than a long running newspaper, she isn't making a very sane decision if you ask me. I just feel the fact she made the decision to lie to him to get what she wants very creepy regardless of if its a new beginning for them both.

  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not sure Nina is still obsessed with Sergey like before though. In Japan, girls tend to change their hairstyle when they can finally move on from a failed relationship, and Nina did get a short cut. Also the picture of the watch is changed from Sergey and herself to erstin, arika and herself. So for the first time something else was more important to her than Sergey.

    What really would be the point of bringing back all the old memories though? It had done them no good but pain in the past. And now everything is over and settled.

    In short, Nina just wanted a new beginning. "Let's start again slowly, one more time, for us..." as she said at the end.

  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I see what you mean, you are coming at it from a diffent viewpoint than me. I wasn't aware that changing hairstyle meant a failed relationship though so thats an interesting point.

    Personally I saw the picture changing as a way of totally removing the past so Sergey wouldn't even have a chance of remembering their previous father/daughter relationship. In my eyes this was Nina removing the past purposefully in order to have a relationship with him... , so to me it seemed rather sinister to delude him so.

    But whatever is supposed to have happened they both start over again. If its from an innocent standpoint thats a good thing, if its from a manipulative standpoint then I feel it isn't.

  • On Sunday, 09 April, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    LOL I'd laugh if Nina revealed their true age to Sergey..."WTF you are 15 and I'm WHAT??!!"

    Mangaminx- We are exactly alike...I wasn't too keen on the Sergey/Nina/Arika relationships either. I received a lot of slack for voicing my opinions towards the unlikely pairings. To me, it seems like a stupid plot that Sunrise decided to fill in because "loli and fanservice" is popular nowadays.

    With the Natsuki/Tomoe/Shizuru plot...I wanted to see more. Damn Sunrise for focusing on lolis instead of yuri action. *I can't believe I just said that* XD

  • On Monday, 10 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    LOl Problematic, they certainly should have focussed on yuri action of the Arika/Nina/Sergey crap. By the end I really didn't care what happened to the three of them and the fact we had to see Nina and Sergey together at the end in questionable circumstances made things worse for me. Still not a bad final episode, just not great!

  • On Saturday, 29 April, 2006, Anonymous grss1982 said…


    U forgot to mention the Ms. Maria sequence. Love the girl's reaction upon seeing Ms. Maria do her thing. :lol:

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