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Mai Hime DVD #1
Saturday, April 01, 2006

Unlike the majority of people out there, I had never seen Mai Hime till I saw this first DVD of the R1 release yesterday (although I've had it nearly all spoiled for me in advance so I know what happens more or less). Otome (which I have yet to see the conclusion of) was my first taste of the franchise, and while its not the most perfect of shows I enjoy Otome! So as I sat down to watch Hime I was hoping I would at least enjoy it as much as I have been doing with Otome! Did I find it entertaining? Did Mai, Mikoto and Natsuki impress me as leads? Will Mai Otome ever be the same show to me again after watching this? Read on to find out!

I shall say right now, that Mai Hime was just "amazing" these four episodes have left me wanting more (fortunately there's only a month to the next discs appearance). I haven't actually enjoyed an anime quite so much in a while and it had me on the edge of my seat from the moment Natsuki leapt aboard the boat to the tentacle fuelled finale of this DVD. I liked it a great deal more than Otome in fact, and while I certainly don't think Otome is crap it is definitely not as good as this. I'm not that much of a fan of Natsuki from Otome, but 100mins of Hime have left me as a total fangirl placing her in pole position on my favourites list. She was just unbelievably cool throughout the episodes with her guns, and bike and... wolf Duran child thingy. The combat was just so much better than anything Otome has offered that it was a real adrenaline rush to watch.

That's enough fangirl ravings on Natsuki for now though as there is the rest of the cast to take into account. Mai is alright, less irritating than Arika but certainly not a character that I'm going to find that deep or interesting. I found her an average run of the mill heroine and that's no surprise as it's very rare I ever like the lead in any anime. Support cast is where the best characters are!

Shizuru (who I realize doesn't do much till later in Hime) was still as cool as ever and she remains fairly high on the greatness scale (but is failing to upstage Natsuki at this point in time). Chie and Aoi work well as "ambiguous gay duo", although I prefer Chie's Otome incarnation at least. She seems a bit to much of a kid in Hime to manage the "playboy" sort of image she has in Otome. Mikoto I quite liked, she was funny and had that rather nifty sword. Nagi is certainly cooler as a sort of supernatural imp of a guy leaping around, beats his irritating midget prince Otome incarnation. Those are really the points of note I found among the cast. Oh and I thought Tate was a total prat, but then I expected too.

Yuri! Yay! Hime didn't let me down on this front, plenty of subtext flying about here there and everywhere. Lesbian CPR (even if isn't really lesbian CPR) always makes me laugh for some reason, so Mai lamenting her first kiss was given to resuscitating Mikoto had me in stitches. Plenty of subtext to be found with the usual pairings of ChiexAoi, YukinoxHaruka (I forgot to mention Haruka's Hime incarnation I find really annoying) and ShizxNat. Shizuru's general aura of "gayness" (I cant phrase it any other way lol ;) ) seems prevalent whoever she's talking to if you ask me, but especially so with her suggestiveness towards Natsuki. I like the way Natsuki's sort of "tough girl" attitude is seemingly broken down when Shizuru is talking to her too. Hopefully future discs will deliver just as much yuri as this one.

What else did I like about this disc? Well other than having the funniest nosebleed I have ever seen (I usually found nosebleed jokes about as amusing as having red hot needles inserted through my eyelids, but this one was so OTT I had to laugh, and provide a screenshot) there was also the added bonus of the first four Hime specials (one at the end of each episode). I wasn't so keen on the "Mai's first bra" special (totally pointless), but the Chie and Aoi one was pretty funny but they all paled in comparison to the final special on the disc. The final special (while as short as the others) has Shizuru doing a monologue over her love for Natsuki, and it was just great (so great in fact I had to take some screencaps, the final three ones in this post). I liked the little "fanclub" of lovestruck girls following Shizuru around in it too.

Anyway, that's the end of my first Hime post! I loved the anime and can't wait to see more. So for my Mai Hime DVD #1 scores...

Mai Hime DVD #1
Artwork 8

Music 6 (it was so bad I'm afraid)

Characters 8
Content 9

Overall 8.5

Oh and to reaffirm what everyone else has said this week on forums/blogs etc..
The dub is indeed shit.

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, April 01, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 01 April, 2006, Anonymous Tricky said…

    Firstly im really glad that you enjoyed Hime! As your such a fan of Otome i thought you wouldnt like the more actiony Hime; but turns out you do :)

    And i guess its nice for you to see the characters you've got used to in Otome in their original incarnations in Hime - remember theres still alot of chars that havent been introduced yet (like my favourite Midori) or Reito...

    I brought the artbox and i was quite dissapoiinted with it, the card was cheap and itll be dented in no time; although the tshirt was a nice bonus (and fits)! It wasnt worth the extra money imo.

    Your 100% correct about the dub - none of the vioces fits the chars (natsuki sounds like a man on steroids!)

    I think at this point i should tell you that its only gets better from here on out! - at the momment the story is very weak, and the first dvd is basically filler (compared to how complex the story gets later) so you should really look forward to the second dvd.

    Shame its not about for 2 months :(

    Oh and the nosebleed scence - imfamous ill never forget that ^_^

    Glad your enjoying it Minx;

  • On Saturday, 01 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Yeh, I'm enjoying it a lot ;) . Its only a month till the second DVD, early May.

    Midori and Reito have both already been introduced by the way, although with not huge amounts of screentime. Can't say I'm going to be fond of Midori's Hime incarnation shes rather irritating.

    On the subject of the dub ive actually decided I quite like Shizuru with a southern US accent *ducks projectiles hurled at her*, but I will still watch it subbed throughout as the other voices are awful.

  • On Monday, 03 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You didn't comment on the added fondling. :-p



  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Anonymous Tricky said…

    lmao >_<

    thats just plain icky :p

    but im sure minx said she hasnt watched it before [so she never saw the cut version]

  • On Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    It was a bit hard for me to notices differences such as ...those =x. As like Tricky says I haven't seen the original TV airings of the anime.

  • On Sunday, 26 November, 2006, Anonymous Doorman said…

    I liked the music....

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