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Joshi Kousei 04
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Hooray! My favourite characters from the Joshi Kousei manga finally put in their first (hopefully first of many) appearance in the anime! My faith in Joshi Kousei is restored another step.

On the right we have Mouri-san and on the left Koshiba-san (Nao). In the manga these two provide the bulk of the yuri moments from volume 5 onwards by being very suggestive with each other as much as possible. There's something totally hilarious about the way the pop up in the manga always semi draped over each other or making suggestive comments to each other, right in front of a momentarily dumbstruck member of the lead cast.

Anyway, on with the episode which this week is a school sports day. Kouda is all fired up!

Episode four of Joshi Kousei is pretty much a mix of all the sports day manga chapters mixed with some new material (unless I'm suffering from memory loss, or its in the seventh volume which I have yet to read). It's an episode of epic battles! Rivalry! Perverts with cameras! And finally total and utter humiliation for Eriko at the hands of one of the teachers.

Kouda's rival makes her appearance this episode, pushing Kouda into endless amounts of firey rages. Even the simplest games such as throwing balls into a net begin to get incredibly heated when Kouda is battling her rival. I mean why throw the balls into the net when you can pelt someone you dislike with them in a really petty way. While this rivalry is taken to the extremes it has a grain of reality in it that is what I find makes the show so funny. While Joshi Kousei portrays things in an OTT way, its portraying a lot of things that do happen all the time.

This would be one of the things that doesn't happen much... , if ever! Ayano's efforts to catch a banana in her mouth in a sports event push the ever tortured Shimotakatani-kun over the edge and his nose almost explodes with excitement. Of course, Yuma in particular delights in assault Shimotakatani this episode and hammering around like a rag doll. The poor guy is never going to get a break if this is going to be anything like the manga...

Eriko ends up taking part in events (she's useless at sports so wasn't planning too), and once in her P.E uniform ends up in a little trouble with perverts filming the girls. Obviously this happy snapper has all the subtlety of a kick in the face. The most hilarious bit here is when Eriko runs screaming to tell the teachers, they make a bee-line for poor Shimotakatani who is innocently taking photos of his love. As I said, he never gets a break...

When there's a pervert on the loose, who are you going to call? Well Kouda in complete psycho mode of course. In a race with Kouda and her rival pushing giant medicine balls things get more than a little out of control and in the resulting carnage (the expressions here are genius) our patrolling pervert is crushed.

Once again I found myself enjoying Joshi Kousei, there's fanservice again but it didn't feel as extreme as the first two episodes once more. Perhaps the creators are toning it down a little on purpose? Or maybe it's just coincidece. Either way its working as we haven't had any face sitting for three weeks, hooray! A lot of this episode made me laugh, and it seemed to be staying true to its source material to a similar extent as the previous episode. I'm starting to get quite fond of the closing theme too and the little skit after it, Joshi Kousei is a series that I'm starting to like more and more.

Oh, and remember I said Eriko was embarrassed by a teacher? This is how.
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, April 25, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    Great to see the debut of the yuri couple. Also I loved the Saiyuki skit at the beginning and the Idiots Group after the ED.

  • On Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    The skits at the opening and end of each episode are quite a nice feature really. They are always pretty funny, and give something a bit different to the show other than just "opening theme -> main episode -> closing theme -> preview".

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