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Joshi Kousei 03
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Poor, poor Joshi Kousei. It's taken quite a lot of flack since the first episode aired, and after sitting through an episode where the only gags were face sitting and pubic hair I'm inclined to agree that is debut was awful. The fanservice was of a particularly nasty variety through episode one (and fairly so in episode two), the sort of Najica/Ikki Tousen zoom in's that make you think you may be watching a hentai. But fear not, episode three of Joshi Kousei actually manages to give a new and entertaining spin to the manga chapters it's based on AND while still having "some" fanservice is certainly not as "in your face" as it was last time round.

This third installment of Joshi Kousei mixes the "First Mixer" and "Love Motel" chapters of the manga together in a slightly different way to the manga. Basically, the girls are all excited (well apart from Himeji as she is used to guys) as they are going on a mixer. As you can tell by Kouda's outfit above she is slightly more excited than the others going even more OTT than usual.

We are also introduced to Ayano's hapless boyfriend (at first site), Shimotakatani-kun, who spends the majority of this episode getting lovey dovey with Ayano and thus later getting victimized by Eriko, Kouda and Yuma. In the manga the poor guy doesn't get a break from those three, and the way things pan out here I can certainly see that continuing to happen. Anyway, the mixer takes place at a karaoke place, in which Eriko, Kouda and Yuma promplty put off all the guys there and embarrass Himeji no end. Amidst all the bad singing, Eriko's "rock goddess" stance and general embarrassment, Himeji slips out with a guy... and another guy with what seems to be rather loli tastes persuades Ogawa to go with him.

Thus we reach the "Love Motel" part of the episode, as that's where sleazy guy takes Ogawa. Realizing she is missing though, the Eriko, Kouda and Yuma (dragging along Ayano, Shimotakatani and the other guys) are soon hot on their trail (complete with stupid detective outfits) and into the Love Motel. Despite all the show it is actually Himeji (who realizes something is up and punches out the guy she is with) that rushes to the Love Motel room that Ogawa is in (the other girls get preoccupied tormenting Shimotakatani) only to find her safe and sound. Ogawa (who seems fairly oblivious to the danger of her situation) has ended up giving sleazeball quite the run around...

Some genuinely funny moments this episode, and some rather cool ones aswell. Himeji evidently cares a lot for Ogawa and there is a genuine sense of emergency as she rushes to her aid which makes the series serious for a few brief moments. Ogawa constantly thrwarting attempts to seduce her seemingly obliviously was also pretty funny and Kouda is as OTT as ever. I think
Shimotakatani's life to be made a living hell from this point onwards and Ayano's too seeing as she has "betrayed" the other girls by getting a boyfriend. So expect a lot of recurrences of the scenes here.

Anyway, a good episode (finally) if not completely great. Less fanservice (I only noticed two instances of dreaded panty shots and these were at a distance not "in your face") is certainly a good thing and this episode flowed much better than the first two. For those of you who didn't like the anime and stopped watching it after episode 1, perhaps give this episode a go to see if you think its improved as I have. Just don't expect the jokes to be the most tasteful things ever.

The horrors of what lurk in a Love Motel, revealed in the picture above.
posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 19 April, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    Good to know that things are looking up. I didn't think Ep 1 and 2 were thaaat terrible anyway - probably because I wasn't familiar with the manga at that point...

  • On Wednesday, 19 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I'm glad someone else other than me thinks the show is quite fun really ;) . I think it's spoiled a little for me seeing as I know the manga well and expect it to be of a similar kind of standard humour wise (the first episode really wasn't). But I'm still beginning to enjoy this more and more. The fourth episode looks to be a compilation of all the sports day parts of the manga and I'm "hoping" it will be as good as episode 3.

  • On Saturday, 22 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "koko de yatte misete konai?" and "wow, a 4 vs 4 orgy" That was so funny.

  • On Saturday, 22 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    This is the first episode that made me laugh out loud ;) . The manga makes me laugh out loud all the time so I'm only hoping that as the anime improves so will the amount im laughing at it.

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