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Joshi Kousei 02
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
I wasn't that keen on the first episode of Joshi Kousei, it wasn't particularly funny, the manga had been altered into a far less entertaining form and it really was a rather crap introduction to the series. But don't be afraid, for episode 2 is here and a faithful manga adaptation of an episode at that! It's time for the terrifying truth behind school health checks to be revealed, what terrors will our six heroines face? Read on to find out...

Soft-core porn Ayano fantasy is what the anime opens up with. Far more "yuri" than the manga version where they girls discuss what it would be like if a male doctor in health check was a bit perverse, Ayano's fantasy focuses on a "Onee-Sama" style nurse losing self control. Like the aprons in the manga the whole purpose of the stupid outfits the girls have to wear here is fanservice, lots and lots of fanservice. Whether it be falling over, wind blowing clothes or just normal camera angles there is OTT fanservice here. This is what makes Joshi Kousei rather odd to me, we have a lot of ecchiness but the humour I find is more female oriented than male. Doubtless plenty of guys will enjoy this too, but behind all the fanservice the show (and manga) is very female aimed joke wise. Something for everyone!

Speaking of humour the jokes come this week come thick and fast, Ayano's method of cheating the eye exam fails, Ogawa's plan to improve on the height measuring check fails and Himeji's plan to hide the hickeys covering her body also fails miserably (see a pattern developing here?). Kouda wins award for funniest moment as her attempt to make her breasts appear bigger for the chest measurement test ends up in her practically being assaulted by the nurse (who has a rather hilarious mad glint in her eye as she does so). The bulk of the "plot" for the episode focuses on Eriko and Yuma as they constantly take an age to do each test within the allotted time for doing the health check. Peeing in a cup manages to be provide a rather difficult task and having to physically restrain Eriko from fleeing a blood test also delays them. What's so bad about being slow about doing the health check tests? Well there is a punishment for those who fail to manage them in the day!

Despite one last mad dash to get all the health tests done Eriko and Yuma end up outside in their aprons with the entire school watching on as they finish their exams at the check up trailer outside the school. That's the punishment!

This episode was a vast improvement over the first in that I actually found it funny despite having read the majority of the jokes in the manga before. The entire cast managed to have fairly amusing moments here, especially Kouda who apart from the ambiguous gay duo from the manga is my favourite character from it. There's still a few complaints the fanservice is a bit too much in your face which I find a bit annoying but I don't see that going away at all, and the music is INCREDIBLY irritating. Do we need fart noises parping away in the background during comic scenes? No, we don't.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, April 12, 2006  
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