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Joshi Kousei 01 (First Impressions)
Thursday, April 06, 2006
Just a rather brief post here as having seen the first part of this episode in my episode 00 post a while back, so not a review of the full episode here as quite frankly I can't be bothered to go over it again.

In the second half of the episode here Eriko and Kouda manage to get into a fight (they aren't the best of friends after Kouda realizes they are in the same year). For some reason the "running towards each other" scene (see above) reminded me of the Matrix, but anyway instead of hitting each other their punches connect with a teacher. The teacher in question (Odagari I believe his name is) obviously isn't best pleased about being smacked in the mouth by two of his students and thus the two end up being told to clean a dusty storeroom. Long story short, Eriko and Kouda get locked in the room by security guard who doesn't realize they are in there and they end up being rescued by both sets of their friends and they all become friends as a result. Awwww.

None of this is actually in the manga (unless its in the recent volume 7 which I have yet to read), and really takes an entirely different if predictable and rather dull route. Where are all the gags from the manga I love? Well not in this episode that's for sure.

In fact nothing much really happens in the latter half (or first really) episode other than Eriko and Kouda both managing to accidentally (and suggestively of course) shove their underwear into each others faces. I'm embarrassed to admit I actually laughed quite a lot when this happened a second time but other than that nothing much happened as I say. "Zomg fanservice" seems to be the order of the day mainly here,with the girls skirts seeming to be magically shrinking when the right dodgy camera angle is needed. The manga is very ecchi, and this doesn't bother me but the anime seems to be trying to be a lot more "in your face" (hah! literally!) about it.

The music I just can't stand, and while Kouda is being her usual manga self the rest of the cast don't quite feel the same to me. Maybe I'm expecting to much because I adore the manga but I expected things to be more entertaining than this is.

I'll give it another episode anyway (next episode the true horrors of health check are revealed aswell as a tonne of obligatory fanservice) and see if things improve. Fortunately in the next episode preview I actually recognized scenes from the manga so maybe that's a good sign that my interest in the show will pick up.

Oops I ended up being a bit less brief than I thought I was going to be!

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, April 06, 2006  
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