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Black Lagoon 01
Sunday, April 09, 2006
Watching Black Lagoon with your brain engaged may seriously damage it.
You have been warned.

Black Lagoon probably isn't something I'd watch normally, much as I like Girls With Guns shows this is more a "girl" with gun one. But hey I found my brief look into the manga fairly entertaining and the fact is ever since I first heard her voice acting I've been such a huge fan of Megumi Toyoguchi that I have to watch this anyway. Haven't seen her play a bad-ass character since watching Avenger late last year so I jumped at the opportunity to see her play the mildly psychotic Levi this time round.

Levi, Dutch and Benny are pirates, no not the kinds with eyepatches and peg legs and irritating parrots. The modern day variety, with fast boats, huge guns and in Levi's case very impractical outfits.

Just so you know who's who Dutch is in the centre here and Levi on the left.

Here's Benny who seems to be the tech-head of the group

The guy at the bottom here from now on shall be known as "No Luck", its not his name (that's Rock) but he has an awful lot of it. Levi and Co. happen to steal a datadisc from a ship they attack, a ship owned by the company "No Luck" works for. They take him along as hostage too. See, no luck whatsoever.

Life on the open seas isn't so bad, the wind in your hair, the sea foaming around you and the chance for ever so slightly gay male bonding moments like this one. Or not as the case may be.

Obviously after arguing about what to do with Rock the hostage they decide that the only sensible option is to go to a tough bar, with prostitutes and whiskey that'll strip your throat. There's lots of tough guys doing tough things and looking tough and mean and stuff.
Levi fits in perfectly to be honest with you.

To be honest by this point in the episode I was getting rather bored. Nothing much seemed to be going on. But fortunately I was about to be proved wrong. The disc that our heroes (hmm... can you really call them heroes? I mean they are pirates.) have stolen happens to have some information on it a certain company doesn't want seeing the light of day. That means they don't want those who've had the disc to be around either. Cue lots of mercenaries bursting into the bar and Levi going a little nuts...
Ah now this is what I was watching the show for! Psychotic Levi leaping around with a disturbing grin on her face slaughtering people. It made it all worth while.

Unfortunately after escaping to their boat the mercenaries continue chasing the leads with a helicopter.
Rock has a slight problem handling a gun.

Levi doesn't.

And this is where the episode ends, with the boat under attack! What will happen next time? Will they survive? Well you won't be finding out on this blog I'm afraid as Levi's coolness aside I wasn't that keen on much of this episode bar the fight scene. It wasn't bad, and I'm sure a lot of people will love this show. It's fairly mindless but lots of fun at the same time, just not for me. So Black Lagoon becomes the first show of the season for me to drop. I may watch a few episodes here and there for more Levi going nuts, but certainly no more blogging.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, April 09, 2006  
  • On Sunday, 09 April, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    LOL Interesting. comment. I wonder if I should give it chance or move on. After checking out your screencaps, it doesn't seem like the type of series I would enjoy.

  • On Sunday, 09 April, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    It was style over substance in every single way really. I certainly enjoyed bits but other bits really were not to my tastes. Personally the bits I screencapped were the best bits for me, so if you don't like those you may well not like the show at all! Still it's always worth trying something I suppose, you may be surprised.

  • On Saturday, 22 April, 2006, Anonymous grss1982 said…

    [b]The disc that our heroes (hmm... can you really call them heroes? I mean they are pirates.)[/b]

    I've also asked myself that. So lets just call them protagonists? :lol:

    Anyways, I just saw episode 1 and I'm definitely hooked. I'm gonna take a leap of faith and watch this anime to the very end.

    BTW, did you guys and gals notice that this show has the feel of an 80's American action movie?

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