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Battle Athletes Victory Thoughts
Saturday, April 22, 2006

Considering I'm relatively new to anime, the fact that Battle Athletes Victory began airing in 1997 makes it pretty "old" by my standards. The character designs struck me as almost being "retro" which shows what a newbie I am in the world of anime. Anyway, BAV isn't exactly my usual type of show I tend to avoid the shounen "work harder and do better" type things, mainly as they tend to get a bit dull after a while. However along with the exception of Airmaster (Makkkkiiiiii-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!), BAV has cemented itself as one of these kinds of shows I liked.

Of course as you can probably tell by my screencaps I was actually drawn to the series by the fact it has *drumroll*, yes, you guessed it. Yuri. Quite good yuri to be fair and numerous pairings that had so much development that I was actually surprised. The main thing here is of course the sports and the struggles the cast face in their battle to become "Cosmo Beauty" but I was pleased just how prominent the yuri flavored relationships between some of cast were in the storyline. Akari is actually driven through her trials and tribulations all the way to the final battle against the alien athletes BECAUSE of her relationships with other female characters.

Akari's relationship with Ichino on earth is pretty much the soul reason she makes it to the University Satellite in the first place. Of course there's all the angst of the fact Ichino can't join her BECAUSE of the injury caused by a moment of jealousy (pretty much). Akari nearly fails to qualify in the final race based purely on the fact she thinks her friendship with Ichino is over, and its the reminder that it isn't that gets her moving and in gear. Akari is dependent on Ichino to succeed and while this may not be the healthiest thing in the world it is sweet in a way. Also despite everything that goes on with Kris on the satellite itself. Akari doesn't forget Ichino and is clearly always thinking of her eventually coming back to get her for the final challenge.

Kris and Akari as a pairing are certainly the "main couple" of the anime yuri wise. Unlike Ichino, Kris is utterly, totally and very obviously gay ,attatching herself to Akari from their first meeting. Love at first site? Well it certainly is in Kris's case, Akari is slightly less enthusiastic! Its nice to see Kris's comic pursuit of Akari that at to begin with makes her arkward develop into friendship and then perhaps something more. They develop a psychic bond by the end of the series spurring both of them on, and the kiss that Kris gives Akari (in front of a planetwide audience, lol) while it makes Akari blush strengthens things to the point they cannot fail. Kris loves Akari to the point that she gives up an important religious day to her just to give her the drive to become the champion which is obviously a very deep and serious commitment. I feel in the race between them for the final title that Kris had no intention of winning in the first place, she merely runs to get Akari to excel.

Now we come to the third main yuri pairing of the series (pictured above), at least they were in my eyes anyway! There's plenty of other pairings to be found if you squint enough but Lahrri and Mylandah work the best if you ask me. Their relationship is very similar to that of Madlax and Limelda in that one is better than the other, but the other has an insane drive to defeat her nemesis. It's a very, very obsessive relationship from the handcuff snapping Mylandah's point of view and while Lahrri seems to be indifferent to her on the outside its clear from the flashbacks and how they react after being defeated that its not the case. They pretty much compete because of each other, and while its obsessive its pretty cool to watch. Speaking of Mylandah she was by far the best character in the series, I seem to be developing a worrying affinity to psychos in anime.

So there are my (100% Yuri!) thoughts on Battle Athletes Victory! I thought I'd discuss more about the series, but I'll stick to what I know. Anyway, I did like the sports side to it as well as the relationship side and it managed to produce some great tension in competition and drama too.

Overall Score: 7.5/10
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, April 22, 2006  
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