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Monday, March 13, 2006
To much angsting in a shack, not enough action! But still it's good!

Y'know I'm getting a bit sick of doing "clinical" reviews when it comes to writing up DVD content. I don't particularly care about what's on the DVD itself extras wise etc. Nor am I interested in summarizing the entire set of episodes (that's what my individual episode posts are for!) so from now on I'm just going to do lots of pretty screenshots and talk about the bits of the series I care about. Now in 90% of cases this is going to be any shoujo-ai/yuri aspect my warped fangirl brain can spot, regardless of if its actually there or not! ;) And sometimes I might mention y'know, the plot and stuff in passing. Also going to start giving scores for dvds (and series etc) on the things I care about like, characters etc.. as to be honest as long as its watchable video and audio are the last thing on my mind. Anyway! On with the review!

Well:- Wendy being her evil-self, last disc ended up with a big book bonfire and a "Noooooo, save the books" moment from Yomiko. Everything look pretty bad, and things look even badder when it seems everyone will be shot by Wendy. However cue Drake turning up lots making lots of steam and causing a moment of confusion and our heroines are saved! Now we go up to a log cabin where we spend the majority of the next four episodes as the cast hide out here.

The most interesting thing for me at the cabin (plot revelations aside) is seeing the way Yomiko and Nancy interact with each other. OK so there's nothing concrete here, but from the OVA they've always had such a gay vibe (even if this is a different Nancy technically, but , well you know what I mean and the scenes here really do nothing to dispell it. The two are so touchy feely, and couple that with Nancy's uber gay dungarees its just SO OBVIOUS there's subtext here. Just the way they are with each other over this stint of episodes is a highlight for me though, with Nancy taking care of Yomiko a lot here. Very sweet.

Yet another paragraph about yuri subtext, but its definitely necessary. While I like Nancy way more than Nenene, there is still something here between Nenene and Yomiko that's for sure. Manga events aside, its fairly obvious that Nenene and Yomiko have a big history together and this relationship is close enough for there to be subtext here. Way back in crappy (yes, it was crappy) Christmas episode Nenene denies this, but her original obsession with tracking down Yomiko was really OTT and hints of more. Seeing as Yomiko spends most of the disc fairly mopey its easy to see the concern of Nenene here too as she tries to support her.

Moving back to the actual events of the disc, there's revelations aplenty. Yomiko reveals what happened at the British Library, Junior does lots of side swapping after he learns he is the supposed vessel for Mr.Gentleman and it seems that everyone bar Anita and Yomiko die in a helicopter explosion. Of course they actually haven't but next disc will actually show that. If all that excitement wasn't enough, it turns out Anita is a vessel for Mr.Gentleman too which links her past into things.

On the action front this volumes pretty weak, but the fights where Anita and Yomiko take on stupidly_named_henchman001 "Mirrorman" and his cronies are entertaining. The paper airplane bit reminds me of the flight scenes in Nausicaa too, ah nostalgia.

Finally the disc ends on Anita finally being reunited with Hisami! Will they run into each others arms screaming "Yes I remember you, we were loli-lesbians together!?". Nope, Hisami can't even remember her apparently! Heartbreak for Anita!

Content 7
Characters 7 ( a 6 without Nancy, I'm not much of a fan of the ROD The TV cast)
posted by Mangaminx On Monday, March 13, 2006  
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