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Obligatory Top Ten Post #1
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Top 10 Evil Anime Gals

Top 10 posts! I love to read them on other anime blogs, so I thought it was about high time I myself started making some. So here, you can find my top 10 Mistresses of Mayhem, Empresses of Evil and Queens of Mean (yes I was running out of those by the end). My top 10 most evil female anime characters in a run down of darkness! SPOILERS AHEAD!

10) Tomoe Marguerite (Mai Otome)
O.K, O.K this choice is based largely on the fact I'm watching Otome at the moment, but hey Tomoe really is a great villain in my eyes. I often see her slated for being a weak baddie, but I really don't think she is. She doesn't have plans for world domination, she doesn't have some grand scheme to wreak havoc. All she has is Shizuru. And its this total blind creepy stalker, borderline rapist streak that makes her such a good villain. Tomoe's world totally and utterly revolves around her beloved Onee-Sama to the point she will have incredibly psychotic things done to those she see's as threatening that. The fact she uses Miya (or at least did while she could) to keep her hands clean shows the actions she takes against others are cold and calculated. With Otome well on the way to its climax now and Tomoe finally having "her" Shizuru in a situation she has dreamed of for a long time, its a fairly safe bet to say her world and psych will soon crumble and she will be even more dangerous. (Bare in mind I haven't seen Otome 21 as of yet ;) )

9) Maria (Burst Angel)
Another character that makes it into my rankings due to the fact I've watched the end of the anime recently. Maria to be honest with you was nothing special as a villain in her resume, but manages to pull the "psycho lesbian" thing off incredibly well in some of the concluding episodes I just had to mention her. Despite kidnapping Meg to do who knows what to her though, Maria is all about her obsession with Jo. She has to defeat Jo and take everything she has after their battles in the past and it's that, that drives her.

8) Touko Matsudaira (Maria-Sama Ga Miteru ~Haru~)
Touko gets a tough rap really, the fact is she isn't evil, she doesn't do anything wrong, but in the anime of Maria-Sama you cant help but get the "she's a total bitch" vibe from her. Regardless of what is actually happening (which we don't discover to the end), Touko is portrayed as being the single most important reason why Yumi and Sachiko are seemingly "breaking up" and as a result you have to hate her!

7) Evil Katsumi (Silent Mobius)
A masterful story twist here to make the lead heroine a totally psychotic blood hungry end of the world causing villain towards the end of the series of Silent Mobius. O.K so she isn't "really" evil as she is possessed by a demonic sword thing but the fact remains I just love this incarnation of Katsumi because she is so cool! The battle sequence where Maya and Kiddy fight against her to save the world remains one of my favourite anime moments with some totally amazing voice acting and dialogue that always sticks in my mind. In my honest opinion Katsumi should have become evil at the start and starred as a main baddie on the side of the Lucifer Hawk.

6) Ryofu Housen (Ikki Tousen)
Ryofu is a total psycho. There really isn't any other way to put it. She is unpredictable, dangerous in a fight, a sexual predator and pretty much every unpleasant thing a person could be all rolled into one. But despite this, I like Ryofu. There aren't many characters that can pull off being as unbalanced as she is while being incredibly charismatic at the same time. Of course, later in the story she switches sides in one final burst of unpredictability (I prefer the manga version of events here), but you can't help but feel even if she's battling for the good guys to some extent that you are still looking at a total and complete psychopath as she fights.

5) Wendy Earhart (ROD The TV)
Aside from having one of the most stupid surnames outside of the Silent Mobius cast Wendy is just the sort of secretary I could use. She's quick, deadly and efficient at carrying out her orders and has the slightly twisted streak that seems to really indicate she is enjoying what she does. And all the while she carries out such deeds of evil, there is the fact she does it all with a laid back carefree air that makes her almost seem like an evil female James Bond.

4) Maestro Delphine (Last Exile)
Delphine deserved to die far, far, far more spectacularly than she did in the rather crap ending of Last Exile. While watching her I get an image of a decadent roman emperor doing whatever the hell she wants to whoever she wants no matter how insane and evil it is. Delphine cares nothing for any around her (apart from perhaps her brother who she seems to have a terrifying obsession with) and has a cruel streak that surpasses most characters on this list. The fact that she sits taking pleasure in fish eating one-another, smirking at each bite reflects how she views the world. She is the big fish consuming all the insignificant things in her path.

3) Asuka Lan (Devil Lady)
You've got to think BIG! Cmon, if your going to be evil you have to do it properly. You don't just want to cause mass death and destruction, you don't just want to rule the world, you want to set yourself up as a new Messiah, rape the devil and take over humanity as a whole. Asuka manages to become a deity, a supreme being, which certainly caps everybody else in my top 10 for sheer levels of achievement. The way she goes about it (originally appearing to be in the right) too is a testament to her manipulative skills. From the moment the first beast is killed, Asuka is on her path to be the centre of the world for all mankind, now those are big dreams!

2) Chloe (Noir)
Poor Chloe, the girl doesn't have much of a chance in life really. Raised to kill, trained to delight in the death of others and slaughter without a moments thought I actually feel she is perhaps the most skilled of Noir's three assassins. An underlying factor to a lot of the characters I've listed is their obsessive nature and Chloe is no different as Kirika and becoming Noir with her is all she thinks about. Of course, Chloe isn't to know that Altena has other ideas in mind and that it is all orchestrated for her to battle Mirielle. When Chloe realizes the Kirika wants to be with Mirielle instead of her, her entire world crumbles and she leaps into completely psychotic mode with disastrous and tragic results.

1) Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)
Suigintou crashes into my top 10 in the number 1 spot purely as I think she is so great. All the characters in my top 10 are "evil" in their own way (in my eyes anyway) but Suigintou is something else. Suigintou wants to crush all in her path (at least in the first season of RM) and have a lot of fun at the same time. The mad glint in her eyes as she battles the other dolls, combined with her ominous appearance and Rie Tanaka's incredible voice talent paints a true classic image of evil. Suigintou delights in turning her enemies to "Junnko", and while outside of combat she seems fairly calm it only takes a moment for her to completely snap.

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, March 04, 2006  
  • On Saturday, 04 March, 2006, Anonymous jpmeyer said…

    Anthy Himemiya?

  • On Saturday, 04 March, 2006, Anonymous jason said…

    Your choice for #1 is pure junk!

  • On Saturday, 04 March, 2006, Anonymous Hopeless said…

    I tried to jump on this bandwagon this morning, but couldn't think of which bishi is indeed the hottest of the lot. :$

    Well done to Suigintou for becoming Alice, of a sort. I must say I agree with you about many of these as great female villains, especially Delphine, who annoyed me with her Evil Empress attitude.

  • On Saturday, 04 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Suigintou certainly is junk by the end of season 1 ;)

    Delphine I wasn't sure whether to put higher or not, but her crappy death makes her lose marks. Still a great villian though!

  • On Monday, 06 March, 2006, Blogger Neptune2venus said…

    Wendy is made out of win and should be placed at #1 no less! The rest I don't really know about apart from Tomoe. So there's my reasoning :P

    For enemies: MISTRESS 9 is all I can say.

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