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Mai Otome Finale Predictions
Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The second (and last as I'm only following two shows at the moment) of my finale posts! Mai Otome has been a bit up and down at times but I'm still really enjoying it. I'm told this is because I haven't seen Hime (which I may get the chance to begin watching this week), so my predictions here don't have any Hime influence to them either.

I'm actually interested in the whole TomoexShizuru subplot resolve over the main story at the moment. O.K so I found the fact they sleep together rather disturbing at first but I'm happy to put this aside if we get some good drama from this as the series reaches its conclusion. Shizuru is using Tomoe to fuel her escape, and to make life easier. Tomoe on the other hand I feel genuinely feels for Shizuru in her own deluded way, and its obvious when it finally dawns on her that "Onee-Sama" doesn't love her she is going to lose it, hopefully to a state that surpasses all previous psychotic outbursts by her. I find Tomoe as a character interesting as I love the way she can switch from a rather happy persona to total lunatic in a few brief seconds. As I've discussed in previous episode posts for the series, I am curious as to whether the final few episode will have something concrete between Shizuru and Natsuki and it is Tomoe witnessing this that will finally push her over the edge. If Shizuru leaves and there is no ShizxNat stuff, I forsee just Tomoe dying. If Shizuru leaves and there is ShizxNat stuff that Tomoe witnesses there "may" (although considering the the low body count so far this is only a maybe) be other related deaths, perhaps Shizuru herself. Whatever happens though, Tomoe is going to die.

As for the main story, I don't particularly care what happens here as long as the main battles are actually impressive as opposed to the rather half-assed efforts the series has thrown up so far. We will obviously get to see the five pillars in action as well as the various Otome of the warring countries. I predict that Miyu will use whatever is under the lava she was gazing at to stop Nina and turn the tide of battle.

Mai and Arika will presumably work as a team and be amongst the "goodies" to make it to the organ (Mashiro too of course), as for what will happen there? Well I'm veering less and less towards there being a reset, and much as I'd like to see Nina die I think the only proper death will be the ever invincible Sergey. Nagi will evade death, but it will be discovered (maybe with Sergeys dying words) that he took Artai via trickery and is not the heir to that kingdom (the previous episode showed a young Sergey doing something shady for Nagi). As for Mashiro's role, I'm not entirely sure! But she is bound to be a person of great importance.

There's some general predictions for the end of Mai Otome. If I would have to predict another character death Id have to go with Chie just as she's my favourite character so sods-law says she is bound to die. Being a goodie on the side of the baddies isn't a situation that is fortunate to be in. Anyway, not long till the anime world finds out exactly what happens!

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, March 28, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    I don't think Erstin will be coming either. Sod's law indeed.

    Will be interested to see how you rate Otome after you get a chance to see Hime and how you'd compare the two series.

  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    The body count is too low for a reset really so indeed I don't see an Erstin return on the horizon.

    I'm looking forward to making a start on Hime soon. The general consensus seems to be that it's superior to Otome and since I've enjoyed Otome despite it's faults, I hope to find Hime suitablly impressive.

  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Zyl- Instead of viewing Otome as a disappointment, I think she'll love HiME. Otome hasn't been terrible, everyone has high expectations because of it's famous counterpart, which was HiME.

    I wonder what would happen if Tomoe kills Natsuki...will Shizuru in a fit of rage murder everyone? That would wield maximum impact and everyone would actually cry for another reset. I dunno it might just be me, but I love Natsuki as she's my favourite character.

    Hmm...Mashiro might be Fumi's child. It's sort of a wild speculation, but I heard it from a commentator on my blog and thought it was a great idea. She has to play a significant role in society if everyone were to find out she was the fake princess. They can't just take her title away from her without having changed something because she can't have been this unimportant, random child that the duke found.

  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Problematic :- I'd certainly like to see some Shizuru rage! Would certainly be an interesting route for the story to take if Natsuki is killed/harmed by Tomoe and Shizuru is pushed over the edge. It'd be a shame if Shizuru or Natsuki died in a way, but it could make for a more explosive ending.

    As for Mashiro being Fumi's child, it's certainly an interesting idea and would make sense. She needs to be tied into the story as an important person somehow and that would work well.

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