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Mai Otome 24
Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 24 | For Your Sake...

As the majority of people probably know by now this is the episode that sets things up for the (hopefully full of fighting but I'm not holding my breath) two part conclusion next week! So we have two characters dying! Yay! One gets put in a coma! Yay! Oh and it's implied Sergey and Nina sleep together... No yay for that as it throws what remenants of taste the show had out the window. Although I'm not exactly surprised its happened seeing as the story has been heading that way for a while. But I do get to see what I've wanted to see since around episode 2 and that is Sergey being shot in the back of the head and put into a coma. So hey, there's is a plus point to this episode and he definitely wont be using his Wang anymore (ah I've wanted to do a joke about that for weeks)!

Now! Hands up anybody else who thought John Smith was about as convincing as a chocolate kettle when it comes to being a baddie? (I use that analogy a lot it seems) Well, I for one did and the fact he's dead (well you can't be sure I suppose, this is Otome afterall) proves just how useless the spectacle wearing git is as the story is going to be totally unaffected by this. He hasn't really done anything of note throughout the series so good riddance to crap characters is what I say! Also dead this episode (I'm writing this a day after actually seeing this) is BDSM obsessed cyborg Lumen who apparently died in the Midori ran battle a few weeks back. Whoop-de-doo, who cares? As long as you were in Hime you don't die in Otome kids! All you do is look like you die by falling off a cliff.

Seeing as only Otome specific characters die things aren't looking good for Tomoe. I'm probably about the only Tomoe fan left in the world right now, rooting for the little psychopath to go out in style! But I shall do so till the end. I'm hoping for Tomoe losing it beyond belief when Shizuru finally escapes, and a really cool "psycho lesbian" battle scene with Tomoe maybe even going for Natsuki who she may see as a rival to her Onee-Sama's affections! However I can't say for sure and this is probably wishful thinking on my part as it's the only Otome storyline I actually care about in this moment in time. Tomoe gets more fake attention from Shizuru this episode after Nina knocks her on her ass after she makes some snide comments. It's obvious that while Shizuru pretends to show sympathy for Tomoe she is all the while plotting to escape and knows that the girl is unstable and cunning.

Nao and Natsuki getting on? Surely not! Whatever will happen next! Well this does seem to be the case. As they plan their "Resistance" style assault on Nagi they actually seem to be getting on well. If their heated hatred of each other in Hime spawned millions of pieces of shoujo-ai fanart maybe this will produce even more!

Despite Aoi being a bit worse for wear its so sweet to see Chie by her side. (and I'm glad Chie looks to be surviving the series as a whole now) Go Chie!

I'm probably one of the only people in the world who thought this (I shall go and read a tonne of blogposts on it when im done), but Youko seemed rather passionate in her comments to Midori this episode too. "I'm never going to lose you again" (or something to that effect, I'm typing this from memory!)

By the end of the episode, war seems to breaking out and battles are going to rage! The entire cast appear to be ready for epic battles! I'm not going to predict what will happen as I intend to do a predictions post on Tuesday for Mai Otome and Kasimasi endings! I actually rather enjoyed this episode, aside from the whole SergeyxNina scene. I thought ShizuruxTomoe was pushing things as it was but this somehow scares me more as Sergey dosen't exactly seem to not be enjoying it.

Oh and one point of interest I forgot to mention! What is Miyu planning with all the lava and perhaps something underneath the lava! Robot girls got plans to presumably make a good impact on the final battle. Go Miyu!

Oh and the main reason I enjoyed this episode? Arika was barely in it.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, March 26, 2006  
  • On Sunday, 26 March, 2006, Anonymous Tess said…

    I'm still rooting for Tomoe! I just love her~ <3

  • On Sunday, 26 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Yay! Another Tomoe fan! I just hope she will be a character who makes the final two episodes good.

  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    O_O" Waaahhhh...Tomoe must DIE! Haha Hopeless and I aren't too fond of her since shes psyco. Yet in some odd, weird way, I admire her...I mean how many of us would actually risk everything to sabotage someone else to obtain a goal? Damn her hatred for Arika escalated, and she wasn't the school bully anymore, but a full fledged villan.

  • On Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    The fact that she escalated from being a petty bully to a full blown psycho is one of the things that makes her such a good character! Hopeless endlessly reminds me that she's going to die ;), but I fully expect her too! I just want it to be in style!

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