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Mai Otome 23
Monday, March 20, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 23 | Arika Of The Mysterious Valley

It's ok, it's ok fanboys (and girls) of Hime's heroine can now sit back and relax. Mai is here! Fortunately Sunrise use this comeback episode to pretty much do as little as possible dispelling the previous episodes excitement rather speedily. But we do find out how the princess is, and who Rena's daughter is so there is a bit of plot! Also this episode Nina becomes a WMD, Haruka does her usual "damn that runt Nagi" act, Miyu demonstrates the ease of cooking when your a robot and there's hotsprings fanservice!!!!1111one. Personally I thought it was all incredibly boring.


Yay, Mai and human Mikoto (who happens to be the god of cats) are here! To be quite honest I don't really care at all about Mai and Mikoto and see there appearance here as no more than a gimmick and about exciting as watching paint dry. Arika, Mashiro, Miyu, Mai and Mikoto frolic happily here in a mysterious green valley (with obligatory hotsprings) and don't really do much else for the entirety of the episode. We get a bit of back story from Miyu where she explains that Nina is the princess and Arika is Rena's daughter, which is pretty much the only bit of key plot development here too. Mashiro is hit pretty hard by this as she seems to think it automatically makes her worthless she isn't the princess. The fact is though, she's bound to be something else important as she and Arika have received to much development not to do "something" important before the end.

Coincidences, coincidences! Guess who has just "happened" to wander into the valley and be snagged in one of Mikoto's "food traps"? Nao and Natsuki of course, officially the two characters who I like as a "comic duo" but wonder when they are actually going to do anything on their aimless wandering. Natsuki see's Mai for the first time in ages! Yay! After Mai explaining Mikoto is her master after Mikoto accidently ate her gem when they first met Natsuki is formulating some plans!

Meanwhile, Yukino (who has been gathering an emergency meeting of countries) suddenly finds a bigger problem on her hands. A huge psycho Nina city trashing of course! Nagi unleashes her on the world once more and this time the plan seems to be to instigate war. Handily back in the mysterious valley Mikoto seems to have a floating portal tv type thing so everyone can watch the events! Natsuki decides that she and Nao will head for Guaderobe (presumably to free the other Otome and Shizuru) but says Arika and Mashiro must stay behind. Arika attempts to prove that she is strong enough to go by battling Mikoto, who of course while looking about as much use as a chocolate kettle, happens to be a skilled fighter and kicks her ass. "Train me Mikoto Sempai!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Nao and Natsuki head off to Guarderobe , Miyu leaps of randomly and Arika and Mashiro stay with Mai and Mikoto to train!

Hear that noise? It's the cast running in glue the plots going to slow again! This episode was dull, really dull and presumably Sunrise thought the return of Mai and Mikoto would carry it. Sadly they don't for me as I don't particularly like either of them.

Next Episode!
Arika trains, Nina strips for Sergey (*sobs* my bleeding eyes), Haruka does more "lol im so strong" comic scenes and Erstin appears to me not quite dead. But this is Mai Otome so nobody was expecting her to be.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, March 20, 2006  
  • On Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    *laughs* I completely agree, this ep was extremely boring. One has to wonder if there will be a season 2, or they will have to tie up a zillion plots together in the next 2 eps. Doesn't seem possible...*wishful thinking* XD

    LOL yea Mai and Mikoto's role seems a lil pointless for me atm especially this late in the game.

    Indeed...the preview kinda scares me especially with Nina and Sergey. *shivers* The "I love you and please see me as a woman" gimmick is just plain stupid and weird. If he was going to fall in love with any 15 year old, let it be Arika since she isn't his daughter. Haha all well, hopefully this only happens in animes..

  • On Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I remain optimistic (perhaps im deluding myself) that the end of Otome will be entertaining. I shall probably be dissapointed!

    I have a horrifc suspicion Sergey and Nina will sleep together next episode too, and any realms of taste will vanish out the window.

    Oh and P.S sorry for the double comment on your own blog Problematic, you can delete the second one if you want ;)

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