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Mai Otome 22
Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 22 | Song Of Destruction

Wow, I mean really, all this time I thought Otome wasn't really that good at explosive battle sequences then a lot of them all come round at once in what is by far the most action packed and arguably the best episode in the series so far. So much happens in this episode and its well paced and has plot development too. So lets jump straight in to what happens in the fantastically fantasterific 22nd installment of Mai Otome!

So last episode, Midori and her cyborg pals headed off to reign down terror on King Argoss (more about that later), leaving Arika and Mashiro to guard their people in Aswald. Everything would be fantastically great and happy and safe is it wasn't for Sergey "I admit I'm a pedo" Wang turning up with the Valkyries in tow. Arika is soon fighting for her life as Tomoe who has now fully entered "totally fucking unhinged" mode and the rest of the Valkyries (with the exception of Chie who is looking for Mashiro and guarding Sergey) battle her. It's worth noting Chie attempts to go against orders and receives an electric shock here so she cant disobey. Tomoe on the other hand is so into the moment and practically getting off on the idea of slaughtering Arika, the girl who dare take her beloved Shizuru's attentions off her. It almost feels like Rie Tanaka is playing Suigintou here as Tomoe's psycho-o-meter bursts at the top then proceeds to cover the surrounding landscape. She continues the onslaught even when Mashiro is captured. Arika is in serious trouble here!

Meanwhile over in magical harmonoium room, Nina is about to be used as a test subject by Nagi. Using the song she knows. Nagi also comments that Aoi is indeed alive after somehow surviving and 900,000,000ft drop onto her back off a ravine. Its amazing how bouncy sand is when you think about it. Perhaps hitting the wall on the way down took some of the impact out of the final landing. Apparently Aoi may know some more of the song. Anyway, Nina is pushed towards the harmonium and something bizarre starts to happen as her "Ultimate Black Diamond" activates as she approaches the instrument.

Midori is seriously, seriously pissed off here. Her and the cyborgs take it to Argoss here with all they have as people are butchered and chaos reigns at the castle. Fia and Midori are battling in the thick of it and Fia is particularly full of herself, until of course she gets a huge spike up her bottom...and up her body...and up her head. Hey what are slaves for? Argoss dies too as a result and it just so happens the kingdom falls just as Natsuki and Nao arrive there (after just securing an alliance with another country). Talk about bad timing.

Back with the Valkyries and Arika things begin to really hot up as everyone's favourite white haired cyborg turns up to save the day. Miyu takes Tomoe down a peg or two as she has been apparently programmed to kill the Valkyries, and she also runs Sergey through with her long metal sword/arm thing. Oh No not Sergey! He's dead! Surely? Nope, never fear Mr.Wong is totally invincible as was previously suspected as Miyu misses all vital organs (after Arika yells at her mid lunge towards Sergey) and hes merely really injured. But the excitement doesn't stop as just as Sergey slumps down against Chie a massive whirlwind plunges into the desert!

Now, if Tomoe looked psychotic earliar this episode, the look on Nina's face as she plunges into the desert like a possessed typhoon is far far beyond that. The harmonium zaps her... causing something bizarre to happen and filling her with energy eventually bringing her out the palace to the desert (how convenient). Quite what the point of this in Smith and Nagi's plans I'm not sure, but they apparently need to activate the harmonium fully to bring the world back to an age of war. Nina, winds down out of typhoon mode upon seeing her father, but instantly winds up into a rage again when she see's Arika with him and him bleeding. Girl really needs to control that temper of hers. Miyu steps in smacking Nina with a huge sword charged by the power of a glowing Alyssa and the following explosion seems to knock everyone present flying. Conveniently for Arika she wakes up in a nice comfy bed with Mikoto's human incarnation and *drumroll* Mai! Watching over her.

With so much action FINALLY, some great combat involving Arika, Tomoe, Miyu, Midori and Fia and Sergey getting a sword through him (yes I laughed). This has to be my favourite episode so far. It's been nice to see Tomoe and Nina both graduate from being slightly unstable to utterly insane through the series some of the best character development aside from Arika and Mashiro maturing so much. Mikoto and Mai are finally here properly it seems, and hopefully will have a positive impact on the plot rather than merely irritating me.

Next Episode:- A secret valley! hotsprings! fanservice! zomg whod have thought there's only 3 episodes (including the extended finale) left!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, March 12, 2006  
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