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Mai Otome 21
Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 21 | When The White Princess Awakens

The second (Aoi is alive I tell you!) character death in Otome has arrived! But let's face it this time round did anybody care? I thought Mimi was male to begin with and wasn't actually aware of the fact her name was Mimi till Mashiro shrieked it from a rock just a the rock crab tentacley thingy smacked Mimi into the air. That's how inconsequential she is. I'm beginning to think key cast deaths aren't going to be as high as I previously thought. Not that it's a bad thing, but it takes the fun out of the "who will die next" game I forsaw myself having. Anyway, on this weeks episode of Otome theres lots of angst, some really scary Shizuru and Tomoe stuff, the true power of Maki-Maki revealed and my Chie fangirl rating being pushed to previously unknown levels by her "evil look".

Most importantly this episode Nagi has discovered Nina is key to using the harmonium! Via some very conveniently found photographs it seems that Nagi thinks that Nina is the princess. Personally I think our little white haired brat is barking up the wrong tree and Nina is Rena's daughter but I'm going to enjoy gloating when he's wrong, so that's all the better! As per last episode, Nina battles shadowy Mikoto briefly then something weird happens a cat statue gets sliced in half and a real solid version of Mikoto wakes up somewhere. That's your lot for this episode Mikoto fans, sorry! But hey you got to see the back of her head. Now Arika isn't important to Nagi and words of her whereabouts (with Mashiro) have been leaked by Argoss (whos Otome saw her last episode) Nagi orders his Otome (including Tomoe and Chie) be dispatched to eliminate Arika and find Mashiro. Sergey is sent with them. It's also worth nothing that these new Otome earring make the wearer's unable to betray Smith as they are similar to slave jewels.

"I am the Queen Of Windbloom" Mashiro proudly proclaims by the end of this episode, bit of a shame its taken her until this point in the series to mature enough to act like a Queen, but hey its a start. Mashiro has grown up a lot through her time with Aswald and even goes as far as standing up to "scary but cool" Midori this week when they come across the group of refugees who killed Aoi and who Midori wants to eliminate. Arika has of course grown up to and it is through the interactions with one-another and with Midori that Arika and Mashiro have graduated from "worthy of being strangled" to "omg! they may actually be good heroines for the series!"

Back at Tomoe's Happy Fun House she and Shizuru seem to be surrounded by childs toys and baby pariphinalia which implies something incredibly disturbing fantasy play been going on between them. I may be quite the fan of yuri, but I'm thankful that everything is left to the imagination here or I may have had to bleach my brain. Shizuru evidently has been having fun as she comments on it after Tomoe takes her leave to hunt down Arika but its fairly clear from this point onwards that Shizuru is going to eventually break Tomoe as she is planning something.

Maki Maki! Some total randomness here as Shiho and her two victims *coughs* I mean friends fly around with their heads on flies bodies attacking a snail in the process. Utterly bizarre and no real point to it, but hilarious all the same.

We get another "hapless Natsuki" scene too as she and the ever laid back Nao make plans of what to do, oh and Haruka laughs at her some more (see a pattern developing episode to episode here?).

By the end of the episode things are heating up! Mashiro and Arika have sworn an allegiance with Aswald who are heading off to kill Argoss, and at the same time Sergey,Tomoe, Chie and Co are hot on the tail of them. There was a brief bit of dialogue with Chie and Tomoe but I was to distracted by how cool Chie looks in "evil mode" to particularly care. I think that Chie is playing along and hasn't really switched sides of course but the problem will arise when she finds out she can't disobey Artai now she has one of the evil "Valkyrie" robes. Earliar in the episode we see Chie visiting a hospital bed and its fairly clear it's Aoi despite not seeing her face. Chie must be annoyed her freind is hurt mind!

Things are going to slowly it's like the cast are running in syrup. With four episodes and the extended conclusion to go I'm just hoping everything works well for the end of the series. Personally I feel things are moving to slow right now and need to be heavily speeded up to provide a good ending.

Next Episode!
Miyu looks angry! Arika vs The Valkyries! Midori vs Fia! Hopefully lots of fighting and a shadowy figure at the end of the preview who has the belt Mai has in the opening sequence (or maybe Im just hallucinating)! Maybe some character whos name I don't know will die too!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, March 05, 2006  
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