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Madlax DVD #7 (Finale)
Friday, March 17, 2006
Madlax is a series I see fairly endlessly being bashed. I seem to be one of the few who actually think its better than Noir, in fact I'd venture to say its now my third favourite anime of all time (behind Maria-Sama Ga Miteru and Kaleido Star), and is certainly better than the drivel I feel Bee Train are putting out lately. Much as I love Noir I can now safely say (after wavering a bit over disc 6) that Madlax is superior to it in characters, plot, ending and combat. Noir is still good of course! But Madlax is better. Anyway here's a bunch of screenshots from the final R1 disc which contain spoilers of sort so be warned!

Not going to spoil the actual episode contents in detail itself I just have to rave about the ending. Considering the sixth installment features the episodes where the leads start dying I was expecting a lot more death here. But only two more take place, both totally unexpected and I was rather glad Limelda made it all the way! The fact that Limelda and Madlax end up driving off into the sunset together was just the best, and made all their rather pointless battles all seem worthwhile that they come out of things as "friends" (hopefully something more!). The ending is of course similar to Noir to have two characters heading off into the sunset together, but seeing as one is the "Chloe" character this time I liked it a lot more (Chloe was always my favourite character in Noir. Psycho Lesbian FTW!). After all her obsessing Limelda needs a happy ending.

It's not just this that made Madlax great of course, the hilariously OTT revelations in the final two episodes, along with the carnage of the final battle were fantastic. They lacked the tension of the final battle with Altena in Noir perhaps, but still were executed flawlessly in my opinion.

If you combine, this fantastic ending, some of the great Madlax and Limelda scenes, Vanessa and Eleanor's innuendo and all the great combat and story to me you have a great anime. Looking back at all my previous disc reviews I gave the series consistently good scores so I can only continue to do so!

Madlax DVD #7 - Reality
Artwork 7 (glowy corridors can grate a little after a while)
Music 9
Characters 9
Content 9
Overall 9

Overall Series Score: 9

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, March 17, 2006  
  • On Friday, 17 March, 2006, Anonymous cclragnarok said…

    I tend to agree that Madlax has better character and plot, but Noir has better combat for sure. The fighting in Madlax lacks the WOW factor that Kirika fights have.

  • On Friday, 17 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Hmm, looking back I certainly loved Kirika's fights which were certainly wow. Her tower bungee jump being my favourite!

    However, I prefer Madlax's rather epic standing still and letting the bullets glide off her approach. Kirika jumps around etc which is cool of course, but theres something more fun in the way Madlax does it all elegantly. Just my opinion though, I certainly see where your coming from. I felt both series had "WOW" moments in the combat.

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