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Kasimasi Finale Predictions
Monday, March 27, 2006

While not the most fantastic show in the world, I have really enjoyed Kasimasi throughout the eleven episode I've seen. It's nice! It's sweet! It has levels of angst and drama I haven't experienced in quite a while! Sure it's not perfect but considering it's the only show from the last season I have actually stuck with watching, I certainly consider it better than the rest of January's offerings.

Now with the series winding down towards it's conclusion I shall make some predictions about what will happen. I shall probably look back at these really soon and wonder what actually possessed me to make such crappy guesses but here goes anyway!

If you haven't seen episode 11 or simply need a refresh, currently Yasuna can't see guys or girls properly as her eyes have finally packed in totally from this illness caused by lack of communication (It's still total crap but it's a lot better than using it as some half-assed justification that she's a lesbian, when no justification is needed). Hazumu is depressed and can't sleep... Tomari..well I'm not actually sure what Tomari's doing, but Yasuna at least seems to have a plan up her sleeve. What will this plan be? Well actually I really don't know. But after her conversation with Tomari I'm wondering if she will try and bring all three of them together (a three girl ending). The main obstacle to this ending I feel is actually Hazumu who is feeling super guilty right now, and not really sure what she should do. Maybe she will be to scared to get close to either of them again romantically for fear of causing more hurt. This is where I'd "like" the story to go anyway... love overcoming everything and the three of them living happily ever after, with Yasuna eventually recovering her site (being healed from love). If this is the way things go there is certainly going to be a lot of angst getting there. I do see this is the most likely outcome at the present moment in time, as the anime has made a big deal out of Yasuna and Tomari getting on (most of the time).

There is of course the chance that somehow Hazumu will become male again which is something I feel will ruin the anime really. The whole point of this series for me has been it's a yuri love story, and suddenly making Hazumu male would ruin this. I have a dreadful feeling this will happen and the ending will suck, but for now I shall remain optimistic of a three girl ending. I'm fairly sure a lot of people watching this series watch it for the yuri so I feel it would be stupid on the creators part to change the story to make it otherwise at this late stage.

The ending will be revealed soon enough anyway! Also this is a cause for celebration as the final episode of Kasimasi will mark the first series I have actually blogged every episode of.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, March 27, 2006  
  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I want a happy ending for the three of them. but if I had to chise, Hazumu and Yasuna are my couple.

    BTW, the manga take an unexpected turn of events.

  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    If I had to choose, I would probably go for Hazumu and Tomari at this point in time!

    And yes, Ive been reading the manga myself! Just can't see the anime taking the same route (unless a second series appears perhaps).

  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    I think the anime has radically departed from the manga and is attempting to make the Yasuna sight-issue less lame by connecting it to Sora's mission and research. At first I thought that a three girl ending would be the typical anime series coupout ending but I'm have that any day rather than have Hazumu turn back into a guy which will destroy the premise which makes this series enjoyable.

  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I think any ending whether it be three girl, HazumuxTomari or HazumuxYasuna is a better option rather than Hazumu turning back. I am actually beginning to think that a second season would make sense. That way this series can end with a three girl ending, then next season could tackle the latest manga developments. Getting way ahead of myself here of course and it probably won't happen, but there is always a possobility.

  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Anonymous symphwind said…

    I know that the anime diverged from the manga a long time ago, but in the manga, someone asks, "Can he turn back to being male?" and Sora-sensei barks back that it was Hazumu's becoming a girl that saved his life in the first place, and he'd die if he became male again. Dunno, I think it'd be a great disservice to the mangaka's intentions to turn around and resolve the anime that way.

    There is another precedent for this sort of situation, which is Futakoi Alternative. As much as some fans hoped to see Sara or Soujyu singly get Rentarou, the show opted to reinforce the theme that the three of them would be together forever. I'm really sensing that sort of ending here as well, although it's not as clear-cut. The cotton candy episode seemed very optimistic, but Ayuki's treatment of the two plants here seems to be a dose of "reality" to the show, and ignoring this very telling analogy would appear rather juvenile. Not that the show hasn't been full of juvenile angst and silliness all along ... but still!

    Anyway, we only have to wait two more days ^.^.

  • On Monday, 27 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Symphwind - You certainly have a point here, the plants were certainly designed to be an omen. I am however wondering if they were merely used for dramatic effect (to build up tension etc) rather than being prophetic for the ending.

    As you say only two more days till we find out anyway ;)

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