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Kasimasi 12 [Finale]
Friday, March 31, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 12 | Love Begins At Last

Here we are at the final episode of Kasimasi! Well.... not the final, final as there looks to be an OVA out eventually. But the final for now and the end of the TV series!

There isn't that much to say about this episode in terms of content. It was just really "nice". Minimal levels of angst, and lots of happiness. Tomari and Hazumu doing lots of "date" like things together was just so sweet. It was great to see them happy in each others company and their antics in general were hilarious. Definitely some of the best moments of the whole anime for me.

Who knew that a love confession could stop your eyes being so useless?. I said that love would save the day last week and this time round it does! After many cute Tomari and Hazumu scenes, it's Yasuna that finishes the episode hand in hand with Hazumu after Hazumu declares her love for her. Sora and Jan-Puu watching from above and making observations on love was rather interesting too. The central message of the show for me seemed to be you get a great view of earth from inside a penis shaped spaceship that love is a powerful thing.

That's your lot really! Nothing much actually happens this episode and while it does look a bit like Yasuna "wins", things have almost reverted entirely back to normal by the end of the episode and it's a three girl ending more or less. The final scenes were more sweetness and happiness all round and just a general good atmosphere. The final scene brings ambiguity into things which leads the story almost wide open again for the OVA. One of the nicest things about this happy ending is the evident lack of animosity Tomari feels for Yasuna even when its clear Hazumu is going to go to her.

Oh and HOORAY! Hazumu didn't turn back!

Kasimasi is a great little series, lots of drama, angst and a very happy sweet ending. I thought some of the earlier content (especially Tomari struggling with her attraction) was surprisingly deep too and it remains my favourite anime of the Winter season.

Overall Series Score: 8/10

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, March 31, 2006  
  • On Friday, 31 March, 2006, Anonymous symphwind said…

    I was definitely puzzled by the fact that Hazumu seems to choose Yasuna (solely), which is the reason for her recovery, and then in the very last scene, s/he seen doing the "engagement ritual" with Tomari. I mean, I'd understand if the group still hung out together, as suggested by the ending clips, but that very last part (after Yasuna's implied return-confession) seemed pretty out of place. I like Tomari a lot (more than Yasuna, actually), but there are just too many wishy-washy "I love you all so I'll lead you all on" characters in anime for Hazumu to join them.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed this episode. Ironic that Sora, who was all about "finding out about love," is the one who fails to see Namiko-sensei's own love for him. But I suppose being comic relief is supposed to be a tragic job.

  • On Friday, 31 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    It's certainly a bit confusing to have Hazumu seemingly "choosing Tomari" aswell right at the end of the episode. While it's a bit of an odd way of showing everything back to how it was, one of the reasons it was shown was probably to leave things open for the upcoming OVA.

    It was certainly a bit sad to see Naimko holding the picture of Sora as he flew away. Probably the saddest bit of the episode really considering how fluffy it was for most of its running time.

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