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Kasimasi 11
Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 11 | The Things That Disappear From Those Eyes

For a start, I'm just going to say I'm fed up of doing summaries, there are many blogs out there that do a far better job of it than me. So when it comes to blogging episodes now I'm going to just talk more about what I think of the events!

Can the angst level be pushed any further? I thought the earlier episodes of the series were pretty angsty, but wow this really beats all previous ones hands down. The entire cast (with the exception of Asuta and Hazumu's parents who we don't see) seems to be in either miserable or angry moods and I actually can't really blame them for once. Yasuna loses the ability to see anyone, Tomari thinks she's lost Hazumu (when she seemed to be ahead), Hazumu is torn this way and that, Sora and Jan-Puu think their experiment has failed and Ayuki see's her favourite people to watch drawing further apart! See, everyone has a valid reason to be miserable.

The chain of misery starts with something this series really needed though, the best part of the episode by far... *drumroll*, Yasuna and Tomari having a fight! Yes, after Yasuna witnesses what she see's as Tomari betraying her trust, she rushes to slap her! Tomari slaps back... and just as everything was becoming really entertaining Yasuna's eyes apparently get even wonkier and she can't see girls! I actually really felt sorry for Yasuna here, her heartbreak and total shock when she realizes she can't see Hazumu is evident. The first moment I've found particularly moving in the whole series.

I've ranted in the past at just how ridiculous this whole eye thing is as I pretty much saw it as a reason for Yasuna to be attracted to Hazumu rather than her just being gay. However, it appears that this Yasuna's eyes are actually caused by some mysterious (and utterly bizarre) disease. Of course... of course... that makes as much sense... as.. well a giant penis shaped UFO crashing into a schoolboy standing on a mountain! So it's all in the context of the series after all. This disease is apparently caused by lack of communication (Sora happily explains it to us) and so something like say love would presumably cure it. What a COINCIDENCE! Now all Hazumu has to do is fall in love with Yasuna by the end of the next episode and all will be saved.

I must say that Ayuki was really great here. I haven't been much of a fan of hers throughout, but when she catches Hazumu laughing with Asuta while both Yasuna and Tomari are suffering her coolness rating quadruples. I didn't really take her as the kind of person to get angry, but she does and it works brilliantly. Go on Ayuki, you can save the day! Hopefully your words will help Hazumu.

My one gripe with this episode though, is the way to begin with Tomari and Yasuna are at each others throats, and by the end they are at a truce again as they revisit the hilltop where they both rushed to Hazumu's side in episode 1. It seems a little quick to have a void between them created at the start of the episode then suddenly have them shaking hands by the end. Yasuna even calls Tomari, Tomari-chan which I think is the first time she has ever done so (correct me if I'm wrong someone). This scene pretty much screams that there is going to be a happy ending by the finale of the anime which while what I wanted really lessens the impact of any drama next episode.

Well, the finale of Kasimasi is around the corner. Hazumu and Tomari seem to still be fairly angst ridden, but Yasuna seemed to be plotting something by the end of the episode. We can safely assume whatever it is since she is once again at truce with Tomari will benefit everyone. The main thing I found really troubling about this episode was Hazumu appeared to be wearing the same hat she was wearing when she was transformed to a girl in the preview. Is this an omen? Will the show be totally messed up by Hazumu being turned back into a guy again? I really hope I'm proved wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion that another gender swap is headed the shows way. But anyway, that's enough bad omens the way things stand Kasimasi may have a good ending and only
Kekko Kamen love, will save the day!

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, March 23, 2006  
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