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Kasimasi 10
Monday, March 20, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 10 | A Small Storm

It seems that last episode was the "calm before the storm" as the tenth installment of Kasimasi sets about destroying the Tomari and Yasuna alliance, and all because of a simple under-standing. While I had been enjoying the show as a sort of light entertainment for the past few episodes, this episode see's a welcome return of the past angst and drama (maybe not quite as high levels of some of the earlier episodes, but it's still good). Oh and we get Tomari kissing Hazumu too, she's come a long way from her total denial!

So, Hazumu is excited as she has tickets to take her friends to what appears to be a Marine Wildlife Park. Unfortunately her plans are short lived, as Tomari is off to some sort of athletics camp and the only person not busy is Yasuna. But still, a "date" with Yasuna for Hazumu is on the cards. At this moment in time, Tomari and Yasuna's truce seems to be standing and Tomari says she trusts Yasuna with Hazumu.

So it's a day at the Marine Park for Hazumu and Yasuna (after Hazumu's Dad gets his ass kicked once again, I've never actually found this funny and I still don't) and Yasuna could always betray Tomari's trust and heavily put the moves on couldn't she? Well! She almost does, in a rather beautiful underwater tunnel but she is strong in herself and remembers Tomari trusts her. Ah she really does have a conscience! To be honest I had Yasuna down for the type to cave in to her emotions here (the couples around them seem to be enjoying themselves) but was impressed she honoured Tomari.

Being the sensible girl she is, Hazumu decides that the perfect gift to buy Tomari at the gift shop on the way out the park is a giant fish shaped cookie of some kind (don't ask). On a spur of the moment Hazumu and Yasuna decide to take the gift to Tomari at the training camp and call her from the nearest station when they arrive.

Ooooh now this wasn't a good idea! Tomari runs happily to the station only to find... Shock! Horror! what appears to be Hazumu and Tomari kissing! But you see they aren't really kissing, Yasuna is merely scared by the station master (if I had Yasuna-O-Vision I'd be more than a little scared to see shadowy blobs looming at me all the time) and Hazumu is comforting her. Its the evil angle that makes it looks like a kiss. Anyway, after a brief moment of "zomg that evil Yasuna betrayed me!!!" shock, Tomari pretends she has just arrived and not witnessed anything. Of course Tomari has assumed things here and Yasuna hasn't done anything wrong. But a misunderstanding is all it takes to cue the angst.

At the training camp Yasuna and Hazumu end up staying the night, but before bed we get a hot-tub moment with Tomari and Hazumu. Tomari wanders into the room just as Hazumu is bathing and they sit together in the water. Hazumu is in a good mood about the day she has had with Yasuna and this pumps up Tomari's angst meter even more. But don't worry Tomari-chan! You get a kiss by the end of the episode!

By the middle of the night Tomari's angst meter has blown its top entirely and she goes outside alone. Hazumu notices this and follows her out into the summer night. Now we get a reversal of the station scene except this time the kiss is for real. Hazumu and Tomari take a romantic stroll and look out over the beautiful summer landscape. Tomari enters angst mode, and ends up kissing Hazumu. The dramatic kiss unfolds and all the while guess who's watching! That's right, Yasuna! *shock* *horror*.

I really liked this episode it was perhaps the best of the bunch, certainly the best episode for a while at least. I didn't find any moments here funny or anything, but everything has been a bit too happy for a while and this sets up the drama nicely for the final two episodes. Oh and I have to mention how amazingly amazing Tomari looks with her hair fully down. Dramatic kisses. YAY!.

Next Episode - Tomari and Yasuna confront each other! Judging from the episode title on ANN I'm a little worried that this is a hint Hazumu may return to being male so Yasuna can't see him. But hopefully im wrong. Three girl ending... Three girl ending.... Three girl ending... pleeeeeasse.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, March 20, 2006  
  • On Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Hmm maybe I should pick this up again considering I stopped watching after ep 1. Haha I just love Hazumu's parents and their wild, comedic scenes. Simply priceless... XD

  • On Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    It's a pretty good anime, I'm enjoying it more than the manga (assuming it has an ending I approve of). It's got just the right mix of being funny and being dramatic at the same time. I have higher hopes for it than the ending of Otome!

  • On Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    My only grumble about the fansub releases is that they're not as speedy as Eclipse or Doremi. But then again I am happy that more than one fansub group has picked up this series.

    Hazumu x Tomari FTW! Three girl ending would be ok too. Hazumu had better not turn back into a guy! X_x

  • On Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I think I shall be paranoid that Hazumu will turn back into a guy right up until the last moments of the final episode. It would certainly be a rubbish end to the series if that did happen though so I'm hoping that has been already realized by the creators.

    If Hazumu ends up with just one of the girls, I think I'll definately root for Tomari too. Yasuna is "allright" as a character, but her blurry vision thing and her personality in general irritate me a little.

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