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Kasimasi 09
Monday, March 20, 2006
Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 09 | May These Wishes Come True

I must say to be traumatized by a moment in your childhood where you spent ages picking which candy floss flavour you wanted then ended up not having any as a result is pretty pathetic. Hazumu may be one of the most cry baby characters I've seen for a while, but this episode of the anime really reinforces it. You didn't get candyfloss when you were what? 8? Get over it. O.K so there is the fact that Hazumu could apply this past memory to present day in the situation that if she doesn't pick Yasuna or Tomari she wont get either, but I can't accept that as anything other than ridiculous. Maybe I am fed up of crybaby characters (struggling through Battle Athletes Victory at the moment and the urge to kill Akari is very strong) but this episode I felt Hazumu needed a bit of a kick up the ass.


Yay, its festival time! That mean's all the usual festival episode anime stereotypes! Like... goldfish catching, and varieties of food and fireworks and of course yukata's!

While sitting in a cafe (wherein Hazumu is having trouble choosing what she wants, see a pattern here?). Ayuki notices some girls in yukatas outside and thus things lead into a conversation about going to the festival. So of course they decide to go! Unfortunately tomboy Tomari doesn't appear to actually have a yukata, but she wants to look good for Hazumu doesn't she, so she's going to have to get one! One of the funniest bits of the episode I found here was the excitement of Tomari's family at the fact she wants to get a yukata. As pointed out by Zyl, its very similar to the festival part of Azumanga Daioh where tomboy Kagura comments her family were excited she wanted a yukata for herself. Evidently Tomari's parents assume she wants to finally be less manly, when really its just to impress her love!

Tomari soon finds though, that she can't afford a yukata. Fortunately for her, (and purely by coincidence of course), Yasuna enters the shop just as Tomari as lamenting over her lack of funds and offers to give Tomari a yukata to wear at the festival. A chance for bonding between the two objects of Hazumu's indecisiveness? You betcha. Tomari and Yasuna grow clearly closer throughout this whole episode, and if Hazumu ends up becoming a guy again I can only hope the two of them will end up together. However unlikely.

Comic scenes are abound this episode too, with the usual "pervert Dad" scene (If I was married to the guy I'd hit him a lot harder than Hazumu's mother does, and somewhere lower down) and "Oh Hazumu" moments from Asuta and "Oh Sora-Sensei" moments from Namiko it's time for the festival itself.

Anyway, Hazumu, Ayuki, Tomari, Yasuna and Jan-Puu have a lot of fun at the festival. My favourite bit here being an embarrassed Tomari catching Hazumu masses of fish in a rather macho way. Lots of emphasis seems to be placed on the fact that the girls are all having fun together, that is until Jan-Puu points out the *gasp* candyfloss. Cue Hazumu looking at candy-floss in horror and having a traumatic flashback. This is the bit where Hazumu really needs that kick (I thought the same in the manga chapter) but instead Tomari and Yasuna (who overhear the lamenting) get her candyfloss instead a different flavour each so she gets both! Perhaps this is a big hint that Hazumu will (whilst remaining female PLEASE) end up with both Tomari and Yasuna but that remains to be seen.

Anyway cue romantic firework moment with Hazumu holding the hands of both Tomari and Yasuna. And its time for the end credits.

I thought the evidently growing closeness of Tomari and Yasuna here was the best part really, although a few of the comic moments made me chuckle. It's been a while since I read the manga chapter of this but I actually found myself enjoying the anime version more from what I can remember.

Next Episode
(Baring in mind I haven't seen Episode 10 even though its aired) - Lots of stuff happening none of which was on screen enough for me to make a joke about. But hey, it looks like both Tomari and Yasuna get time with Hazumu.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, March 20, 2006  
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