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Kasimasi 07
Friday, March 03, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 07 | Let's Go To The Beach

Having "beach" in the title of an anime episode, tends to guarantee some of the following:- 1) Ecchiness, 2) Nosebleeds 3) A good chance that the episode is based on the beach. While this episode of Kasimasi misses out the nosebleed element, there's mild comic ecchiness and of course the beach itself as Hazumu and her friends head there for a day of sun. Unfortunately for poor Asuta seeing his best friend in a bikini is a little more than he can handle, and unfortunately for everyone else Sora decides to come and wear a thong... .


Poor, poor Asuta. One moment his best friend is a guy albeit an unconvincing one. And all of a sudden he is a she and the poor guy can't help but be attracted to Hazumu. Especially when she does just about everything female characters seem to do on the beach in anime, such as lean forward in a bikini, smile adoringly and generally fit every stereotype in the book, the poor guy doesn't have a chance faced with these cliches. To be fair, Asuta is a nice guy but he's getting in the way of the yuri here (albeit in a comic way), with his thoughts of Hazumu and himself being a couple. Fortunately this is something soon remedied over the course of the episode and by the end Asuta has settled with being Hazumu's "buddy" once more (and a swift kick to the face from Tomari seals the deal). To be honest with you, other than Asuta letching over Hazumu and saving her from some lecherous guys himself little happens her in term of major events and is just silly little comic skits.

Jan Puu did little here but she deserves a paragraph just for me to stress how insanely cute I find the way she talks to Yasuna and Tomari. "Yasunan and Tomarian", I loved it in the manga and it's good to hear her finally use those names in the anime.

Namiko Sensei is possibly my favourite source of comedy this episode. Her relentless pursuit of Sora and being in a romance fuelled haze is hilariously OTT. The site of him in a thong while horrifying everyone else brings her to fever pitch levels of excitement, and when he reveals (for the sake of a cover story) that Jan Puu is his daughter, Namiko asks her to call her Momma. One of the funniest manga scenes was cut here as while Asuta's confession of love to Hazumu does go wrong, it more or less works itself out rather than having Namiko plunge from a cliff into the water besides them.

Towards the end of the episode the cast all enjoy a curry Yasuna has prepared too (taken from another part of the manga), only to find her tastes are a little abnormal and it is tongue meltingly hot. Who'd have thought the quiet Yasuna was so fiery in some ways?

Finally as far as the love triangle aspect of the show goes, the only thing really important to note here is Tomari and Yasuna get along better, and Tomari for the first time openly admits to Yasuna that she does "like" Hazumu (its only a few steps from love after all!). The shroud of denial is lifted!

A silly fanservicy episode with very little of importance actually going on. It's light its fluffy, its almost angst free and it's entertaining to watch. Just don't expect something thrilling to happen in terms of plot, but seeing as the series has only been plot so far then this blip of filler can be forgiven as it does it well.

Next Episode: Ayuki is watching everyone don't you know? A pretty scary thought seeing as I find her rather sinister!

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, March 03, 2006  
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