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Kaleido Star: New Wings DVD #2
Thursday, March 16, 2006
ADV have taken ages to finally getting around to releasing this in R1 format, but fortunately seeing as I only really got into Kaleido Star at the end of last year then I didn't have an agonizing wait for the discs that some people probably experienced. My fangirl fix of episodes 32-35 is now here and it's as good as ever, but mainly reminded me just how much I want to strangle Leon and May. They both need a large shoe up their self important asses as really there's no excuse good enough for being the type of people they are. In this string of episode the duo serve no real purpose other than to piss off one-another at times and upset Sora at others. Poor Sora! At least this string of episodes see's the return of her beloved Layla-Sama, even if May seems to be just as obsessed with her as Sora is.

Storyline was these episodes all stand alone (like quite a lot of Kaleido Stars's episodes) as first up May and Sora compete on ice to see which one can impress ultra bishy Leon. Leon is a self obsessed guy though with eyes only for his greatness. He is admittedly an impressive skater, although if his hair got in his eyes and sent him slipping to the floor that would have been a volume highlight for me. Anyway despite all her ninja ice skating training, Sora is rejected and May gets the lead role in Dracula. Great, the one thing May doesn't need is an ego boost, in fact her head is so large I'm surprised she can fit through doors most of the time. Next episode on the disc is about Rosetta and her training to become a trapeeze artist, to be honest with you nothing much happens here bar Rosetta learning not to be so brash and developing a little as a character. Fortunately in the second episode of season 2 focused on her, Rosetta did not have Fool trying to get his loli fix by peeping at her in the bath.

"Zomg Layla-Sama I LOVE you" is probably what Sora (and possibly May) want to scream at Layla in episode 3, but unfortunately we don't get any Broadway love confessions as Sora is invited to take part in Layla's new play. May tags along too of course, enforcing the role of "irritating rival" perfectly, but also because she herself adores Layla. This sets the scene for plenty of yuri-subtext which has kinda been missing from season 2 so far (*sobs*, yes its heartbreaking). Anyway, Layla is of course as awesome as ever. I find it hard to believe I hated her way back at the start of season 1 as my fangirl rating for her is through the roof now. When they are reunited, Sora flings herself on Layla at first site, sobbing in her arms. How sweet, she's missed her! Of course we all knew this seeing as she's been obsessing about Layla fairly endlessly despite her not being around, but an emotional moment to reinforce that is all the better. There are several moments in this episode were Sora is gazing at Layla longingly and her genuine annoyance at May's appearance spoiling the chance for her to have private time with Layla is a good bit of jealousy. Sora is also really upset to hear Layla call another person her "partner", in fact she cries she is so devastated which was just so sweet.

May (like Sora and *coughs* myself), seems to be a Layla fan too. It's clear she isn't just following Sora to annoy her as when she hands over flowers to Layla it's clear May does think highly of her. Just not the extent Sora does. At the end of the episode however, Layla gives Sora her full attention almost cutting May out of things. It reinforces the bond that Sora and Layla share is still there to some extent, as Layla gives Sora some new drive for the future.

After the fantastically fantastic return of Layla the conclusion of the disc didn't really inspire me much. I suppose it was a good chance for Marion to be developed as a character, but it was little more than a sweet little heart warmer of a story to see her overcome her mothers death. The trampolining stage at the end was fairly entertaining and one of the usual happy moments Kaleido Star manages to produce, bit it lacked the drama from earlier in the disc.

After 35 episodes I still love Kaleido Star a lot despite the new cast not really being good characters just now. I want to see more development between Sora and May which is on the horizon and I want to see Leon be shredded by a giant fan, but unfortunately that isn't.

Kaleido Star: New Wings DVD #2 - A Tale Of Two Rivals
Artwork 8
Music 9 (this is pretty much entirely for Tattoo Kiss)

Characters 6 (Kill, Kill, Kill, Leon and May!)
Content 8
Overall 8

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, March 16, 2006  
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