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Joshi Kousei Manga 5 and 6
Sunday, March 26, 2006

The fifth and sixth volumes of Joshi Kousei are without a doubt my favourite two in the series. This is probably definitely down to the appearance of the "yuri couple" which this series has really needed from the start and finally gets here. Mouri-san and Koshiba-san are "best friends" who seem to be a lot more than that and also seem to delight in teasing others about this fact to the point nobody bar themselves really knows if they are a couple or just enjoy winding everyone else up. Over both these volumes they have plenty of good comic moments together, including been found tucked up in bed in the school med room while the other girls are wandering around the school late one night (telling ghost stories), and using their general vibe to lure lovestruck girls into the classes beauty salon at the school festival.

But the other girls have hilarious moments aswell in these two volumes!

Volume 5 Highlight:- What happens to the theme park at night? It becomes a lurve park of course! Your lover and yourself are chained together and must ride, rides until you get the keys to unlock them given you. Unfortunately Eriko, Yuma have no idea about this and suddenly find themselves handcuffed to two of their teachers who also didnt realize. With the teachers careers on the line and the girls sanity on the line they have to try and escape without running into people they know! Oh and Kouda?... she ends up being chained to her loser older brother.

Volume 6 Highlight:- The school trip manages to be quite unlike any other as Eriko gets lost! But no need to fear Kouda and Yuma to the rescue! Unfortunately upon finding Eriko they realize they are lost too. But at least they aren't totally alone this time as the majority of their class seems to have managed to get lost too. Its just a question of finding each group lost in the woods.. and then actual getting unlost of course.

And that concludes my Joshi Kousei reviews for now, I know they haven't been that deep but I wanted to just give brief examples of what the upcoming anime series will contain, for those who haven't read the manga! Anyway, I shall probably be blogging the anime (assuming I like it) which launches soon!

Content: 9
Artwork: 8
Characters: 9
Overall: 9

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, March 26, 2006  
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