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Joshi Kousei Manga 3 and 4
Saturday, March 25, 2006

The third and fourth volumes of High School Girls reveal the true horrors of being Ayano's boyfriend (that is, meeting her family), the truth behind how terrible school health check really is and Eriko is scarred for life when she see's something very hairy...

I really love this series, and by the time I got around to reading these two volumes I was totally hooked. I really, love nearly everything about the series it's just so up front with its humour and Towa Oshima's artwork (I believe she does quite a bit of hentai work) is fantastic. O.K so I'm not so keen on how ecchi it is but I tend to find fanservice amusing over offensive!

Anyway on with some real spoilers for my favourite parts of these two volumes, the fourth volume is probably the weakest in the series but it's still got some fun moments!

Volume 3 Highlight:- This is one of my favourite bits in the series overall. In order to show Ayano and her boyfriend just what a "real" couple is like, Kouda dresses up as a guy and pretends to be Eriko's boyfriend. Ayano's boyfriend seems a little shy, so Kouda demonstrates how to be forward. She pounces on Eriko, and proceeds to attempt to kiss her (they are both disguised at this point so Ayano's boyfriend doesn't recognize them). Eriko however just thought that the pouncing was in order and ends up getting into a fully fledged fight with Kouda to prevent her from kissing her. Kouda is an actress after all, so presumably she got a little carried away...

Volume 4 Highlight:- Yuma's sister seems such an idealistic person. She has a husband her own family, a house... , but what her family and the majority of the cast don't realize is she has a secret! This secret (only known to her hapless siblings) is that she is a complete bitch, and unfortunately this is only revealed to the other girls when they find themselves having to look after her children while she takes a nap (if she awakens they will suffer). With all the dangers of mobile phones going off and various other threats of sound the risk of waking her up is high! How will the girls cope?

Content: 7
Artwork: 8
Characters: 8

Overall: 8

The final reviews of part 5 and 6 coming soon (hopefully before the anime starts!)
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, March 25, 2006  
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