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Joshi Kousei Manga 1 and 2
Friday, March 24, 2006

Joshi Kousei (which has an anime launching in April), is the tales of the misadventures of a group of high school students. Each chapter of the manga's follow them through their school life and through their increasingly crude and hilarious exploits. It's a rather unique and different look at life in an all girls school.

The cast of the series are very much your usual school cliques, with their personalities taken to the comic extremes. We have the lead Eriko, who's good at exams, and generally smart overall but can't get a boyfriend to save her life and has some of the worst luck in the world. Backing up Eriko we have her friends Yuma and Ayano who have been with her from her previous school. Yuma is a bit tougher than Eriko, but loses points in being utterly useless at schoolwork of any kind. Ayano (who becomes the only one of the main group of girls to find a boyfriend and gets picked on relentlessly because of this) is the glasses wearing shy member of the cast. Finally wrapping up the four main characters is Kouda who only becomes friends with them at High School after Eriko lies to her she will find her a boyfriend. Kouda labours under the delusion she's talented and will become a star in the future, the fact is she is just totally and utterly bizarre and by far the most insane of the cast.

Volume 1 Highlight:- The comedy starts even before the girls have started school! As they decide to creep into their new school in the previous term to see what it will be like for them! Eriko has visions of a clean tidy girly-girl environment the illusion of which is soon shattered especially after they venture into the swim teams club room. After being traumatized by what they see, the swim teams themselves decide to give the girls another scare by revealing the truth behind all girls schools. They inform them that without guys around that all girls become lesbians! This sends Eriko, Yuma and Ayano fleeing into the distance.

Volume 2 Highlight:- I already listed my favourite part of volume 2 under the comments section for my preview of the anime post! However there are other highlights. The girls ridiculously insane outfits when they are invited to their first mixer are so over the top that the organizer Himeji has to rush them home and into some sensible clothes, so the guys aren't traumatized when they arrive. The mixer itself proves to be a bit of a disaster too as mixing alchohol with Eriko, Yuma and Kouda seems not a sensible thing to do.

Contents: 8
Artwork: 8 (I love Towa Oshima's designs)
Characters: 8
Overall: 8

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, March 24, 2006  
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