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Joshi Kousei Girl's High Preview
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I love the Joshi Kousei manga, one of my all time favourites on the hilarity level (I shall blog the manga as a whole soon). The anime premieres on the 3rd April, but for now here are a few screenshots from the trailer.

First impressions? Well it's nice to see the main female cast is all present for sure, Eriko, Yuma, Ayano, Kouda, Himeji and Ogawa all get an appearance in the trailer. The male teachers who are responsible for much hilarity in the manga don't seem to be present but they probably will be in the actual series.

From the trailer it seems to be entirely what I expected from the anime, we see lots of "wacky" situations in the trailer, such as the usual outfit swapping (the girls seemed to be dressed as detectives), Kouda balancing on the scales one footed during health check and being her usual self pretty much. The scenes seem to be slightly different from those in the manga too (unless I'm suffering from amnesia) so hopefully we shall get some new gags. While fanservice was certainly present in the trailer, it doesn't seem to be as OTT as the manga. Music wise I wasn't keen on it, too bouncy and rather irritating, but I suppose the songs might grow on me. Overall this looks like a pretty faithful manga adaptation with maybe some new material thrown in aswell. Which is pretty much just what I wanted. I look forward to its launch in April!
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, March 22, 2006  
  • On Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Blogger Hopeless said…

    Everything you've said about this show makes me want to see it! It sounds quite a unique premise, even if one of the girls looks like Azuma from Yakitate so much that I shall forever associate the two.

  • On Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Blogger deftoned said…

    I'm really looking forward to this series as well and I loved the manga too. How many volumes are there? 6? 7? I look forward to your entries!

  • On Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Hopeless :- It is fairly unique in that it manages to be brutally crude and honest (the manga at least) in a hilarious way. It's a fairly unique spin on the high-school genere as a whole.

    deftoned :- Glad you look forward to my entries ;). As far as I know there are 6 manga volumes (ANN only lists six released in Japan and Dr.Master have released six)

  • On Thursday, 23 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    Sounds like a bit like a bit more grownup version of Azumanga. Is there any yuri? ;)

  • On Thursday, 23 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Zyl - The short answer is yes (in the manga anyway), but not much. Theres some examples below.

    **Manga Spoilers**

    By the 5th manga volume there is a two "best friends" (not main characters) who the leads seem to find in incrasingly suggestive situations. The two characters in question seem to delight in being suggestive as possible without people sure if they are serious or joking.

    There's also a fair bit of yuri-esque humour, in the manga. For example the girls decide to use a "sex diet" to get fit and seeing as none of them bar one have boyfreinds they decide to get into sexual positions with each other (while clothed) to try and burn calories. It just so happens the big sister of one of them walks in at this particular moment...

  • On Friday, 24 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    Thanks! Sounds like a fun series. Tempted to pick it up when it's released.

  • On Saturday, 25 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    Glad to help! It's a lot of fun as a manga and im hoping the anime shall be just as good.

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